“I was a Search and Rescue Pilot Something Stalked me Through The Night” Creepypasta Original

“I was a Search and Rescue Pilot Something Stalked me Through The Night” Creepypasta Original

Chip and I lived in East Tennessee all
our lives we grew up together went to college together and even worked at
Eastern search and rescue together eventually we ended up being a team my
name is dawn and I no longer work at Eastern search and rescue in the fall of
2017 late in the season chip and I went out on a call it was a bad one an
airplane had crashed deep into the mountains just north of our location the
mountains they’re old and dense and can be treacherous even to experienced
hikers who went up there on purpose but a bunch of city slickers injured alone
with no cell service well likely wouldn’t survive very long our
co-workers Matthew and Paul were in another chopper we’re headed out to find
the wreckage the bad thing about finding airplane wreckage is that we have the
location where the plane went down but sometimes that’s only the point of
impact the wreckage can be scattered over vast areas and into deep valleys
the canopy of trees makes it nearly impossible to locate the plane or what’s
left of it and its occupants and Paul and Matthew had gone a bit ahead of us
and had alerted us that they spotted what looked like the fuselage of the
plane it was hi I’m mountaintop and the rest of the plane was probably scattered
down the mountainside they were going to try to land on top of the mountain in a
small clearing and chip and I were going to fly low see if we could spot the rest
of the plane the mountain was falling into shadow chip yelled that he had
spotted a wing jutting up through the trees I turned and we made a second pass
the rest of the plane was even farther down next to the river valley I didn’t
like taking the helicopter low between shadowed mountains but we were going to
have to land somewhere maneuvering carefully we scanned for any
place wide enough this the bird down and finding a semi flat
rocky outcropping on the side of the river I lowered us the trees were
dangerously close to the rotors as I descended praying there wouldn’t be a
sudden blast of wind as there sometimes was of the mountains I was close enough
to breathe the sigh of relief when it happened the hard wind caused the
helicopter to tip in yaw toward the trees I over corrected in the tail
caught in the tangle of limbs overcorrecting once again well I sent us
into the spin that proved almost fatal we were thrown into a spin the tail hit
a craggy outcropping and we tumbled down to quit even brace for impact
thankfully we had been low enough that the crash didn’t maim either of us but I
had managed to move far enough away from the original target that we would have
to walk about a thousand feet cross the river and then Trek up the mountainside
our comms were completely busted too and there were no cell service that far into
the mountains if we found the survivors Paul and Matthew would find us and we
wouldn’t be stranded it all seems pretty cut-and-dry simple the paper worked in
the explanations for crashing the bird that wouldn’t be so cut and dry or
simple we secured our packs and took anything we could feasibly carry to the
plane crash the flashlights had come through the crash landing pretty much
unscathed for which we were both thankful as dart felt quickened
mountains we couldn’t cross the river where we were going to land the water
was too deep and the current too strong in continuing up the shoreline we
finally found a narrowing where it was safe to cross the late fall he mixed
with the sweltering humidity had already sapped us most of our energy the crash
landing had pumped my adrenaline and when it was spent I was left in nauseous
dizzy and shaking the water was cool and I dipped under
twice to try to quell the sickly feeling not thinking it would make it worse as
we hiked up the steep mountainside to keep our bearings we made our way to the
outcropping and began our ascent neither of us heard the thumping of rotor blades
and we figured it meant Paul and Mathieu have landed safely and we’re on their
way down the mountain there had been 17 people and the pilots
on the plane heading for Boston chip said Bostonians were noteworthy for
being tough as nails and survivalists I just hope that he was right because I’d
been born and raised in the mountains and was having trouble keeping up after
our little topsy-turvy crash that left neither of us injured and I couldn’t
imagine what those people from the plane were going through I was relieved when
we finally came upon the first piece of wreckage that meant we were getting
close chip started yelling out any survivors to let them know that we were
on her way then after two or three minutes of yelling and hearing no answer
he gave me a worried look that’s not normal I told him the
humidity in the denseness of the forest probably were muffling his voice they
couldn’t hear him deep inside though I feared the worst
maybe they were all dead or injured so badly that they couldn’t respond the
