Can somebody simply vanish without a trace? Or are there usually more sinister forces
at work? Join us as we explore three very strange cases
of missing persons, people that, one day, were just no more. Are they still alive? Were they even real to begin with? Well, that’s up for you to decide… of
what’s fact.. or fiction. The line that divides the factual from the
unreal has long since blurred, the tales we once thought fantastical now implanted as
truth. To decipher verity from the imagined, you
must break from the ordinary and consider a universe where the outlandish prevails. Can you expand your mind to see beyond our
perceived reality? Can you decide what’s fact or fiction? How does one handle the sudden and mysterious
disappearance of a loved one? For that answer, you’d want to look to Donald
Bender. Once the happy husband to Elizabeth, Donald’s
world was turned upside down when, after returning to work one day, something incredibly valuable
to him had gone missing. Story # 1: Tha Late Night Call
When she picked up the phone, Kim’s ear was met with the silent hum of a dead line. She listened carefully, wondering if the audio
was just muffled, but there was nothing coming through from the other side. She checked the number again to make sure
it wasn’t one she recognized, before hanging up. She never expected that the harmless dead-air
call would drag her into a missing’s persons case. Across town, Donald Bender was finishing an
overnight shift and was more-than ready to return home to his family – his beautiful
wife Elizabeth and their two children. Walking through his front door, however, immersed
him in a nightmare that no husband would want to find themselves in. Though their children were safe and sound
in their beds, Elizabeth was missing. The house was in order and there were no signs
that she had been forced from the home, but something had clearly happened to the mother
of two. Elizabeth wasn’t someone that would carelessly
leave her children alone in the house, nor had there been any signs that she was preparing
to leave Donald. And yet he came home to an empty home. He wasted no time phoning the police, not
once stopping to think that he would be the prime suspect in the disappearance of his
wife. The spouse was always first on the list of
possibilities, but Donald couldn’t concern himself with such a fear. Elizabeth’s whereabouts took priority. The investigation surrounding the sudden vanishing
of Elizabeth kicked off at the family home, where it was determined that several gaming
consoles, a digital camcorder, Elizabeth’s phone, and a flashlight were missing. Left behind, however, were far more valuable
items like Elizabeth’s wedding rings and car. The scene was almost too clean for a robbery,
save for a key that had broken off in the front door lock. With no evidence at the house, detectives
looked into Elizabeth’s cell records, hoping she made a phone call that evening. At 3 a.m. on the night Donald came home to
an empty house, they uncovered a mysterious phone call. With nothing else to go off of, it was the
only lead and it seemed like the best that could be found in such a case. Just as quickly as local law enforcement felt
they had picked up a trail, it went dead cold. The person that took the late-night phone
call, Kim, not only knew nothing of the Bender family, she never actually spoke to the individual
that had dialed the number from Elizabeth’s phone. The vanishing of Elizabeth Bender rocked the
small Tennessee town, confusing not only those investigating it but the loving family that
was left with no answers. Even the cleanest of home invasions or robberies
leave some trace of evidence behind, but it was as if Elizabeth impossibly disappeared. It was a case that would never be solved,
even after a decade of family members searching for the missing woman. Do you think the tragic disappearance of Elizabeth
Bender is a matter of an unhappy spouse looking for a way out? Did somebody harm the mother of two, somehow
leaving behind no evidence of her murder? Of course, there’s always that third option
where none of this ever happened. Leave your thoughts in the comments and be
sure to vote by using the on-screen poll, and prepare for another mysterious tale. It was a night she would never forget; the
last time Tamara Washington would ever sleep beside her boyfriend. It was their typical evening, nothing that
would indicate Darnel Clark would vanish from his dorm room overnight, but that’s exactly
what happened. Story # 2: A Drunken Walk in the Woods? The bed was empty when she woke up, Darnel’s
body no longer weighing down his side like usual. It wasn’t like him to wake up before Tamara,
but after their drinking binge the night before, it wasn’t that much of a surprise. She waited, enjoying the comfort of having
the bed for herself, but after dozing off a few times only to wake up again to an empty
room, she thought to check on her poor boyfriend. She texted his phone and was surprised to
hear the notification across the dorm room, stifled under a pile of clothing. It wasn’t like him to ever leave his phone
behind – something that was often a matter of contention in their relationship – but
Tamara still figured the hangover must have been enough to make him forget anything. After 15 minutes of browsing Instagram and
no sign of Darnel, Tamara’s concern started to grow. Despite knowing the argument it would cause
if he walked in on her, she thought to check his phone, fearing she’d find some sign
of infidelity, but the only notifications he had were from her. After an hour had passed, Tamara forced herself
to go to his neighbors, people she loathed but knew Darnel was closer to. Door after door, she was met with no answers,
just shrugs and confirmation of what she already knew – that they both left the party together
last night. But where had he gone since? Tamara, growing more concerned that Darnel
would simply disappear, started to search his room, hoping to find some sign of where
he had gone. To her dismay, however, she found his car
keys, wallet, and, even more distressing, his shoes. The 24-hours that followed were agonizing
as Tamara sought out everyone that knew Darnel, hoping someone had heard from him. As she involved the local police partway through
