11 thoughts on “Kombucha Tip: How to share/transport a SCOBY

  1. Heyyy, I'm traveling to Malaysia from NZ and I would like to bring a layer or two of scoby to Malaysia but the flight will take around 11 hours. Will my scoby survive and still useable if I take it along to Malaysia?

    P/S: thank you the videos on your channel. It has been amazing and I'm making second batch of kombucha now.

  2. Thanks for being to-the-point and not dragging out the video. I've tried watching other kambucha videos, and jeeze… some are just excuses for the host to yap about everything that's not related to the topic!

  3. I very nice person sent me a scoby from the US to El Salvador. It was put inside many zip lock bags for extra protection. I kid you not, it took almost 5 weeks to arrive and incredibly enough, it survived. The smell was vinegary but gorgeous, very strong. It has produced a lot of babies since I started brewing on January. Your videos have been an awesome source of information btw!

  4. Hi i have a question i recently bought a scoby online it is very healthy looking but a light brown round shape thing is on the top of my glass container its weird looking its thin its like a film is this a another scoby growning?

  5. Do you have any tips on transporting bottled kombucha? I would like to bring some to my family but it involves a flight and a days travel. Just made my first batch and it was pretty explosive.. maybe bottle it and put it straight to the fridge and then bring it out to pack it in the suitcase where it can start carbonating? Don't want to make a mess in the suitcase.. thanks!

  6. Thank you for helping me learn about kombucha. I've recently started brewing but little bit insecure about fermenting stuff, and this channel really help me a lot. Oh and, you look gorgeous as always.

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