Just imagine you’re halfway on your next flight, and then you realize you don’t have your passport. That’s what just happened to me. I’ve been here for 7 hours. Okay, I slept; that’s why I’m like a little groggy. I’ve been right here, sleeping for 7 hours. I’m gonna let you know how I finally get out of the airport. Or maybe if I have to go back to the U.S., maybe I have to go back to China… [Whispers] I’ll uh, I’ll keep you updated. But for now, I’ll leave you with this view. Mhm-mhm good. I love Tokyo. My gosh, this is BAD. It doesn’t help that every airline employee comes over here; they all like whisper to each other as I’m like walking through the airport like: “Oh god, he doesn’t have a passport, he doesn’t have a passport, [mumbling].” And it also doesn’t help that I don’t speak ANY Japanese and like a lot of times they don’t speak any English. [Japanese lady]: Hey sir. [Damon]: Yes? [Lady]: (I literally can’t understand what she’s saying sorry) (stuggling to speak) … so they and have so your passport. So, at the time you wait here. [Damon]: Wait here. I could, I could speak French with you, I could speak Spanish, Portuguese, but I can’t do Japanese. Another thing that doesn’t help… my I.D. is expired. I was waiting for my new driver’s licence, but it didn’t come in time. Next thing that’s bad: I wrote “Actor” on my immigration form. So now it just looks like I’m lying the entire time. Okay so remember the last video in Beijing where I was like, “Oh if you wanna access the wifi connection in the airport you need to swipe/insert your passport.” You have to use those wifi machines to register for a connection which I’m sure so many people leave their passports inside much like I did. So I leave my passport inside the wifi machine; yeah we get it. I get on my next flight, I’m trying to write down the like expiration date on my passport, and I’m like: “Where is my passport cause it’s not in my bag?” So the flight attendant writes down this… Like..? Ooo! I get it! Like a few numbers on a piece of paper.. And not only does my phone not work in Japan but also I have no idea what these numbers are. [Laughs] Like… who? So… [clears throat] I illegally logged onto to wifi. Specifically in the area where every single sign says: “DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE”, “DON’T TAKE PICTURES”, “DON’T CONNECT TO THE WIFI” I’m like using my phone, using wifi, AND taking pictures. All to connect to Jo Franco who luckily she was still up because the time difference, and I’m like: “Jo, oh my god, emergency: can you call Beijing’s airport?” Beijing’s lost and found DOES have my passport. Which brings me here. Could not be more like a scene out of the terminal; like literally… [Airport chattering and beeps in background] There’s not- like.. This is what they told me: [In Japanese accent] “Ohh no… that’s bad…” I’m like, “I know it’s bad; what can we do?” And they’re like: [clears throat] [With accent] “Ohhhh…” [Laughs] Okay so here’s what you can do… You can either: Hope they’ll let you through which they probably won’t because you need a passport to enter the country so they can stamp it. You can fly back to the country you came from. Or… You can call lost and found and hopefully, hopefully, one of the flight attendants, if they’re nice, they’ll bring the passport from the country to here. Which is why I’ve been waiting here for 7 hours. Waiting on Air China’s next flight to arrive which… they were supposed to arrive… 45 minutes ago… And now I’m sitting here like… “Do you have my passport?” I’ll keep ya updated. They told me they’re coming at 9:30; it’s 9… It’s 10 o’clock. [Lady with strong accent]: Mmm… that’s, and uh-soy anyway, and uh-so wait here. [Damon]: Okay. Alright. I’ll wait. Ohmygod ohmygod [makes noise] [Airport chattering and announcements in background] I see some Air China flight attendants walking in. Imagine they don’t have my passport. [Laughs] See this is why it’s good to plan 12 days in a city in case this happens. So that everyday you can freak out about not having your passport. My god this is like me watching to see if the Air China crew has my passport. [Nervously blows air into hand]…my god… It’s not looking good… Why do I only see red passports? Are there more flight attendants on the flight? Noo! Now it’s even more difficult because they switched staff and so it’s like the nighttime staff who has no clue what I’m doing here. Okay so it’s now been an hour since my flight was supposed to arrive. Still no passport. And now I’m starting to wonder what’s going on. Where’s my passport?? Ohmygod ohmygod buhwuhwuhwuhwuh I’m over there like in line for the 4th time like you guys what’s going on? [Squeaks] I got it, I got it, I got it I got it I got it Somebody came up to me and was like: “[Gasping] Uhduh- uhduh- uhduh-” I’m like, “Y- please! Please tell me what you’re about to say, Please tell me what you’re about to say.” [Large breath] Here I was thinking I’m gonna have to sleep here tonight, go back to Beijing tomorrow, gotta- [squealing/mumbling] I have to go to the U.S. Embassy, I have to go back to- okay oh gosh Bye! Aren’t you just glad that that happened to me and not you? Now you know what to do. If you’ve ever lost your passport in transit I wanna know what happened to you and then I also wanna know how you got out of it. Make sure to subscribe, leave a comment below, and I will see you in the next video. Bye!