that first day, she did all she could to stifle her fears of the worst. Forty-eight hours passed before word of Darnel’s
disappearance spread throughout campus and the small New York town surrounding it. Weeks turned into months and Darnel’s whereabouts
never came to pass. Tamara and his family were forced to assume
the worst and the story turned to an impromptu late-night drunken walk that took him into
the nearby forestry. What happened after that? It appears only Darnel would know. Where could Darnel have gone? Did he have an agenda nobody knew about, a
secret stash of money and a bus ticket that would take him far from his college days? Or did an evening of drinking really lead
the student to vanish in the dense forestry of upstate New York? Or maybe this is a tale we spun up on our
own… Let us know in the comment section below,
and be sure to vote by using the onscreen poll. Allen Young did his best as a single father,
but since his wife’s passing, caring for his two preteens proved difficult at times. Never did he expect to just lose one of his
sons one day, especially while both were supposed to be in school. Story # 3: The Tragic Youngs
It was the moment he had been planning for. It had been a pleasant flight thus far, the
bourbon and cigarettes soothing the few nerves of his that were sparking. The plane was more quiet and housed fewer
passengers than he expected, which worked in his favor. Once off the ground, Allen Young saw his opportunity. The flight attendant nearest to him was still
strapped into her jump seat, which gave him the opportunity to pass along the piece of
paper he had prepared earlier that morning. Without hesitation, he handed it over to the
attendant, who gave him a quick smile before pocketing it without reading it. Young, exasperated, shook his head and leaned
in. These next words would determine the rest
of his life, and so he outright said what he had tried to convey in writing. “Miss, you’d better look at that note.” He gestured to her pocket. “I have a bomb.” Her eyes went wide, but he could tell she
didn’t quite believe him at first. So she grabbed the note, taking her eyes off
of him only to read the handwritten text. Just as he had said, the note also warned
there was a bomb on the plane. Young took the note back and ordered the attendant
to sit behind him. He was surprised when she asked to see the
bomb, but also waned her to know he was serious. So he showed her. His intention wasn’t to blow up the plane,
but should things go awry, he was prepared to take everyone down with him. While he still had time, he made his demands. “I don’t want to hurt anybody. I will be gone and everyone will be safe,
so long as I get $200,000 in American currency, four parachutes and I want a fuel truck waiting
in Phoenix to refuel this plane. That’s all. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. But…” He patted his briefcase and, without another
word, the attendent went to the pilot and relayed Young’s demands. As Young expected, when the pilot contacted
Phoenix Sky Harbor, the federal authorities were immediately called. He planned for this and knew that he could
still get away with it. And, to his relief, he did. He had heard of failed ransom attempts and,
in his gut, was afraid he would just be another one, but it all went as he had hoped. The plain touched down in Phoenix with a fuel
truck, parachute and his money waiting, offered to him in 10,000 unmarked $20 bills, ready
to be delivered. And before he knew it, after a tense two hours,
he was back in the air, ready to pull off the last part of his plan. The one that seemed most impossible. Knowing there’d be no other escape, as the
plane returned to the air, Young donned his parachute, opened the aft door of the craft
and jumped. Many would say it was an impossible heist,
but many years later, some of the bills he lifted started to resurface. Though some of the money was found, to this
day, Young is still at large. This sounds like the work of a James Bond
fiction, but does that mean it’s fake? How could he have survived such a jump, or
escape authorities after he landed? Someone must have had some information on
him, no? Well, while you decide, go ahead and vote
using the on-screen poll and let us know your thoughts in the comment section. As for us, it’s time to parachute into the
reveal. Are you ready to find out if you can decipher
between fact or fiction? Let’s look back at tonight’s three stories
and find out which were born from reality and which were fabrications of the imagination. Let’s go back to the story of Elizabeth Bender,
who mysteriously disappeared without a trace overnight. Do you think she would have been able to completely
vanish without the slightest bit of evidence regarding what happened to her? If you thought this story to be too impossible
to be true, you’d be wrong. On January 24th, 2006, one Teresa Butler disappeared
from her home in Risco, Missouri, leaving no evidence behind. At some point before or after her disappearance,
a call was made from her phone and, just as we told, produced no results in finding her. What do you think of our second story about
the vanishing college student? Did Darnel really walk off into the woods,
never to be seen again? Was there something more sinister at play? Actually, it’s none of the above. There was no Tamara, there was no Darnel,
and this story was a fabrication of our imaginations. Does the story of a vanishing hijacker sound
familiar? Clearly, a feat this great would be impossible
to pull off on an American Airline, right? Well, if you know true crime history at all,
then you likely remember the proponent of this act as being referred to as D.B. Cooper. After hijacking a Boeing 727 in 1971, the
mysterious man ran off – or rather parachuted off – with his $200,000 in ransom money and
was never seen again. There were a few suspects, but the FBI ultimately
suspended investigations in July of 2016. How well did you do in tonight’s video? Did you look past the deception of our world
and define the oft-blurred line that struggles to separate lies from the truth? Let us all know in the comment section below
and should you find the urge to test your perceptions again, be sure to subscribe and
join us next time when we ask you to decide what’s fact… or fiction.

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