Hi, it’s Tana! Welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel! If you hate stories like the one I told about my purse -that died I’ll link that below that are super Overdramatic and I’m talking about something that could totally be talked about and summarized in one minute for like 30 minutes You’re going to hate today’s video But I don’t give a fuck because I want to talk about it so yeah before I get into this story make sure to subscribe Click that little bell to turn your fucking notifications on because when does YouTube notify anyone that I upload a video no, but really click that little bell to turn on your notifications on, follow all my social media in the description below I will link the link to buy my phone case for the last Possible time before it goes away forever in the description below Subscribe to my vlog Channel because that’s where I’ve been uploading and i’m gonna get into the video hi It’s Felon Mongeau welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel I was arrested in London and went to jail in the airport jail in London and was stuck there For like 12 hours, and I almost got deported and banned from London forever, and I want to tell you guys about that today So get ready for me to be the most overdramatic annoying cunt ever and I don’t fuck who’s mad. Also, I have short hair – I just wanted to be more like Lele pons So I took my extensions out and I was gonna donate them to charity But I found out that you can’t donate hair extensions to charity so like I’m just kidding I don’t like the short hair either, so if you hate it join the club. Where do I begin? I wrapped my entire US portion of my world tour Which was the most Insane forty days of my life if you guys want to know more about that or what I was doing on tour I will link my vlog channel below because I’ve vlogged every single day of it And I’ve been loading those every single day long story short. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but by far the best life experience I’ve ever had and if I could get on a bus tomorrow and do it all over again I would I had the time of my life spending every single day with you guys meeting you guys seeing what I do right now actually Before my eyes the comments and the likes and the people who follow me seeing those As people before your eyes every day is the most humbling incredible experience? And it’s crazy because I am the biggest talentless piece of shit, but you guys are so talented and you have the most crazy incredible Strong awesome stories and to hear them every day and hang out with you guys was incredible so anyways yes We wrap the entire US tour so I went home for a week. I spent time with my family I spent time with my dog It spent time with my friends and now it was time to finish the entire tour by going on the international portion I had four shows one in London one in Manchester one in Glasgow and one in Dublin Ireland this was my first time going to all of these places not to mention Fullscreen live the company that I tour with their first time ever doing an international tour this was also their longest tour They were just letting me take their virginity left and right and I was so excited and so humbled to not only be able to Go somewhere like London and somewhere like Ireland because of you guys I never thought when I said that before my first video did it would ever take me a place like that to be able to Go there and see that country and see those places and meet you guys with my you cute little British Accents like it was just crazy, so I packed my stuff and we get ready to go And I’m also super Fucking pumped about the fact that we’re flying from Los Angeles to London and when we get there to London We actually have an entire day off like we were gonna land at 10 a.m. And have the whole day there to go see the London Eye see Big Ben explore London take good Instagram photos like do crazy stuff all day in London before the actual show in London the next day and so getting on this flight I’m a little bit frustrated because I really wanted to fly with my manager Jordan But unfortunately his sister was having a baby so he couldn’t fly with me like Have the baby, shove it back in-No I’m just kidding. So I was super frustrated and Jordan kept asking Why are you so frustrated that I can’t fly with you and I keep saying to him like in case there’s an emergency in case something bad happens You know I’m not a fucking human being I dropped out of high school when I was 15 and my parents didn’t fucking raise me To have any sense of the world here’s something bad happened to me I rely on you Jordan, and he’s like “Nothing bad’s going to happen Tana, I’m Jordan nothing bad ever happens to me You’ll be fine and if it fucking happens we’ll cross that bridge went it happens” I end up having to fly without him I hop on the plane with my best friend Ashley, and my assistant Rania and we’re flying economy class which was so humbling and so hard for me to sit on for like 12 hours in a seat that doesn’t even turn into a bed I’m just kidding. It just wasn’t the best flight. The flight attendant also cut us off from Drinking wine like I wanted more than four fucking bottles of wine Cindy. This is a 12-hour flight Uh, I was having a lot of first world problems like manager wouldn’t go with me. I was cut off from wine my seat wouldn’t turn into a bed, it was a long flight I only brought one Fucking narcotic to chew on so I had to take a little Vitamin so I had one for the plane ride home After like 12 hours of this miserable flight. We finally land in London and to be honest I remember sitting on the runway and being like that wasn’t that bad. I can’t believe I’m here I can’t believe that people love and support