  1. I lost my passport on the way back from France on a school trip. My teachers announce to get your passports ready for Calais and I'm like oh snap its in the suitcase, so we pulled up in Calais and I'm frantically searching for my tiny passport in a huge suitcase with a bus full of students banging on about how we're going to miss the ferry and some customs security watching me search through my clothes & undies and I'm like nah it's gone henny. Not coming back. Was certain I'd lost the passport, so had to cancel it.
    After stressful customs, a ferry and a bus I get home and found it in my backpack. so good!!!!!! wow!!!

  2. Even though it took a long time, they gave it to you. If this happens in Brazil, you would probably have to do another passport.

  3. Lol I left my passport in one of my hostels on my first solo trip in Mexico! They had a system where they kept your passport in exchange for renting their bikes (they kept everything in a safe) and when I checked out I completely forgot that I didn't get it back until I was on a bus 3hrs away onto my next destination. Thankfully, it was a long trip (21 days in 5 cities) and I had met some really cool people during my stay at that hostel so I just made a day trip back and hung out with the people I met from before at the beach and took the bus back.

    … I also ended up almost missing the last bus back to my next city for the night AND almost getting kidnapped by this cab driver (thankfully he wasn't as shady as he seemed but I literally thought I was going to have to fight someone lol) but I made it :).

    Good times, good times lol.

    Oh and I printed out my passport beforehand too and actually would've been sol at my next hostel if I didn't have a copy haha

  4. And yet you lost it. But you're confidently complaining that other people didn't bring it back to you at your convenience. So yes, entitlement.

  5. And yet you lost it. But you're confidently complaining that other people didn't bring it back to you at your convenience. So yes, entitlement.

  6. we didn't lose our passports, but once when i was 9 my mom and i were going on a day trip to macau from mainland china. we didn't realize we needed visas to get back into china from macau so we were stuck there without the correct currency. my uncle passed some money and other stuff through the fence and my mom got us boat tickets from macau to hong kong and then we went straight through into china that way.

  7. for me, I forgot my passport in my luggage and my luggage was already in the airplane. I had my school id with me but I just turned 18 a few months ago so that didn't work.. soooooo…. they drag me into a room and search thru all my stuff and a lady rubbing her hands up and down my body to check if there r anything dangerous.. and i got thru. Luckily it wasn't an international flight.

  8. I'm American. Years ago I was in Germany with a bunch of friends from Italy. We then all plan to fly together to Italy. As my checked bag is rolling away from me into oblivion in Germany, I realize I've packed my passport in the checked bag. So when I get to Italy, I'll have no passport! I figure this won't be a problem as I'll collect my luggage, grab the passport out of it and then go through passport control. But when we land it turned out that we have to go through passport control before getting to luggage! I'm sweating bullets as I wait in this line surrounded by military soldiers with submachineguns and German shepherds. My Italian friend says he will have one of our other friends talk to the customs guard. Why don't you talk to him instead I asked. He said because I'm going to start laughing and if I do, they'll probably strip search and body cavity probe you. Anyway it all worked out and I got my passport. But I know what you were going through and I know it's not any damn fun!

