We’re shooting “AIRPLANE”’s music video now! Good~ The music video is about love triangle between BOBBY, B.I, and HA YOON. HA YOON leaves to study abroad and the two guys feel sad, looking at the airplane HA YOON is in. Hello, we’re iKON Hello, I’m actress JI HA YOON Look at here Me? Look forward and then here I’ve never seen HAN BIN smile like that I’ve lived with him for 4 years But never knew he smiles like that when he looks at a girl I’m so proud of you HAN BIN~ B.I~ You’re good You look great (Of course I look great~) Is it “of course”? That was natural~ What was your first acting like? Its’ my first acting, so I may not be that good But JI HA YOON is here to help us So please enjoy the video And I recommend you to enjoy music itself more than the video Why? We have the heroine of the video here Okay, please enjoy the music video I’ll do my best for it Cheer up! We have come! I recorded the airplane sound to put it in the beginning of “AIRPLANE” music video, but I can’t hear anything Did you record it? Let me hear it! I can’t hear anything! Do it this way Oh~ It’s nice, isn’t it? Isn’t it too long? We have to cut it It’s a sad music video, so you must be feeling sad now You look elegant I’m good at sad acting~ You must be feeling sad inside~ What you look like on the surface is not important You should express the feeling inside! (Feeling inside) You know what you should be acting now? I need to eat to feel happy It’s hot~ This is no good (for me)~ Board is no good for me~ Are you okay? Yes I’m okay! Cheer up~ You can do it one more time, right? (Board) This? You should try one more time I’ll do it! Good job! Good job We’re now going to sleep, no I’m just kidding, to practice now! Cheer up!

100 thoughts on “iKON – ‘AIRPLANE’ M/V BEHIND THE SCENES

  1. 바비 너무 착해 ㅜㅜㅜ와쥐 첨들어왔을때 초록색 옷 입고 인터뷰하는 모습이랑 똑같 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ💕💕💕

  2. What's happening with b.i?why he feel shy and try to look like a gentleman.. Well it's look like a cute fool ness… And I love that…opa love you

  3. Saranghae ikon. I love you for 7 yeara again
    Please stay helaty.. and stay rest boy .. i love you.. i will married next week.. please stay with ikonic..

  4. 김한빈 눈웃음 겁나 설렌다 ㅠㅠ♡♡♡ 이 와중 송유녕 잘생긴거 무엇… 아 진짜 김한빈 브이 하는거 심쿵…

  5. Why don't they show the other members as much? That's why I don't like yg. It seems they want to showcase their popular members or idolize certain more members than other members

  6. Hanbin making you melt then acting innocent and unaware of your feelings will be the death of every girl ❤️☠️

    Please hanbin dont leave ikon 🙁

  8. I’m rewatching a bunch of IKON videos because I already miss B.I. I’m devastated that he just left 😢

  9. Lol i love them again and again 💖Hanbin please keep smiling and stand strong because of 6 people and his dream resting on your shoulders. ahahah i miss u hanbin ❤ i'm waiting u!!

  10. I miss ikon。 All 7 member ikon, hanbin really look so good with this mv, I'm so proud with you hanbin B.I

  11. 잠깐멈춰봐 시간아… 진짜 돌아가고싶다 이때로 그럼한빈오빠 돌아올수있잖아ㅠㅠ

  12. Ikonics whose with me right now! July 25, 2019!…. hanbin over slepped again and "miss the airplane" on their way to japan for their tour! 😛😊🙂🤘

  13. I wish I was the girl sitting in between the most handsome cutest and loveliest B.I & Bobby hehe 💔💔☹️😂

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