me enough to send me here like I’m a piece of shit This is all because of the people who support me I have an entire day off in London who cares if Jordan didn’t come with me He’s right like nothing bad is gonna happen if it does I can handle it. I’m an adult I just remember sitting there for like ten minutes thinking the most positive thoughts I tweeted by London I’m in you like what do I do today? What does that reduce it was 10 a.m. I’m just so excited and so happy and obviously what happens when Tana is so excited and Tana is so happy the fucking universe Grabs that happiness by the fucking balls and rips it out. So we land and we walk through customs And I remember looking at Ashley and being like like what if they just don’t let us through customs And we have to fly home completely as a joke But the psychic so we walk up to customs and basically the way it works is if you’re leaving the u.s. Going into another country all countries Have a Border Patrol That you have to like walk up to with your passport showing that you can walk into the country And then you have to tell them like why you’re there And so basically after walking up Tonya tells me make sure that we all say we’re going that’s for like travel or for leisure or for pleasure or for fun because If you say you’re going in for work And they find out like they’re making money like you’re gonna be fucked –
you just always tell the Border Patrol people that you’re going There for fun no matter what you’re going here for and I’ve actually been told that before But I just didn’t really think anything of it, and I was like well I’m not gonna do the talking like we’ll have the people that were here with from fullscreen do the talking and so one of the Full-screen guys when one says oh? Yeah
Like our boss told me not to lie anyways like I checked that we have the right permits like I’m gonna say that we’re here For work, and so I’m like okay, whatever my god. I’m gonna buckle again This that stupid little blonde bitch who like tell stories on the stage like I know nothing So we walk up there and the customer goes like hi Let me see you guys his passports so we hand to her our passports, and she’s like Why are you guys here and the fullscreen representative guy is like we’re here for work, and she’s like Oh What kind of work and so he’s like well basically we’re all here with the touring company She’s gonna do a show here, and then to me. She’s like. What are you doing? I’m like it’s like stand-up comedy Just like stuffing my own fucking karthigai have any chocolate I guess we just talked to comedian great senator Sean like they tell the story on stage I until she calls like her boss over and we’re all standing there. I’m not like talking to each other like Yeah, they said they’re here for work. I remember boss is like oh They’re here for work Okay, I’m gonna have you guys step aside so then they make a step aside? I’m like what the fuck is going on She’s like do you guys have the right permits and so the fullscreen guy is like I checked the website We don’t need any permits like right here like we’re just gonna go through everything’s gonna be fine like blah blah blah And she’s like oh you check the website. Oh you thought you didn’t need meat hermits, okay? I’m gonna bring you guys to this separate area They bring us to this area that is in the mill of the Border Patrol section of this Airport It’s basically just this big black roped-off area Was like a security guard Guarding yet when you walk in you have to check in and out and like sign your name they put us all in this area We’re in the middle therefore. Everyone is staring at us like do they have guns like who these people look lighter they hear How we’re all just sitting there like? What next they keep us here in this area in the middle of the airport for an hour and a half they won’t talk to Us they’re just making us that they’re they have our passports. I have to pee like every 10 minutes I keep having to check in and out of this area and the security guard walk me to the bathroom I’m like what the fuck was going on then fans start recognizing me coming up to meet me in this area at first I think They thought we were all a band on tour, and they were explained to them like no we’re the tour managers This is her assistant. This is your best friend. She’s the one performing. Oh, she’s the entertainer? She’s the one here so you guys are all just like on her team, and they’re like cool basically yeah And they’re like okay you and I’m like What look where’s your work visa? Like the only view that I got is like the one from Wells Fargo Like in my debit card like in my pocket like you want to see that and so that my associate Representatives are like no like she doesn’t know anything She’s here to like do her show she doesn’t need anything like we googled it answer them They’re like will you see if she has a show here that means she’s working here, which means she needs a work visa And they’re like no big Google did all of the money is online sales like there’s no actual money transactions being done there Which means she’s not making money here in the UK, which means she doesn’t need a visa and they’re like will her shows here She needs a visa to be here He’s just common fucking sense no no no no the transactions are done online like our ticketing company is in America Respectfully yeah, but people from the UK are paying money to see her show here in the UK Which means she needs a work visa and so then they’re like well No like we work as a company as a whole we pay her out-of-pocket It’s like the people are paying her so if anything we would need or géza so then they’re like okay Well, then where’s your visa and they’re like well. We don’t have speakers