  9. My passport mishap wasn't that extreme . But I did forget my passport on the plane from Brazil to Atlanta , and I had a panic attack that I wouldn't be able to go back home to Canada lol . Luckily the flight attendant was nice enough to go back on the plane and look for it for me 🙏🏾

  10. Left mine at Oxford when I was studying abroad. Cue realizing it in London a day before my flight and four collective hours on late night trains going back to Oxford from London the same day I had just done the opposite trip, then back to London from Oxford once I had retrieved it. So silly. Totally understand how this could happen. But now I travel with a scanned hard copy of my passport (and all my cards and ID) tucked in the depths of my luggage just in case!

  11. I always take photocopies of my passport & other important documents with me when traveling abroad. Don't know if it helps because I've never lost/misplaced my passport. Yet!

  12. You're such a boss Damon. (: I already knew the ending of this story since I saw your pictures from Tokyo on your insta but man, I was still in suspense watching this haha! <3 N

  13. T'as pas la bonne chance, miel! Rd! 😂😂. Néanmoins je t'ADORE! Je souhaite que je pourrait voyager autant que toi!

  14. On my way to Mexico, I went to throw out my trash and my passport was in the same hand and I dropped it in with it…

  15. I went to Uruguay and got my ID stolen. But i went to the police station and i succesfully returned to Argentina by showing the police report.
    Those were the most eternal ten hours of my life lol

  16. I left my passport on an airplane during a connecting flight in Australia. I was supposed to fly back to the States the next morning. I realized it when I got to the hotel and ran back to the airport and spent an hour trying to find someone who could help because it was like 12 am and the place was deserted. Finally I found someone and luckily the plane I left it on was staying at the airport overnight and was being cleaned so the cleaning crew brought it to me.

  17. Eu acho que os passaportes deviam ser digitais. A mesma coisa para outros documentos. Dê o nome, passa o dedinho e escanear a digital e pronto, o banco de dados mostra tudo.

  18. The first time I traveled out of my country I lost my passport on a ferry on my way from one country to another. We went to two different police stations because the first one lied to us about what we had to do and the second actually did their jobs. Then I went to the embassy, got a temporary passport and got in a cab to go to a cruise ship I had to catch. I felt like I was going to throw up the whole time.

  19. Omg My mum did this so basically she is OBSESSED with coats. While coming back from India she puts her coat into a shopping bag and our traveling wallet. We get on a flight from one city to Mumbai. My mum puts the bag on the upper compartment as one does, because of all the rush for getting out she then quickly gets the bag but drops the wallet somewhere basically all out money, identification and everything. That is a bad experience

  20. This happened to me in Spain!! I Actually Lost my Passport at the Airport leaving MALAGA SPAIN on a trip to Nurnberg Germany! When i got to the airport as I was getting off the plane my flight attendant told me to go to the Lost and found. Luckily the passport was taken to the lost and found by another American! I could've cried I was so happy!

  21. HAHAHAH OMG Damon!!! This was really lucky!!! Wasn't it??? I do not think I would be so calm waiting for my passport lol

  22. I don't understand, how were you allowed to board the flight and make it to Japan without your passport????? was it that, your destination WAS Japan, and you needed your passport to exit the country??? I just got back from Paris, France, on my way to the airport my passport was stolen, so missed my flight back to the US & had to pay $135 for a NEW PASSPORT to be able to board my flight , then $1,200 for a rebooked flight back to the US the next day, but it seems you were allowed to board even without one??????

  23. This video is hilarious lmao, sorry you had to go through all this trouble but I'm glad it turned out ok 🙂

  24. hi Damon, my name is Tissa from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. my passport was lost in Haneda Airport 1 year ago when I was attending a seminar there about student exchange program. after I saw your video I just wanna say "OMG" you were happy and fine… but me when I realized my passport didn't in my bag, I couldn't handle my feeling so I was so sad went to immigration office and also police office in Haneda then went to Indonesia Embassy aaawww so sad even cry. I still remember how I solved the problem myself. Really enjoyed your video 🙂 hope your next trip always nice and safe… have a good day Damon 🙂

  25. Shouldn't you have a photocopy of your passport in your carry on as it is? I thought that was international travel 101…
    EDIT: so I just watched the video where you show the photocopy of your passport before this trip, how did that not help you?

