Kid Carry On Airplane Bag | Toddler Airplane Bag

Kid Carry On Airplane Bag | Toddler Airplane Bag

hey everybody today I’m showing you guys
what is in my toddler’s travel bag he is going to be carrying it on best part
this time on our trip so I thought well I kind of show you guys what’s in it
maybe it’ll help you out when you’re packing for your toddler we are going on
a long trip so we have like 10 hours on one flight and which is a very long trip
so I thought it would be nice to have him have his own bag he might not wear
it all the time you might just like hold on to it but he has a cute little
backpack it is the hip-hop brand and it’s a penguin he it looks so adorable
and it looks like he’s going to school and I’m going to have some stuff in here
for him and the majority of like the important stuff will be with me but this
is what’s going to keep him busy except for tablets I will not give my
son the tablet and the phone and everything in his bag that will be in
our bag it obviously will be used he’ll use it but it won’t be in this back so
if you usually where’s the tablet well how are you going to keep em busy it
will be in our bag so don’t worry about that but first off this is his little
backpack like I said it’s skip hop and it’s penguin because he was obsessed
with penguins and we got this for him he’s more into like dinosaurs and stuff
now but she still thinks this is super cool the outside pockets will have his
cup in it now it will be empty when we go through security and then we’ll fill
it up with a water bottle or juice or whatever we get throughout the trip and
this cup is awesome it is kind of like a thermal type cup so it will keep
everything cold for him but it doesn’t there’s no condensation on the outside
if there’s something really cold inside and it has this little thing right here
see it it’s like an extra seal so I’m hoping that this keeps so it’s good in
there there are only two pockets there’s a big pocket in a little pocket in the
little pocket we have a pair of socks for each boy just because I kind of was
already in there for some reason and then we have some of the like poopy
he never puts anything in this little pocket sub don’t have to worry about
that I might add some more of the little cookie bags for the stinky diapers in
the big part I filled this up because he is too when he gets older all that him
choose what he wants in this bag but for now I just put in Nolan’s little T there
because it’s kind of nice Nolan’s back to just a little bit they both play with
the same type of toys I found this pack I think on Pinterest
but I’m not exactly sure if I can find it a link I’ll put it down below but you
take an old white case it’s just the one that came with a diaper bag and you fill
it with a couple pieces of paper I just took some from a coloring book and then
you put in just a few crayons now these are like the rolling type cram so that
he doesn’t certainly break them and get them everywhere you can’t peel off the
paper that’s what he does with regular cram so this just keeps them here we can
just keep it in here I can make like a fancier ones later but this is just
simple then I got this for him when he needed to go to my mall tops I believe
and it is from Crayola and it’s a white board
he loves coloring and marking and stuff so white board he can just color we wipe
it away it comes with the little markers it comes with the little towel and it
just fell throws up and fits perfectly in there the next things are just little
little animals the other toys that he already has oh my bad will probably have
new toys for him but those are things that he already has but I know that you
like this play with and then there’s also one of these I know if you guys
have ever seen these they’re awesome they’re from Melissa and Doug and they
are water Wow you fill up this whole thing with water and it’s only it’s not
even falling out and then they can color them so this one is like construction
firemen and cars and then they drives up and they can do it again so it’s over
and over and over again and I tried to look for some more and I couldn’t find
any from where I was looking but and if you try I’m going to buy some more of
those and then we kind of just have toys because
just I’m filling the bag up with toys or different types of toys
and I hopefully will able to just take like one out at a time or like I have
his little his little animals so he can like play animals his imagination is
blowing up right now so it’s awesome to see him play with all those little toys
and then I also bring some books but not full books I did that last time and he
was like not even a year old but this time they’re just little books that he
can sit there fold himself he can pretend to read and then with the books
what I do is I ask him questions so say those by a where’s the butterfly point
out the butterfly it takes time and when you’re in an airplane that’s all you’re
trying to do is just pass the time so he picked this one out a while ago but you
put it in there I have a hope I have a little car my back has tons little cards
in it I have a little ring that I stir in their frontal in and then the last
thing I have are these czars conferencing program there are these
little cards now he can’t play tug of war but they are paw Patrol which is
obsessed with so we can go through them we can ask questions he can play with
them and if he rips them it’s no big deal because these were like by dollar
or something and you got for Christmas and he hasn’t broken them since then so
that is pretty much everything that I’m going to have in here obviously if you
want the little toy or something we’ll throw it in at the end because this
thing holds quite a bit and it’s such a cute little backpack we plan to get
Nolan one I’m just not sure what character we’re going to get for him so
I really hope you guys enjoy wish us luck for her trip give this video a big
thumbs up subscribe if you’re new leave me a comment let me know if there’s
anything that you put in your kids bags I will throw in his little teddy bear
hands in this later that is one thing that well not in here because it’s being
washed but I hope you guys enjoy I hope you’re having a great day and we’ll see
you guys next time bye

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  1. Megan you are so close to 1,000 subscribers. That's so exciting. I already started packing everything for our trip.

  2. Oh my gosh! We have a skip hop bag too! We live in Australia and have traveled all over and we love that little bag! So sturdy! I think it's been with us to about 9/10 countries! We have some toddler travel video's on my channel too if you want to check that out! We are off to New Zealand soon so getting back on the packing wagon and checking out what's new! So, many thanks! 🙂 xx

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