MNL48 Interactive Live: Pilot Episode [Eng Sub]

MNL48 Interactive Live: Pilot Episode [Eng Sub]

[SELA] We’re back! [ABBY ] We missed you! [ABBY] Wait, one more time! [SHEKI] It’s like we only had a year to rest but we’re all over the place. [SELA] We had a 1 year rest? [SHEKI] In our online show. [SELA] One year? [ABBY] Not really! [SHEKI] Really? I-school was the last one, right? [SHEKI] Did you miss us? [SELA] New show and new look [SELA] That’s why, what is this new show all about? [SHEKI] Let’s think. [SELA] This is a new talk show where we can interact with our fans [SELA] And this is a good chance to welcome new fans. [ABBY] You’re right, Sela. [ABBY] Invite your friends to interact with us tonight! [SHEKI] We’re back in the online world! [ABBY] Sayaka, what are you feeling right now [ABBY] now that you’re part of Kami 7? [SAYAKA] Do we still need to ask that? [SAYAKA] I really can’t explain it but it’s like this [SAYAKA] Yes, I really can’t explain it! [SAYAKA] I’m super thankful [SHEKI] Since we’re here in our new online show to let everyone know about us (MNL48), [SHEKI] Speaking of that, [SHEKI] We want to introduce to our fans someone new to our group [SHEKI] I feel like she’s going to be one of the assets of MNL48 Second Generation. [SHEKI] Everybody, let’s welcome… [SHEKI] MNL48 Jamie! [SELA] Jamie, welcome to the fam! [JAMIE] Hi everyone. I’m MNL48 Jamie. [JAMIE] Nice to meet you all! [JAMIE] I’m so happy to be here! [ALICE] You’re part of Kami 7. [JAMIE] I really can’t believe it. [JAMIE] But since you’re there for me [JAMIE] I’m super happy about that. [JAMIE] You make me feel welcome here. [ALICE] What are your expectations, Jamie? [JAMIE] I’m expecting a lot of love from the fans [JAMIE] I’m also expecting to grow as a person [JAMIE] because I know that you’re here to guide me. [SELA] We’re here to guide each other [ALICE] We’re here right now because we really prepared for this new show. Right, girls? [ALICE] You’ll get to know us even more [ALICE] because there are so many things that you haven’t really seen from us [SAYAKA] We have a new show! [SAYAKA] It means that we’re going to have more fun moments for this season! [SELA] And the good thing about this show is that, [SELA] We’ll have more chance to welcome new fans [SELA] and to interact even more with our fans [ABBY] You know what girls? It only means on thing: [ABBY] We graduated from (MNL48) I-school [SHEKI] Yes! I feel like that too. [ALICE] We encountered a lot of online shows, right? [ALICE] So what will happen to us for this new show? [SHEKI] That’s what they have to look forward to now [SHEKI] We would like to thank all the supporters of I-school [SHEKI] because of the support they’ve given us [SHEKI] As in they wait every night on when we’re going to upload a new episode [SHEKI] And now, we have a lot of surprises [SHEKI] I know that you guys are excited [SELA] And of course, we have to introduce our new center girl, Aly! [SELA] How are you feeling right now? [ALY] I’m now a lady. [ALICE] So how was it to be the second center girl of MNL48? [ALY] I don’t know. I still feel like a member [ALY] but then this time, I’m the face of MNL48 [ALY] There’s a pressure there but then, [ALY] the motivation is there. [SHEKI] She can do it because we’re here to support you. [SHEKI] They will see the other side of Aly so please look forward to it. [SAYAKA] Not only Aly, [SAYAKA] We’re going to spill some things on our members here too. [JAMIE] Now that you’re the center, [ALY] What are your plans for our group? [ALY] There’s a lot. [SHEKI] She can’t even count it because there are so many goals to achieve for MNL48. [ALICE] What are they’re going to see? A new Aly? What kind of Aly? [SAYAKA] Do you like that? [ALICE] Girls, do you have any guess on what will be our 4th single? [SELA] Our 4th single will be great [SHEKI] I know that the fans will like it [ALICE] The fans are looking forward to it because they really voted for us to be here [SELA] Since now that Aly is the center girl, we know that she’s no longer a baby anymore [SELA] She’s now a lady and she improved a lot that’s why we’re so proud of you [SELA] Aly is our forever baby girl [SHEKI] Do you notice anything on Sela? [SELA] What is it? [SHEKI] This bandaid girl that I don’t know why she have so many bandaids on. [SHEKI] What is that? [SELA] There’s a reason behind it [SELA] We had an outing last time [SELA] Then we were swimming [SELA] Then I was forcing myself inside the kiddie pool [SELA] I was forcing myself on the slide but it’s so narrow [SELA] Halfway on the slide, my knees were dragged along [SELA] MNL48 Grace and the girls were worried about me [SAYAKA] Let’s not push ourselves into things [SELA] It really hurts! [SELA] I wish I called Alice [ALICE] I wasn’t there because I had an exam [ALICE] We had a good background back in I-school [ALICE] Now, look at our cool background now [SHEKI] It’s different. Let’s show them! [ALICE] Jamie, how are you now as an official member of MNL48? [JAMIE] Right now, it’s really new to me. [JAMIE] but since you’re with me, I’ll be able to easily adjust here [SAYAKA] How about your room? [SAYAKA] Did you know that Aly was trying to scare us because she’s seeing something there? [SHEKI] Don’t be like that! [ALY] There is! [ALICE] Are we chaotic as your roommate? [SHEKI] Don’t throw us down, Jamie [SHEKI] We’re friends here. [SAYAKA] Aly saw something! [SAYAKA] You’re the one that she saw, right? [SAYAKA] It’s really different when it’s hearsay [SAYAKA] the story changes [SHEKI] Speaking of hearsay, [SHEKI] We have comments from our fans! [MEMBERS READING COMMENTS] [SAYAKA] Please continue supporting our 3rd Single, 365 (Tatlong Araw ng Eroplanong Papel) [SHEKI] And also, we have a second day of our Handshake event [SELA] This coming June! [SELA] And also our mall shows. Right, Aly? [ALY] Yes. We have a lot of mall shows [ALY] So please come to our mall shows! [ALICE] I’m sure you’ve seen our MNL48 Theater! [MEMBERS READING COMMENTS] [SAYAKA] Wait, did you notice something in our group? [SAYAKA] Sheki is the only small member here [SAYAKA] Look! Stand up everyone [SHEKI] Don’t eat any of my donuts [SAYAKA] It’s fine. We still love you! [MEMBERS READING COMMENTS [ALICE] Before we go, Aly would like to say something [ALY] Thank you so much for your support and effort [ALY] You’re our strength! [ABBY] See you on Monday! [ABBY] Who will be the next guests?

