Japan Travel TV Narita Airport Bus or Suica Deal Express Train?

so fast welcome to Japan welcome to Japan we’re in the retail Airport probably to place that you’re going to be landing to you’re going to be going into Tokyo Station jet-lagged and tired and tough comers humongous reminded once you do one of the busiest stations in the entire world I want to show you how you can say about 1,500 yen on your first ride to Tokyo by taking the Narita Express so let’s explore this place a little bit so this is where you’re gonna come out added a north during arrivals coming out of this North Creek through that exit there and pick the bus to Tokyo which is super easy just walk right across and there is an orange counter this is lemon the bus begin at the Tokyo it’s 3,000 yen one way and you can choose all sorts of stations and stops and they speak English so you guys are very nice thank you another way just follow me down here and you take the subway all right what you see here might be shocking the Nords all right because I’m your guide don’t go for the flu for the cream there’s a place here called AR East travel service center and they have bilingual staff that will assist you in purchasing your a discount Metro part we call it super card so what is suka cart exactly well nobody knows for sure but from what we can gather it’s pretty amazing you can even buy airplane tickets with this thing suka cards like its sister card possum Oh is a stored value card not only can you use this thing at almost all trains buses and taxis we can think of you can even use it as vending machines and convenience stores and you know what’s the sweetest thing about this card you never have to worry about staring at the Japanese metro map trying to figure out how much it cost to get to your station it calculates the fares all for you so it’s just touch and go to get to Tokyo Station from Narita it should cost you two thousand nine hundred forty n however you add the purchase of the circuit card for two thousand yen which includes a five hundred deposit what you’re gonna get is the whole trip is only going to cost you 3500 yen boom we just saved you $15 this place closes around 8 to 9 p.m. depending on which terminal you arrive but if that happens no words you can just go up to that regular ticket counter which is here and there’s another one on that side too so once you purchase your ticket you just go ahead to the Junior if you want to get your first Starbucks in Japan oh no it’s calm here now once you get to Tokyo or shinjuku or shibuya it is this and you gotta know what you’re doing so before you get lost in the crowds here make sure you know where you’re going and you got your address for your hotels booked on a piece of paper because this is not the police where you want to get lost of the first time for panic so you want to take the comfortable slower ride and take the bus if you want to save some money which I recommend Japan temerity please subscribe

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