  26. omg, you are soo lucky, i lost my wallet in China last month with all my credit cards and id in it, and eventually couldnt find it…

  27. I went to Germany on a German exchange, I got there fine spent a week with a German host family and when it was time to come home I was very organised, packed my suitcase the day before, made sure I had everything. Got to the airport I had my passport and ticket sorted. We were all rushing to get on the plane so after I got through passport control I just threw it in my bag and got on the plane. Naturally I kept going into my bag for food, headphones, entertainment and stuff. I got off the plane and as we waiting in line for passport control I was looking for my passport and I couldn't find it anywhere! It was about midnight by now, they kept me in this little booth where every one could see me and I was getting so stressed, no one was telling me anything and I had to fill out this form so they could get my identification to let me in the country.I was in stanstead airport but had to drive 2 hours to get home and I spent the entire time stressing about my passport and I genuinely burst out into tears. I got home and my German teacher told my mum every thing, I went straight home and went to bed I was so tired. My mum tried calling lost and found and stuff but no one had my passport, it was looking like I would have to pay £90 for a new one which was horrifying. A couple of days later I got a Facebook request from a complete stranger and I never add them. I went into school the next day and one of my friends came up to me and showed me her phone, it was the same woman! Apparently she was trying to contact me because she found my passport! I rang her and we discussed it, she said as she was driving past she saw my passport on the road in stanstead which was strange because we didn't even drive through the city. She was really nice and sent the passport fairly quickly and I managed to get it back. I was so happy and my passport doesn't seem to be tampered with so that's good

  28. I lost My passaport in Santa clara when I was in California . But I found it one day after at the security. It was so good find it!

  29. dont blame yourself damon. these type of machines are the problem. they should have human-centered design. give you feedback, like a sound alert to remind you to take your passport after using the wifi machine

  30. Because you lost your passport in China,not anywhere else, Chinese are really friendly, not like any other countries, no one cares about a lost passport of a foreigner

  31. The MAJOR issue with AMERICANS ( me being American ) is the lack of PATIENCE and not learning to just WAIT your turn.

  32. I planned 25-day trip in USA and I couldn't find my passport after leaving the airport. Called the airport, Uber driver and hotel. Checked any information about applying new traveling file and got ready to go back home maybe. But on third day I found the passport in the interlayer of my backpack. That kind of excitement is fantastic!

  33. This happened to me. I "lost" my passport in the Tokyo airport. Actually I gave my passport to the security and didn't get it back, then they said I couldn't stay the night and forced me to Hawaii. My brother in law is a Japanese citizen and called them, and they had my passport in the security zone. The ANA employees were really rude and were trying to demand money out of me, although I was heading to India, I never made it and was forced to pay to get home. They wouldn't even let me contact the embassy. So stressed. Now my passport will be sent back to me but I may need to get a new passport and new visa for India again. (Because I filled out the lost passport form online.. I just don't remember if it was submitted or not, because I am so tired from 2 days and nights of endless flying!) My fears of flying on a connecting flight came true!

  34. Can't you make a copy of your passport and put it in like an emergency place. At least that way you aren't stuck forever in Asia?…

  35. I was in Hong Kong's airport and while filling the immigration form I left my passport on the counter. I realized it while waiting in line to pass the border. I asked an officer if she perhaps found a passport and she said her colleague actually found one, but he was having a break, at the other side of the border (damn it). Since she couldn't leave her post, she told me to wait. God it was long and stressful!

  36. omfg that is brutal but the "american" is showing with the demanding nature when they are trying to accommodate your negligence and mistake. even imitating their accent… im disappointed, right when i was so excited to find your youtube… still subscribed though i can only imagine how frustrating that must have been. there is muchhhh worse that you can experience believe me…. im not gunna share my airplane horror story… ps 8 hours is a breeze

  37. There's so much privilege in being a man, white AND American. I'm black so I'd be so freaked if I lost in my passport

  38. watch yourself become tom hanks. you can't leave the airport. you've been there for months. your life is now the terminal

  39. Haha! I was trying to use the WiFi machines too, good I haven't left my passport 😉 I'm happy all ended well for you 🙂

  40. I lost my phone atturkey airport. It's with lost and found section . Still waiting for some angle to get it for me.

  41. I have never travelled before and I don't don't get why so many comments are saying they'd have panicked! like why what's the worst that can happen?