tonight what I’m not change fullscreen. I love them I will go on a million more tours remember like So I understand you know like what the fuck is going on and then okay? Well if you guys don’t have visa then like you could still get lets through so you guys have like a sponsor And they’re like well, what’s a sponsor? I know you don’t even know what a sponsor They’re like no like we did our research And so that they basically try start telling them the venues that were performing at or the sponsor, and they’re like okay well if the venues are the sponsor we need written proof that they’re the sponsor so then the whole screen guys are calling on the Venues and the venues are like yeah, we’ll be a sponsor for $5,000 Fela Why would they be the sponsor for free like it just makes no sense and so then after we’ve been in this little holding area for like two hours The bosses of the boss comes over they’re like listen none of you have these US and if you guys can’t get any sponsors We’re gonna have to send you back to America No Michael 560 the night no no, but you’ll be on like the next Vitamin and they’re like no no Usually like our flights where we deport people out of the country you stop in Hong Kong, and it’s an economy flag And then I realized that if they send me out of the country all of my shows are going to be canceled I’m like I start bawling in the middle of the airport in this world tough area where like hundreds of British people with their little fucking British hats or like To America can I like try to fly back here, and then normally we’re gonna Ban you from the country for like 30 days because obviously We just flew home you flew back and trying to do the same thing it’d still be Illegal and so then the lady tells us that the only other loophole is if we can get someone in America to get us a work visa like instantly and we could show it to them or we could get someone in America to be our sponsor to send us through but the Problem here is because it’s not 11:00 a.m.. Noon in London that means it’s like 4:00 a.m. In America so anyone we could call from full screen to be our sponsor or whatever is sleeping any company that we could get Instant permits and visas from is closed, so we tell them that and are like okay We’re gonna be taking you guys through the deportation holding room And I’m like before we go can I make a call and they’re like okay? Yeah, so I get on my phone I call Jordan. He doesn’t answer because it’s 4:00 a.m.. Get oh my how am I called him again? That was an answer because it’s 4:00 a.m.. Get off my phone. I call Jordan’s thirty five more times He finally picks up and he’s like dude Like I’m sleeping my sister having a baby today, and I’m like Journée, so uh do you remember? When I was like Jordan I don’t want to fly without you and you were like play and I was like because there might be an emergency and you were like there’s not gonna be any emergencies and if we Get to it Hundreds and hundreds of my fucking supporters over here are gonna be Devastated and then I’m gonna take it to a deportation room to be set back to fucking America Jordan And this is why I didn’t want to fly without you and then he’s like well normally. I never say this, but this is definitely Worst-case scenario, and I’m like worst case Scenario no fucking shit. I’ll see you in Hong Kong and so then I hang out from Jordan They take us into the deportation holding room, and I guess that while walking there I was under the impression That this was just gonna be kind of like a room that they help people for us all to sit like just like the room That we were basically in the middle of the airport But a little more private and so on the walk there this officer girl is walking us, and she’s like yeah No, they like only normally take people here when there’s like bomb threats or like people are murderers so like be careful Oh, we’re all like ha that’s a funny joke because they don’t really like watch your back. They don’t drop the soap basically. I’m like Great, it’ll be entire time the fullscreen representatives are basically still telling me. Don’t worry like we’re gonna figure this out We’ll be out of here in like an hour laughing there I say to myself well at least I can use my phone and like be on Twitter I’ll watch a movie like whatever and so we walk into this deportation room and the first thing they do is take all of our Fingerprints our hand prints our eye prints full-body photos of us, and then they sit me down And they’re like it’s time for your mug shot And I’m like oh If you Mugshot if I look at the people room full screen on my mug shot like she wants my mug shot What do you mean mug shot and she’s like yeah, normally when we bring people here It’s because they’ve committed a crime and technically what you’re trying to do Secretly come in the country and work and make money and do Transactions here without a work visa is a crime and so I was like and then I was like and then I was like and I had morals last night super Coachella And so then to make matters worse they pull up my record where they see that I was arrested at Coachella And they see that I missed a court date And they see that I have a bench warrant and that I’m in the process of getting that cleared which makes Everything fucking worse because my life is great and so they take everyone else’s like mug shots and like okay It’s time to bring you into the deportation holding room now And they’re like by the way you guys can’t have any of your belongings And I’m like I have a question, but belongings do you mean phone and she’s like oh god? No, sweetie. You fucking up your phone in there. It’s literally Airport, Jail. The only person. That’s like keeping me sane through this I’m like talking to