72 thoughts on “MTA Replaces Bridge In One Weekend

  1. This shouldn't be news, but only is because the LIRR is so corrupt and inefficient that it's a miracle they could do something like this.

  2. MTA: "Can you fix this bridge in 72 hours?"
    Union: "I don't know, we can't handle that kind of deadline, our workers might get overworked."
    Private Company: "In 2 days? You got it."
    Japan and Singapore: "Tomorrow."

  3. Our state government would take about 3 years to do that job. one year of meetings , another year of sending out mail to everyone to ask if they are getting upset about the bridge. and one year to actually do the job.

  4. Gotta love the unions ruining the system. This should not be news because in Singapore they do this sort of stuff in less than 24 hours.

  5. WATCH DOZENS OF TRUCKS HITTING A LOW BRIDGE! If you want to see a 10 minute video showing several dozen trucks hitting a low bridge, and getting their roofs sheared off, type " 11'8" bridge " " in the search on YouTube. You'll see a bridge in Duram, NC that has claimed the lives of dozens of innocent trucks 🚚!! You'll also see the footage of said trucks passing under and having their tops smashed off!

  6. Now, if only they can scale that kind of pacing for subway signal modernization of entire lines. Chicago pulled it off.

  7. America was built on boys working 16 hours a day construction, kind of how Mexicans work today to make our lives easier for a cheaper price

  8. Clever editing. Freeze the video at any point, and you see not ONE group of guys standing around, not one reading the newspaper, and not one butt crack!

  9. It's a freaking tiny bridge and it took them one whole weekend? That small project can be completed in just one day in other competent countries like Japan. SMH.

  10. It is a great job for sure. Its a shame, gread and crap workers and even worse planning makes the road work last years. This type of huge project completed safely and done right happens all the time in Europe. Those guys know how to build roads and bridges fast.

  11. Please China replaces huge overpass in 43 hours, not this tiny little thing, and that was in 2015. Did they really called this a modern day marvel or whatever?

  12. I love that in America finishing a small bridge in a weekend is considered major headlines while in other countries they finish entire lines in the same time

  13. Can't believe how the US construction became this bad. Just moving a stone from one place to another makes a headline on TV smh

  14. The top comment on this video is BS. As much as the MTA sucks, this absolutely was their work not a private company. @1:18

  15. lets clap our ass cheeks for these guys, they shut down the station where i work at affected several businesses, hurry your ass up and finish that up!

  16. I think this was the same technology they used in Miami. They built a bridge in a day and it fell on top of traffic within hours killing about 8 people.

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