Introduction To Episode One “The Pilot” | Doctor Who: Series 10

Introduction To Episode One “The Pilot” | Doctor Who: Series 10

So, this is Episode One of the new season of Doctor Who, in which we will meet the Doctor’s new companion. You get to meet Bill
the new companion for the first time, and see how her and the Doctor get to know each other, and the development
of their relationship. She gets to go on her first kind of adventure. See her go on the
TARDIS for the first time. It’s like a… Spaceship. Kitchen. A what? We’ll meet some old
enemies along the way and some new ones. Exterminate! Some particularly new and strange monsters, and we’ll also meet
the wonderful Nardole played by Matt Lucas, who will be joining us on our travels. Yeah, and you get to see what the Doctor has been up to for all of this time.

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  1. If you want to see a great actor delivering an Oscar-worthy performance, 0:34 where Peter has to pretend Nardole wasn't the worst idea in Doctor Who history.

  2. All I want is for this series to be enjoyable. In terms of production and stories in my opinion Series 9 was the best, but found it more difficult to enjoy the series as a whole – although I definitely still did, just not as much as I could. I don't care about the Doctor being dark, or Bill being the most important girl in the universe (for the fourth time in a row), I just would like decent stories that are easy to watch. And I suspect that's what Matt Lucas is there for. I trust Moffat with this series and I trust Chibnall to take it and run

  3. I don't understand all the hate for Bill, she looks amazing!!! Series 10 looks like one of the best of the modern series so far

  4. I'll be happy when Bill gets shot of, not a fan at all of Pearl's character, she's like dumb down millennial who listens to Bruno Mars. It will be hard sitting through this season but Capaldi is the only reason I'm still watching.


  6. I'm just glad we have a full series to introduce the new companion, as opposed to the mess that was series 7.

  7. Such hatred for Nardole already? From the Xmas Special we hardly saw him and we have haters? What shallow minded Daleks we have here. I think he'll be great to be honest. This is going to be an epic series.

  8. Can't wait for Saturday. I'm just getting more and more hyped for this series with every new video, and I was already pretty hyped to begin with. Doctor Who is finally back!

  9. I can't wait for season 10!!! Isn't this Peter C. last season? If it is, I hope Alexander Vlahos plays the doctor. Need someone young again. Mostly, all the doctors was older.

  10. who else thinks the show is better than ever at the moment and is actually sad to see Moffat go? I can't be the only one . . .

  11. I'm really excited but the channel that always sends it in Denmark said that they won't be showing it any time soon ;-;

  12. I am soooo hyped for season 10! I am so glad Doctor Who is back, the hiatus was so hard.

    it's odd, my other show goes on hiatus until fall and Doctor Who will be starting in spring! at least I'll always have something to watch, when one goes on hiatus the other is coming back 🙂

  13. Not looking forward to this at all, Doctor Who has been going downhill since series 6, Clara was just the worst companion ever, the writing is terrible, Capaldi has never felt like The Doctor to me, the funny stuff that worked with Matts Doctor doesn't work with 12 and Series 9 was predictable from the start. Matt Lucas as Nardol is awful in everyway from the stupid name to his awful outfit and isn't a likable character at all. Bill was only cast so the BBC look like they're diverse in their characters. Oh and every returning monster has been spoiled by the BBC announcing it on a public platform instead of keeping it a surprise for people who don't go looking for spoilers or read The Sun. Daleks need a bloody rest they've been in every series Moffat has unnecessarily overused them and so they've lost their wow impact on the viewer. Classic Cybermen return could've been kept secret and been a nice unexpected surprise. worst one though is spoilers about The Master returning. Hopefully Capaldi will regenerate in episode 12 and not at Christmas and be replaced by someone who's actually good. Or this show will be cancelled again. Chibnail it's all hanging on you to make Doctor Who watchable again.

  14. why is it called the pilot? Does the episode have something to do with a pilot, or it's like a new introduction to doctor who, or both?

  15. Did they ever explain Nardole being with the Doctor in the Christmas special. Where did he come from? I thought he was the guy from "The Husbands of River Song"

  16. Why does everyone hate nardole? Donna was a comedic relief companion who joined the tardis a season after she was in a Christmas special and people loved her. This is litteraly the same thing just its Matt Lucas playing the comedic relief.

  17. Love everything but the kitchen line!! I don't care if she works in one, no one would respond in that way entering the TARDIS for the first time!

  18. I'm really missing the old dynamic of the show, back from Tennent's doctor. It seemed more authentic and less showy.

  19. I think it's funny how people judge the characters based on one episode or a few characters. For God's sakes, give Bill/Pearl a chance. Also, this is coming from someone whose favourite companion was Clara/Jenna.

  20. so this is the one with the dalek(s) in it then, that's interesting. So the terry nation estate / dalek appearance contract might be true after all, but you BBC won't give us the truth on that will you! :-p It's obvious they're in it for the dalek cameo and we're not getting a dalek story, which in my mind is great cause dalek stories have all been pretty weak since the RTD era.

  21. I don't get how Bill can be oblivious to everything that has happened before – all the invasions from Daleks for example … thoughts?

  22. I thought Nordol had his head cut off and put on a robotic body in the "Husbands of River Song" Christmas special. Or is that someone else?

  23. I'm so happy that "we're going to meet the… wonderful Nardole, played by Matt Lucas" Really, I'm delighted! ( sarcasm off )

  24. One thing I don't like about all of the companions since Donna, is that they all seem so special. Rose worked in a shop, Martha worked in a hospital, Donna was a temp that worked in HC Clements where Torchwood used to be, Amy gave birth to River Song and was involved with the whole crack in the wall thing and Clara was scattered all over the universe! I much prefer Rose and Martha because they were just normal people with normal lives – no particles, no weird children that can regenerate and no copies all over the universe

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