plane had been ripped to pieces during the ascent we found a wing part of a
motor a few bags of belongings that had been scattered and yet no survivors
a man’s shoes stood alone in a shaft of dying sunlight shining against the muted
colors of the forest floor a woman’s dress hung on a pine branch and flapped
lazily in the breeze about 20 feet above us farther up a child’s well-loved teddy
bear lay staring up at the sky with one remaining eye his stuffing gutted out
the side of his head and was caked with leaves and bark and dirt silence was the worst though I don’t
remember hearing any birds or insects the silence draped everything with a
feeling of foreboding and my insides coiled my ears strained to hear any
sounds other than our own soon we walked into a large area where
the ground was covered in shattered glass the diamond shot sparkles
reflecting the last of the day’s light into our eyes it was hard to look at
we had to squint to make it through a large portion of the plane was just the
head ship ran yelling to any survivors again and again
I heard absolutely no response I didn’t run I was expecting the worst and after
seeing that teddy bear well I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle what we
might find plotting slowly toward the wreckage let
chip run ahead he had always been the hard ear of us stomach of cast iron and
he registered absolute zero on the squeamish scale as I try to get around
the fat tree gripping its rough bark to keep my balance something hit the top of
my head my first thought was bird shit cursing I reached up and tried to swipe
it from my hair when I looked at my fingers they were painted in blood I
gagged and quickly moved away from the tree looking up I fell over a root but
my eyes caught sight of a leg dangling it doesn’t feed up just the leg a
muscular hairy leg with no shoe on the foot I scrambled to turn around and warn
chip but it was too late he screamed at me that they were all dead as I spun and
stood I saw more of body parts stuck in trees lying on the ground you’re the big
chunk of plane and I close my eyes as the world spun taking a deep breath only
cause meat smell the blood everything seemed to be
splattered with it chip had bravely moved to the opening
and looked inside and all I could see was a few bloody passenger seats and a
mangled thin arms sticking out of her broken window chip emerged pale visibly
shaken it was the first time I’d seen him so affected he shook his head and
looked around at the gory scene neither of us had ever witnessed such a
grotesque outcome to a plane crash and we’d both seen our share of them over
the years something seemed off about the whole thing after gathering myself well
I took a good look at the scene again why are there blood spatters up there
I pointed above the line of windows above the arm jutting out where the
heads the the torsos fear crawled up my spine and gripped me like a skeletal
hand at the base of my skull my nerves sizzled I walked around the chunk a
plane and farther up the mountain the Sun gave only a sliver of light and I
had to get the flashlight I swung the wide beam of light left and right
searching for torsos a plane crash didn’t leave only severed limbs and its
wake there had to be actual bodies somewhere no ship joined my search but
we found nothing but a few more legs and arms finally unable to yell anymore and
unable to see well enough to continue up the mountain without getting lost in the
darkness we headed back down toward the river we would stay there until daylight
maybe by then Paul and Matthew would show up we couldn’t figure out where
they had gone I mean had they crashed to the likelihood of three aerial mishaps
in one day in such a small area would be against the odds but come on where were
they as we were skirting the wreckage we
noticed the trail it was bigger than a deer trail and our lights shone of what
seemed to be a man about 50 feet down it and partially hidden by the foliage I
yelled out to the man but he didn’t move the ship started toward him but I
grabbed his arm and told him to go slow it was dark
we didn’t know if that was a living man or a corpse or
well god forbid it’s a sort of animal we walk slowly down the path my heart
lurching in my throat at every shadow and every noise when we were about 15
feet from the thing we could see that it was not a man it was shaped like one but
it was too thin its arms and legs too long stopping we trained our lights on
him and the bushes and leaves through great shadows across them his back was
still to us I called out again not nearly so loud and he stepped into the
shadows and immediately chip swung his light trying to find him again
about that time something growled behind us to be exact it was more than one
something it was several and without thinking I took off running using a pack
of wild dogs at night with no weapon was not my idea of smart chip was on my
heels the path wound and doubled back down itself
slowing us down considerably whatever chased us didn’t sound like dogs though
