Miraculous Plane Landing on New Orleans Levee

Miraculous Plane Landing on New Orleans Levee

NARRATOR: It’s a rough
ride aboard a 737 on descent in the wilderness. A violent thunderstorm has
caught the pilots off guard. Ask the flight attendants
to take their seats. [THUNDER] CAPTAIN: Flight attendants,
please take your seats. [RAIN AND THUNDER] NARRATOR: Suddenly, less than
17,000 feet from the ground, the flight becomes all
the more terrifying. Little less power
on the engines. That good enough? NARRATOR: The plane
has enough speed to glide, but not for long. It will rapidly lose altitude. As it does, the crew has
only one option left. PILOT: I guess I’m going to have
to make a ditching here, sir! NARRATOR: They must
take their chances and put the plane
down on the water. Tag to 110, roger. Whatever you need to do, sir. CARLOS DARDANO: And that was
about the last communication with the tower. Then we were like 1,500
feet when that was going on. NARRATOR: Dardano plans to put
the plane down in the canal directly ahead of him. OK. There. [SIGH] Put it down softly. NARRATOR: The 737 can only stay
in the air for another minute. As Dardano looks for a
safe stretch of canal to drop the plane in,
another option appears. Look, look at
that one over there. CARLOS DARDANO:
And then Lopez saw the levee parallel
to the canal that we were making the approach on. Can you put it
down on the grass? Yes, boss. NARRATOR: The levee
is much shorter and narrower than a runway, but
it looks safer than the water. That’s where we’re
going to go in? You’ve got it, my friend. OK. Put the gears down. All right. NARRATOR: But Captain Dardano is
still flying towards the water. To have any hope of
landing on the levee, he needs to make a sudden and
dramatic course correction. That requires a risky
maneuver known as a side slip. So we just had
to do a little bit side slip to get into position
to make a perfect landing. NARRATOR: It’s a movement
for small planes and gliders, not a 47 ton Boeing 737. But it’s a risk he has to take. Only 700 feet separate
the plane from the ground. Without engines, the pilots
have no thrust reversers to slow the plane when it touches down. Dardano has an
additional challenge. With only one eye,
he’s unable to gauge depth as he speeds towards
the narrow rain-soaked strip of grass. There’s a high cement wall
in front of the levee, and a steep embankment
on the left. There may not be
enough room to land. Watch out for the
wing on that side. I see it. Come on. [SPANISH], baby. [SPEAKS SPANISH] [RUMBLING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] Very good! Ah. Very good, sir. Very good. [RAIN POUNDING] LUIS CASTILLA:
landing was spectacular. The plane landed so smooth. There wasn’t even a
bit of turbulence. A perfect landing.

100 thoughts on “Miraculous Plane Landing on New Orleans Levee

  1. I wonder if this is true.  The narrator said the captain had just one eye.  NO airline I know of would let a one eyed pilot fly for them.  NO WAY.

  2. dropping a like for the camera man flying behind the plane to record the side slip and landing. thanks from all the viewers, camera man <3

  3. What a sec why is a guy piloting a plane with only one eye? 2:41 Isn't that kind of a requirement to fly passenger planes.

  4. Not only was the 737 rapidly losing altitude due to the engines being out, but due to the weight of the pilots massive balls.”

  5. Unfortunately when they exited the plane, 6 passengers were eaten by Gators. Mosquitoes carried off an additional 14. R.I.P.

  6. How come they didn't make a movie about this??? I guess the landing was so perfect there was no drama. Let him land on the water and everyone would have been all over that story

  7. That good of a landing they fixed the plane in situ and it was able to take off again from the same spot!
    Pretty impressive

  8. Ah, não dá pra acreditar q um avião, pesado como é, pousou numa boa num gramado, numa área não preparada para suportar o peso do avião. Ao menos não afundou na terra ou danificou o trem de pouso. Difícil de acreditar.

  9. “the landing was spectacular, the plane landed so smoothly, there wasn’t even a bit of turbulence”

    3:13 hmmmmm

  10. 3:16 “ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened while we glide like a boss to our gate. “

  11. Plane* Slams against the ground

    Flight Attendant* The pilot buttered, there was even a BIT of turbulance or shaking.

    Me* Bish why yu lyin

  12. Miraculous simply the best, up to the tests when things go wrong, Miraculous the luckiest~ the power of aerodynamic is so strong~

  13. I wish all all the videos of the planes u upload 2 ur channel end up exactly like this one!😢😢😢 Agreed in Dec, 2019 anybody?

  14. Captain Carlos Had only one eye but he landed the 737 perfectly on a short field of grass instead of ditching it. He lost the left eye from an M16 bullet during a charter flight 5 years before. There are more longer videos about this in you tube..

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