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  1. Love love love thisπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ kala ko tuluyan na tayong matutuyot ehπŸ˜….
    Sheki my loves bakit ikaw lang maliit diyanπŸ˜‚.

  2. wahhhh wag muna RIVER di pa ko ready πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ gusto ko nandun si Lara power dance yun….

  3. hosting skills ni sela at sheki nangingibabaw😊 its time for myx celebrity vj na ba???πŸ˜πŸ˜†

  4. sheki: anong cebu ng mahal kita?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
    sela:anong cebu ng mahal kita?bonitah ayusin mo ah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Ito yon eh biglang nabulabog ang mga customer dito sa internet cafe kasi tumili sila tapos naka taas ang volume ng speaker ng server pati ako gulat na gulat eh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… pero ok lang yon kasi ang waiting na customers nakinuod narin 😊😊😊… share ko lang yung mga customer ko na lss na sa 365 kasi yon ang music namin araw2x…. 😊

  6. dami naman taong demanded dito eh kung bumili kayo ng album para may budget sila sa mga gusto nyo makita lol

  7. Sana lahat may microphone na para di ma out of place yung iba at hindi magkaroon ng dead air while passing the mic. 😊

  8. May aabangan na naman ako every time sa YT! ❀️

    Nakailang ulit ako, kala ko si Alice parin ung nagsasabi ng


  9. ilan ba talaga sila? last,napanoud ko an dami nila ngayun nman kumunti na. tapos nawala yun iba?

