Instructions for the RADAR-CNS speech task

Hi there! I’m Alina from the RADAR-CNS
study team! Here’s a quick guide on how to complete the new speech task on your
RADAR-CNS questionnaire app. If you don’t understand anything in this video, do get
in touch! We’ll be happy to help. In this task, which has two parts, you
will record yourself speaking. You will repeat the task every two weeks at the
same time that you complete the PHQ8 questionnaire. It will take about two
minutes to complete. A notification will appear on your phone asking you to
complete the task Press the notifications to open the
questionnaire app. Alternatively, you can simply open the questionnaire app
directly to begin the speech task when it’s due. Wait for the app to open then press
the ‘Start’ button to begin. Then follow the instructions on your phone. Press the
small down arrow or swipe the screen with your finger to scroll through the
instructions. First, the app will ask you to find a quiet space and make yourself
comfortable. You can sit or stand while you do these tasks. Do speak in your
natural voice in both tasks. Don’t try to change your voice or the speed at which
you talk in any way. You will have the chance to repeat the recordings, in case
you are interrupted, for example by a phone call, a message or by some
unexpected background noise where you are recording. Once you have read these
instructions, press ‘Next’ to proceed. The next instructions tell you how you can
help to make a good quality recording. Again, press the down arrow to scroll
through them or swipe the screen with your finger. First, you should hold your phone
still and in front of you while you are recording. You should be facing your
phone as if you are making a video call for example with Skype, Whatsapp or FaceTime. Your arm holding the phone should be naturally bent and relaxed. Avoid straightening your arm or holding the phone very close to your
face. Make sure that you’re not covering the phone’s microphone with your hand or
another object. The microphone is normally found at the bottom of the
phone the part you speak into during a regular voice call. Once you have read
these instructions, press ‘Next’. On the next screen you will see some text that the app will ask you to read out and record. Press ‘Start’ just the once, you
don’t need to hold the button down Once you have pressed ‘Start’, the app will
ask you to alter your phone settings This is to give permission to use your
phone’s microphone and store the recordings of your speech on the phone. A box will pop up. Press allow to change the permission settings. The app will
then show some text from a fable for you to read out and record. Note that you
might not see the same text on your phone as in this video this is the
deliberate and okay. Press ‘Start’ to begin recording and read out the text.
You don’t need to hold the ‘Start’ button down while you are recording. Just press
it once. Press ‘Stop’ when you have finished. If you were somehow interrupted
for example by phone call or message or by some unexpected background noise, then press ‘No, try again’ to make a second recording. Alternatively, press ‘Yes’ to
submit your recording. The app will then move on automatically to the next and
final part which will ask you a question. You can answer this question however you want, but remember to speak in your natural voice. In this task, we will be
investigating how you sound rather than the words that you are saying and they
cannot be used to send any kind of message to the RADAR team. If you need
help, please contact your local RADAR team directly. Also, this task is optional.
If you prefer not to do it then simply press ‘Finish’. Press ‘Yes’ on the pop-up box to submit your recording or press ‘No, try again’ to record a second time if you
have somehow been interrupted. That’s it! You’ve finished the speech task. If you
have any questions, please get in touch with your local RADAR team.

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