  42. I wasn't even sure FAs were allowed to do that. Certainly seems like the most practical option. Of course, relying on an Air China flight… that could have been 12 hours late.

  43. it seems like my passport is stolen tomorrow i will check a bank to see if it is there because i am on my curfew right now i feel like i have been targeted because my roommate's friend does hate me due to what i got to him. He smoked in my room and i complained to staff then told them not to write down any shots. This is how he repays.

  44. shit i lost my phone, wallet, and passport all in one nice bundle of everything i needed in the copenhagen airport trying to get to rome, but i realized before my flight left (so i missed my flight while trying to find it). LUCKILY it was turned in, but i had to book a pricey flight the next day. and also luckily, i happened to have a friend in copenhagen who let me crash at her place. connections people, also hold onto your shiiiit

  45. I was in Costa Rica on a bus from Monteverde to San Jose, and when we arrived, a British woman couldn't find the bag with her passport in it. She started breaking down, and it was devastatingly sad. I still feel incredibly bad for leaving, but I had to get to my hostel asap…

  46. Omg I don’t know how you didn’t freak out, Damon! I’m the most anxious person I know ( sans my friend Kai, she stresses over if the sun is going to come up every morning ) and I would not have been able to sleep! I’d probably just sit there on those faux leather blue seats with my heart pounding in my chest, constantly asking myself and the staff if I was gonna die!

    Glad you got lucky with the passport 🙃

  47. I have a korean passport. I lost my passport in transit from Chicago to LA to Seoul. I got through security at LAX and I was waiting at the gate to board when I realized I didn’t have my passport. I ran all around the airport and asking everyone to for my passport, but I couldn’t find it. They were making final calls for boarding and I was begging the people at the gate to let me board but they refused to let me on because I didn’t have my passport nor my boarding pass (the pass was in my passport). I think I left my passport in the bin during security and didn’t take my passport out the bin and the next person to use that bin probably accidentally picked it up thinking it was their belonging. Anyway, the gate to my flight closed and I was just thinking about how I would have to go to a consulate and wait to get a new passport and spend money on Air bnbs in LA when the people at the gate asked me if I had a picture of my passport, and I did have a pic on my phone! They looked at it and reopened the gates and let me on the plane to Seoul. They probably did this because I’m a korean citizen on my way back to my home country. Either way, it was a really exhilarating experience.

  48. When I was watching him scan his passport in the last video it really stressed me out that I hadn’t seen him get it back, but then I just figured he took it from the machine but just cut that part of the video out. Turns out… my worries were valid

  49. Forreal relate… except I’m in Greece… and a bunch of kids with flowers stole it. 😣
    So happy you were able to still enjoy Japan!

  50. 😱😱😱😱 oh myyy 😂😂😂 awesome how you kept your calm !!! Super Damon !! J'étais anxieuse pour toi !

  51. YES! I can relate.
    I lost my passport on the way to Jamaica in the connecting flights airport.

    So heres the story… I'm an organized person, so I had my passport in a passport case with my ID, passport, credit cards and boarding pass. We get on the plane, I'm with my mom, baby brother, he's like 5, my sister and step dad.

    The problem is we were all split up, so I left my seat and went and sat by my sister, hoping that I could switch with the person next to her. It was this old couple, and one argument later, I had to go back to my seat. Because I'm that person that used to always lose her phone, I double and triple check for things. So I check my bag and can't find the case that has all my documents. So I'm scrambling around the plane, I get off the plane (it hasn't left yet, thank goodness we were early) I go look where we were sitting, I check where we bought our food. I'm not crying, but I'm pissed and I'm rushing. (Now that I think about it, my whole asshole family stayed on the plane) I finally give up and go back on the plane.

    Like I said, Im organized so I have copies of my ID, Copies of my passport and credit cards, so I'm hoping I don't get trapped in Jamaica but I'm resigned.

    Finally, when I'm resigned to not finding it, I realize I must have had my stuff, how else did I get on the plane? Right?? So I check between the seats, AGAIN, and guess what I find? My passport case.

    So, I'm like, what the hell? Here comes my baby brother, "Oh, I dropped it, but I didn't say anything, because I knew you'd be mad." I was so relived/pissed I must have blacked out, I don't remember anything else from that flight.

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