iKON – AIRPLANE Debut Stage 1004 SBS Inkigayo reaction by KB

Ok/Beautiful I’m beautiful Ai damn! Shit in german Isn’t that a curse?! Yes it is Is it? Sorry Caught on camera OMG/B.I Bobby Where is Bobby?/Wow/Bobby is there Junhoe HOT! DONGCENAS! This one is so hot! AH BOBBY MARRY ME ! Yunh … I don’t how to say his name Yunh, Yeong Is very hot Jinhwan He’s so cute! WE KNOW HOW TO SING THIS AHH BOBBY Ah hot Ah no dad don’t call me know! Stop the video *Trying to read hangul……* Seolsa means diarrhea I think All because of a perfume Let’s dance this!! Wow/Theres no dance/Let’s dance this Hot! Hottie!!! Badass Bad ai…ai…ai “Qui dô!/Very pretty Ai my heart… I’m having goose bumps Get it Bobby Let’s go Bobby My chair is making noise GO CHANWOO!/CHANWOO YOU SING A LOT!/CHANWOO Poor little fellow He just say “na na na na” on RHYTHM TA Just “na na na” in the END! Ah he’s so beautiful! Ah hot!! Ai! “Qui dô” Ah let’s go I like the way he raps Is smeling his fingers May be because of his breathing Now he reminded me of someone from school I’m covered with goose bumps But I don’t know if is because of the cold or … I’m liking this song even more now This just reminds me of Eric Nam in Portugal To me reminds me of RHYTHM TA Ah this guy He’s very hot When he gets older, like 25 years old He is very hot He will broke million hearts Oh…what’s wrong baby? Get up! It is his depression! Bobby! Ahhhhh quiiii dô! Ah my heart

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