KS Lift-and-Carry Shuttle – transport system for components and car bodies

KS Lift and Carry Shuttle
Transfer system for components and bodies Vertical stroke and picking up the components Lowering and transfer of components Crank and coupling rod for horizontal stroke Vertical stroke through swinging link Horizontal drive on lifting shears Vertical lowering by lifting shears Beam returns in lower position Operational profiles are freely programmable
to optimize process time Optimized cycle time
by subsequent movement 1000 mm stroke:
Without subsequent movement 1000 mm stroke:
Time saving by subsequent KS Lift and Carry Shuttle
Fast transport speed
Mechanically synchronized with only 2 drives
Transport weight up to 500 kg
Suitable for up to 10 stations
Efficient motion profiles programmable
Scalable weight compensation
Low power consumption
Modularly adaptable
Low maintance
Programmable lifting stroke

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