London Transport at Highbury & Islington

London Transport at Highbury & Islington

Highbury & Islington is a busy interchange station in the Borough of Islington, north London. It sees Underground Victoria line, Overground, and National Rail services. This is the southbound platform of the Victoria line, with all trains running to Brixton. Train frequencies on the Victoria line are fantastic, with a train arriving every 1–2 minutes. The line uses automatic train operation (ATO), and is operated with 2009 Tube Stock. The Victoria line is a true rapid transport line. Northbound platform with a train for Walthamstow Central. One got to love how the train just flies into the station. The northbound platform seems rather busy and more difficult to film at. Adjacent to the Victoria line platforms, we have the platforms of the Northern City line, which are part of National Rail. This is a branch of the main line going into King’s Cross station. Trains on this line terminate at Moorgate. This line is less busy and rather moody; also note the old Network South East branding everywhere on the station. Trains are operated by “Thameslink and Great Northern”, and are formed of Class 313 coaches, which is the only stock certified for the tight tunnels on this line. At Finsbury Park the Northern City line joins the main Great Northern route and the East Coast Main Line. Another Class 313 stock approaching the station, however this seems to be an empty stock running. The remainder of the film is spent above ground. Highbury & Islington is also served by two lines of the London Overground network: The East London line (which terminates here) and the North London line. From the footbridge, one can get a great view over the station. The East London line runs between Croydon and this station. The approaching train will terminate here. The train that can be heard is on an adjacent platform. Same platform at the other end, with the train heading back on the East London line. The East London line is electrified using third rail and DC traction current. The North London line, however, uses overhead line equipment and AC traction current. This is a North London line train for Richmond in the south west of London. Trains on this line are fitted with a pantograph. The rolling stock used by the Overground are Class 378 “Capitalstar” trains, manufactured by Bombardier. Class 378/1 trains are fitted with a contact shoe only, while Class 378/2 trains, such as this one, are also equipped with a pantograph. Trains towards Stratford are very busy at this time, so platform staff supervises the boarding and alighting process. The London Overground network, which consists of former national rail lines, has grown substantially over the past decade. Service and train frequencies were improved, and ridership on these routes has gone through the roof. With the following scenes outside the station this film now comes to an end.

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  1. Spend some time at the Northern City Line platforms once, that really is an interesting line. The Victoria Line and the Overground were closed that day so the station was really empty

  2. Great article about the Victoria line – now running trains 100 seconds apart at peak times (36 trains per hour), which is one of the most frequent in the world.

  3. Just so you know, the class 378 are actually called Electrostars. Capitalstar is an unofficial nickname for them.

    Apart from that, great video as always! I wish we had this kind of rail travel in Northern England

  4. Very interesting to see your style develop over time. If I can ask, why did you decide to go with the Fujifilm XT-2?

  5. Southbound Victoria tube platform was the northbound Northern City line tube platform between Moorgate and Finsbury Park, the two northbound tunnels were new prior to the Victoria lines opening, with the current Great Northern being shunted into a new platform to meet the Victoria line for cross platform interchange, using step-plate Junctions. If traveling north on the Great Northern into/from Highbury, you can see the old tunnels on the right to Drayton Park. The southbound Victoria line tunnel has a reversing crossover a long way north from Highbury platform and dives up to meet the platform, as has to dive under the northbound Great Northern platform.

  6. Very fast acceleration/braking of these trains (as is the case I’ve noticed for a lot of underground/metro systems). They also look to be entering the stations very fast about 30 mph at times.

  7. The Northern City line stations REALLY need a lot of work doing to them, they're looking incredibly shabby nowadays

  8. 2:32 is creepy, quiet, weird sounds, no one at the platform, looks really old and weirdly there’s the yellow line!!

  9. Is there a oyster barrier between Victoria and Overground?

    Edit: i went there and there is free interchange between Victoria and Overground

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