you see dogs make a certain galloping sound when they run the things chasing
us had a steady two-foot sound as they pursued chip turned I didn’t I kept
running thinking that he was still behind me I didn’t want to see what was
back there he could always fill me in when we reach safety
soon I stopped seeing the wild arcing of chips light and I wrists low
down enough to turn my head back and shine my light toward the trail one
stream tore through the heavy air and there was a giant squelching sound and
then silence my throat was so dry and tight
I couldn’t yell for chip I wanted to go back and find him but I knew that would
mean me dying too chip was gone that scream had assured me of that and that
squelching ripping sound well my brain conjured up images of chips ripped apart
body if I had gone back I was certain legs and arm would be all I’d find I
look back and then forward several times my body seemed stuck in limbo trying to
decide which way to go and I moaned and forced myself to continue on the path
without chip by my side I didn’t run but I kept moving until I had to stop and
catch my breath when I reached for my pack to get water well I realized that
was gone I didn’t remember taking it off but there is so much from that evening
and night that are foggy that it doesn’t surprise me with new sounds being
pursued in my flashlight flickering with the onset of dead batteries I moved into
the trees and huddled in a thicket with my back to a huge oak tree it was the
closest thing to a shelter that I saw I have never ever felt so exposed in my
life as I did sitting there I was completely cut off from the world and
the first stirrings of Tears for the loss of my best friend began as I
stifled a sob pulling up my knees I crossed my arms on them and buried my
face I forced my emotions into a balance as I squeezed my eyes tight and counted
my breaths and then within a couple of minutes the skin on my neck began to
crawl as the fine hairs stood on end the pit of my stomach
clenched my hearing amplified something was closed
something was watching me was a stealthily advancing on my crouched in
unprotected form paralyzing fear gripped me as I raised my head and strained to
see into the inky blackness all around then something scraped against the tree
bark a few yards away I focused in that direction nothing happened for several
minutes I began to unfurl quietly and pushed myself into a crouching position
the scraping sound came again directly behind me and I spun flicking on the
flashlight just in time to illuminate an elongated hand bony dark fingers and
long thick nails retreating out of sight behind the tree I had just propped
against I couldn’t turn my back to that thing and run instead I kept the
flickering dimming light trained on the spot and moved backwards I think I was
whimpering I recall a sound like that but I’m not sure where it was coming
from I felt as if I were in a nightmare you see fantasy and reality blended and
blurred as I crept backwards my terror multiplied when I bumped into something
that breathe down my neck and then growled in my ear my body took over and
I spun away from the thing its claws ripped at the tender flesh of my side
warm blood cascaded soaking my pants I caught only a glimpse of its elongated
malformed head as the flashlight dropped from my hand the light bounced and
flickered when I hit the thin soil giving me flash shot images of the
creature its mouth was open wide as if to bite and I saw jagged oversized teeth
the flashlight spun when it hit the ground again in the world seemed to be
in slow motion as I finished my spin and started running blindly and I ran and I
emerged from the forest at the edge of the river and wasted no time plunging
into it swimming to the other side on the other shore I turned I can make out
the wiry almost human shapes of three creatures on the other Shore they
growled and made yipping noises it at each other when they got close it paced
there for a few minutes then I couldn’t see them anymore I had no way of knowing
if they could swim or if they would and so I stayed close to the shore keeping
the skinny line of sand and my vision and I kept moving until daylight after
sunrise I slowly made it back to our down chopper and sat on the sand other
search and rescue members finally spotted it and I was taken to the
hospital I had lost a lot of blood when I was fully conscious again I was told
that Mathew and Paul hadn’t made it either they had successfully landed and
launched to search but had never reached the fuselage all they found of them were
arms and legs same as with chip and all the passengers of the plane crash I
don’t know what the hell we ran into up there I’m not even sure if I want to
know I’ve moved to Chicago since then and while I work in a cubicle no more
mountains every morning when I get dressed for work I’m reminded that
whatever those monsters were they were real I have four jagged purple scarves
covering the whole of my right side to prove it

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