PAK Attractions presenting video of New Islamabad International Airport Islamabad International Airport is located near Fateh Jang, Islamabad Pakistan. It serves Islamabad, Rawalpindi and KPK The airport is easily accessible from G.T. Road, Kashmir Highway and Islamabad-Peshawar M1 Motorway By the turn of 21st century there was the need of a new airport because of the increasing air traffic at Benazir Bhutto International Airport located in Rawalpindi Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) started the construction work in 2005 and it was opened for flights in 2018 It has the capacity to handle 10 million passengers annually. The capacity will be increased to 25 million by 2025 New Islamabad International Airport is also part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as it will handle the large air cargo According to passengers, New Airport is better than the old one because of many facilities Although it is called Islamabad International Airport but most Pakistanis want it to be renamed as Edhi International Airport Islamabad Thanks for watching. Please subscribe the channel to find more videos


  1. Mashallah excellent work, I like your videos because they are well detailed and well explained. I like watching them because I learn and see new things from your videos which seem really helpful to me best of luck for your bright future and thanks for your hard work 👍😄

  2. Mashallah this video about the New Islamabad Airport was really good and a well detailed video because for some people who did not visit this airport will get a general idea about the airport good work👍😄👏

  3. New Islamabad Airport is one of the most beautiful Airports in the World. I would recommend everyone to visit it once in a life. New Islamabad International Airport is paradise for passengers because it is very friendly. there are signs for travellers that arr very helpful.

  4. Pakistan should build world class modern airports as millions of foreign tourist visit Pakistan each year for tourism.

  5. What mobile used to make video Oppo, QMOBILE, Samsung, Motorola, Vodafone, android phone, apple IPhone, Nokia or Huawei

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