me and helping me figure it out is Jordan. I just tweeted I’m in London like what is there to do all my fans are tweeting me little do they know I’m probably getting sent back to America and I’m gonna have to cancel all my shows I start freaking out bawling my eyes out they take all of our stuff calm down, sweetie You you’ll be back in America before you know it So then to make matters worse they take us one by one into this little tiny room they make me take my hoodie off I’m standing there and a bra and leggings this lady literally opens the drawer grabs gloves and snaps And I’m like what are those for like what are you gonna do some cleaning like mr.? Clean heal, and she’s like oh, no it’s time for your strip search And I’m like I don’t know if like give you a chapel vibes And I’m really not out here trying to smuggle cocaine into your country through my pussy So you could just maybe not fucking touch me in my asshole That’d be great and so she’s like okay I’ll take it easy on you, but like we still have to search you So she wouldn’t put my arms out like this such as my arms. She’s like Let me just get your fucking nipples Okay, your boobs are good. I’ll get your pussy yet No, she just like fucking my checks my pussy to fix my asshole not like fingers inside me. Just like a little e Then I don’t think you’ve been searched I was the first person to be searched because I was like the entertainer and like the reason why everyone was there It’s all my fault like I’m breaking the law basically so then they take me into the jail room we walked through this metal detector The door like you can’t open it like I’m like locked in this room And there’s these little tiny cots on the floor a tiny Fucking old-ass TV in the corner playing news from another country a payphone that most people could use But they told us our case was so serious that I couldn’t even use the fucking payphone They sit me down, and they’re like are you hungry and I’m like just Like that actually I’m hungry and so then she comes back, and she’s like ok we have shrimp flavored chips And I just like in the distance heard freelee the banana girl Just having like a small heart attack, and I was like I’m good on those I feels like I may have kung pao chicken frozen TV dinners And so I’m like so you have shrimp chips or comes out chicken breast and she’s like yeah Do you want me and I’m like no, I’m good I’m not like a beginner and you think do you think I can just like maybe I’m like an earth cafe Salad with like recreating like no fat, please and you know this is all be having do you want water? Ok so I’m sitting there drinking my water crying my eyes out finally one by one every single person we’re with comes into the room Ashley sits down and notices that her entire body is breaking out into the most viral swollen Disgusting rash the lady comes back in notices her ration is like well We can have a medic come in here, but you can’t come into our country to go to the like emergency room So if something’s wrong with you and the medic can help you like we can deport you Instantly if you’d like it and Ashley’s like no one fucking fucks it finally once everyone’s in there I asked the fullscreen representative So like what’s the move and they like the way they won’t let us use my phone So I can’t keep in contact with anyone from fullscreen, but like in two hours. They’re gonna Let me use this payphone one time to call this lady Who can help us get some kind of permit so I’m like okay? I’m gonna lay down for a nap so I lay out And I start napping on this clock 40 minutes or so into my Knock I wake up to two giant ass men standing over me like get up man get up man get up man awake What could you possibly want for me? Now? You’ve touched my pussy. You’ve touched my asshole You’ve touched my fucking tits you took all my shit I just want to sleep on this little dick a spot for the next two hours What can I do for you? and they’re like I’m fortunate because of how long you guys have been in our country without a work visa and how many laws you’re Technically breaking we want to deport you right now But we’re waiting on that person to get back to see if you guys can get a permit We have to take you in for questioning, and so I always thought I don’t even put my shoes on I think that they’re going to be taking me straight from this Jail room into another little jail room Oh no no no no no, honey They put me back in the handcuffs big bear foot walk me through the London Airport So I’m walking through this Airport all these people are looking at me because I’m literally this bleached blond bimbo barefoot walking through the airport in handcuffs like It’s just such a bad luck and so they take me into this room and this guy is like so why are you here and I’m like well I have a show here And so that is just interviewing me on everything like what kind of videos you make what kind of stories? Do you tell how long have you been doing this for what’s your income? What are your monthly checks look like who pays you how do you make your money? How did you meet these people? He like couldn’t understand that these people were my tour managers, but my managers back home And he was like baffled that I knew nothing about permits and like work visas and all that kind of stuff until Finally after a hundred questions I literally look at this man, and I’m like I am the most talentless human being on this planet. I am absolutely Exhausted with what is going on? I don’t even know how Tell my parents what I do for a living let alone you I sit down in front of a camera I talk about my fucking nonsense bullshit life I complain and I whine a lot I say fuck dick and cunt Allah Some 12 year olds like it most people fucking hate it I’m here because the 12 year olds that like it come to meet me I do a show where I tell my nonsense bullshit in person these people came with me. I don’t know anything I dropped out of high school. Can I go back to bed on my little fucking jail cot? I’m starving and I don’t like shrimp chips. He’s like man. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know it was like this I know you’re having a horrible day. I have to keep you in here for interviewing so I’ve another 20 minutes I’ll be right back with more questions, so he leaves for like five minutes I laid my head down on the table, and I fall asleep. I wake up to him shaking me with another lady He was like do you even take this seriously you’re sleeping on the table Clearly I don’t take it seriously man. I don’t know what the fuck is going on and she’s like I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were that hostile do we need to put you back in handcuffs, but I’m like sure it’s not anything – and so they both realize that I’m clearly mentally unstable I’m clearly having a mental breakdown I’m clearly fucking exhausted I’m clearly a fucking idiot Who knows nothing about? What is going on so they walk me back through the airport barefoot while I’m just like little tena They don’t even want to see you win in they want to see you in a panic punk is kidding. I’m not kidding I’m a rapper my songs coming out soon with Colby a so they put me back into jail I sleep on this hard Ass hot usually as a metal rods in it that are breaking my back Well my stomach is just fucking growling because I can eat it in like 20 hours Laying out trying to sleep – sick everything’s gonna be Alright, and so then I wake up until one of the fullscreen representatives waking me saying there’s someone on the phone who needs to talk to you and I’m like who the fuck is calling me at I’m Who caught the lunch in jail painful to fuckin talk to me? I don’t want to talk to that incident you have to talk to them get up get up right now So I get up I get on the phone. It’s this lady Who’s basically? Helping us get a permit to go into the country and she’s basically telling you like I want to get your hopes up They’re probably gonna deport you they’re gonna put this little stamp on your passwords. It says you’re banned from London I don’t know what to tell you you can try to come back to London in like a year from now And I get the ban lifted. We’ll help you get a press statement on how I can play your shows Okay, uh-huh and then she’s like yeah when you guys my home You might have to stop in Hong Kong And they might not let you have a Hong Kong like you’ll have to do the same thing there Sit in airport jail for a few hours. Don’t worry I’ll call you all hope you get out of it like you should be back to LA in like a day or two at this point I am heartbroken I’m falling my eyes out But she tells me that there’s a 1% chance that somehow fullscreen can pay like $10,000 to get this fucking instant day of work per minute if they can somehow get it to this London Jail and the people in The London jail want to wait a few hours because technically at any point it’s up to their discretion if they want to send me Home they can she didn’t ask me like a hundred Questions about like why I brought Ashlee like what Ashlee’s relation to me is and like why I brought Tania What Tommy’s relation to me is like my my manager Jordan wasn’t there and like all that kind of stuff so am I talking her? I answer all those questions. I lay back down, and I sleep on this little fucking hard dick I was caught for another four hours So now we’ve literally been There for like 12 hours like it is nighttime In London at this point and so while it up on my little top on the ground and I see like every single Officer that works in that place, surrounded by me, and they all basically told me like yo We’ve all changed shifts like 100 times today like this is the longest we’ve ever seen someone here We’ve never seen someone pull something together like this you have the best luck in the world but somehow We’re letting you into our country, and so I get up. They take more mug shots of me. They stamp my passport I’ll show you for all the haters who don’t believe me. I’ll be back This is my passport as you can see I was trying to be a tiny bit to that day and wearing denim choker But like what the fuck are you doing there’s actually a stamp inside of her that says immigration officer five four eight one? September of 2017 and so stand my password with this they take more mug shots And they basically tell me that this stamp they maybe have to give like once or twice a year because normally when they give this Stamp, it’s like they stamp this stamp And then they stamp another sample read that says like we’re deporting you back to where you came from and then they only ever give This stamp only to like illegal immigrants who try to sneak into the country or people who brought like severe masked weapons And we’re like trying to do something really fucked up and like almost got arrested there or people who like sex traffic other people into countries or people who try to smuggle a shit ton of drugs like they only give this stamp to people who commit horrible crimes and basically They never give this stamp to people like us because 99% of people aren’t fucking idiots who go into the country like Unprepared which is just crazy to me the only I would like get the opportunity to go on an international tour and like someone does not do the right amount of research and maybe like one person out of the Millions of people that the London Airport sees every single day this commits this crime by accident And then be the one person who’s like ever been let through awhile like committing this crime so