  10. Natutuwa ako kay Sela kasi parang may times na nafifeel niyang nauupstage si Aly kaya inaalalayan niya πŸ’“ Go Aly, kaya mo yan!

  11. Please give them not just an impromptu show. They should’ve showcase their talents like acting dancing singing etc to show their maximum potentials.

  12. Awkward pa nung iba. More mics sana.

    And on a pilot episode. Ang konti ng views. Congrats HHE from snapping the fanbase.

  13. Sana at least twice weekly. Wag naman impromptu na wala silang topic na pag-uusapan. As expected, Sela, Sheki, Abby and Alice ang okay sa pagho-host. Bago pa lang kasing center si Aly and bago sa Kami si Jamie and Sayaka. Thanks kay Sheki and Sela nabawasan and dead air. Please lang bigyan nyo ng mic lahat. Mas maganda kung set na lang na may uupuan sila at hindi green screen. Also, please sub all episodes for international fans.

  14. Ay gusto ko yung nasa gilid si Jammy feeling ko pwede syang maging face ng MNL48 maybe. Edgy ng look parang si cherprang

  15. so Igai ni Mango ang next mv?
    Daming signs,
    1. Ineemphasize nila ung pagiging center ni sela
    2. Pinipilit ni Sela na hanggang June ay summer pa din (june daw ang 2nd hse dba it means bago un may new mv) haha

    Hina pa ng boses ni jamie nung una halatang nahihiya pa pero nung mejo last part malakas na haha

  16. International Fans, for more accurate translation go to MNL48Sub or just click the link:

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  18. Aye~ mas professional sila, napansin ko ma may eng subs na. Yayy~ also, ANG GANDA NI SELA TAMAGO πŸ˜πŸ’—

  19. Wow! Ano kaya mga kaganapan na magaganap dito sa 2nd New Episode nila. Hehe! Good Luck Girls. πŸ™‚ Excited na ako sa 2nd HSE, may natira pa kasi akong HST eh' Haha! See u soon. God Bless! Sakuras, Yeng29 =)

  20. kami 7 nga kayo. lahat cute lalo na ni captain at sayaka.. ang natural mag host ni Sela.. abby needs more natural manner of speaking.. hehe.. suggestion lang

  21. kami 7 nga kayo. lahat cute lalo na ni captain at sayaka.. ang natural mag host ni Sela.. abby needs more natural manner of speaking.. hehe.. suggestion lang

  22. Oshi Alice, you are the center girl for me!

    PS GOD's Words are on my chan*nel, so therefore come to my chan*nel, so that GOD will be with us.

  23. I'm starting to love the new Kami 7 pero hindi balance, si Sheki kasi eh. Haha. Joke lang.

    Best Duo sa paghohost talaga si Sheki and Sela!! Nakakamiss tuloy ang iSchool. πŸ˜„

  24. When you just had to use the eng sub para maintindihan mo ang sinasabi dahil kagulo sa mic at may mahihina ang boses.

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  26. Bakit parang hindi nagpapansinan ang SeBy? (PARANG)

    Sabi nila, wala na daw yung SeBy. Bakit po?

  27. Congrats suong lhat Ng MNL48. MNL48 vision parating n s bawat Isa kanila. Good luck s apat n mag kakamovie n cla un nga Lang s Japan.

  28. 1. Alice alice ALICE ALICE alice ALICE alice
    Here are your OP 4 LADIES. DIDDYBOPER by our 4.98billion WIPMHOF,MEMBERS SINCE THE YEAR 1850 WIPMHOF

  29. walanakong mapanuod.replay na lng ulit πŸ˜‚eto mga panahong umalis ako kase ang sakit ng GE pero ngayon kakalungkot wala na si Sayaka 😭

  30. πŸ™‚ throwback sa 1st ep. Ng live na inaabangan ko araw2 .. bc na sila simula nag sign ulit sila contract sa abs.. huhuhu.. go go go gurls…

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