11 thoughts on “Lights Back On At Oakland Airport After Outage Disrupts Thanksgiving Travel Rush

  1. You predictable sheeple are why the left will never ever in a million years be right. I'm thankful for not having contact with my idiot liberal family members any longer. AMEN.

  2. Highest taxes in the nation (one of the worst services, education, and infrastructure in the nation)
    Highest energy prices, taxes, and regulations in the nation (lack of supply, deteriorated antiquated, and inefficient infrastructural energy plant in the nation).
    Homeless and drug epidemic
    Illegal immigrants in the millions
    Bankrupted cities, counties, programs, pension systems, etc.
    ** Yeah! Keep voting left wing democrat you fools.

  3. Hey, now that I think of it, what are CA voters doing at the airport anyways?
    I thought they worshiped at the feet of Al Gore, AOC, Bernie, and their high priestess; Greta Thunberg?
    They should be at the yacht dealership buying a 7 million dollar Malizia II racing sailboat to get home for the holidays to “save the planet”(right?)

  4. California is like that joke state that thinks it's the best and brightest, but in reality it's the absolute worst, run down broken and falling apart from demoKKKrat law makers who are insane and know the ship is sinking and are just out to fill up their pockets as fast as possible. The rest of the country watches this clown show and laughs.

  5. The grossly overpaid,pancake make up,low iq, conformist, affirmative action hire just can seem to do an investigative report. They are in the most corrupt state in the union and all you hear is crickets.

  6. Outage? Add an "r" and you get outrage. More Pollarded Trees, Brush Abatement, Rock Gardens and Pea Gravel minimum 30 feet in all directions.
    Imagine if you could install a container of fire retardant on top of your house like a Sattelite Dish and Broadcast It with a blast of compressed air onto your house.
    Two houses remained in a Lake Temescal neighborhood after the Oakland Hills Fire.

  7. As per usual the comment section is full of inbred losers who haven't been taught anything besides f'ing their cousins and cashing in their SSI checks (courtesy of the blue states) 😂 Love it.

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