then it’s like 10:00 p.m. At this point my entire Free day in London that I didn’t get to have is gone absolutely Like the heartbroken about it because obviously when am I ever gonna go to London? What am I ever gonna come back and obviously now? I have a show the next day And I’ll show the next day in a different City So I zero time to go anywhere in London so we go back to the hotel I drink away all of my co-hosts But I literally drag an entire bottle of wine to myself because I was so upset and it was legal I tweet about it I was like in the London jail all day all of my friends are calling me because somehow they all know what happened to me because Jordan was running his big mouth all day like freaking out to everyone because he felt like such a bad manager because he was anonymously Elijah tweeted retweeted your friend arrested And so all these people all these youtubers start texting me like don’t you know like the number one fucking rule is like don’t ever Say you’re going there for work suede Brooks calls me and tells me how one time she was going to beautycon London and someone accidentally Said that she was going there for work, and she was detained for like seven hours And they thought she was being like sex trafficked and like it’s just like the worst thing you can do of course every youtuber on the planet knows that but me and so that I went on to the rest of my international tour and another thing that I also found out later was at any time now that I try to enter any Foreign country I will probably be pulled aside for questioning and have to explain why I have this stamp because most people have this stamp Commit horrible crimes so now I might be just like who want to go to cabo with the girls like I’m gonna be in fucking Mexico Immigration Jail office like you know I didn’t think went on this tour And I didn’t have a permit in many big women, but this is like like ruin my life until this passport expires Which really fucking blows so um yeah, that is the time? I was arrested and detained in London Airport jail And it was the most miserable day of my entire fucking life all because while walking through Customs instead of saying we’re here on vacation We just want to eat tea and crumpets hehehe and telling the truth We were arrested for like 12 hours and almost bands in the country and almost deported home So moral of the story is lying gets you farther than telling the truth I’m just kidding, but like really I don’t know any other moral like literally now every time I go into another country for work I just have to lie about it. We’re just gonna be so easy for me because on is the biggest lie on the Internet The only bright side of stories like this if you got something out of it that makes me happy. I hope you laugh I hope you smile. I hope I made your day better. I love you guys so much. Thank you for supporting me Thank you for sending me all the way across the world to go on an international tour Even if I had to go through hell, it was all because of you and I’m so eternally grateful I love you guys so much make sure to subscribe click that little bell to turn your notifications on like I said in the beginning of the video I’m launching my phone case one last time when it sells out it is gone forever so if you want this beauty get it follow on my social media in the description below memory card got full on my camera’s a Fucking piece of shit cuz the viewfinder doesn’t flip around and let me be narcissistic So I didn’t know until I stopped recording, and I don’t care enough to get a new memory card and sit down and refilm So I love you guys so much, and I’ll talk to you in the next video. Bye


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  11. This is so funny, because I got arrested and almost banned from the UK when I was 14 as well by accident and I haven't related that much to a video in my life

  12. Tana I love you so much and I will never be tired of your StoryTimes you were the first YouTuber I have ever watched love you

  13. And people think that America’s process of letting Mexicans into the country is bad. London won’t even let people VISIT, let alone live there illegally. America is not doing anything wrong. People need to stop thinking that America is bad when other countries are the bad ones

  14. Haha good. London should ban more dumb vloggers. Omg that fake crying is atrocious!! I feel bad for the guy that dates this girl and has to see that face when she freaks out.

  15. i saw this video when it was uploaded and found all videos todays, and in this video her facial expressions kill me and touch my soul.

  16. When she mentioned hong kong. I snapped. GIRL IF YOU WVER COME HERE👏🏼 I 👏🏼NEED 👏🏼TO 👏🏼MEET 👏🏼YOU 👏🏼BITCH👏🏼

  17. The UK’s immigration policy is insane! Literally they ban people for silly crap like this…but allow the Manchester Arena terrorist into the country with no trouble. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  18. Fucking bullshit whole thing is a lie airport immigration in London is not aloud to hold you back unless you pose a physical threat or seen unsociable no American white girl is getting held back no. And you can’t be banned from London do your fucking research before you start this bs Tana. And also you don’t get asked why you are there you just show your passport and that’s it

  19. After 4 minutes, I still don’t know what happened and I don’t have 29 minutes to dedicate to some whiny weenie who has no idea about how life works, that there are another 7 billion people on the planet, and many are smarter and nicer than she is, that everyone deals with life, that many people suffer endlessly, and she complains about travelling like it is a huge chore….stay home if it is a big deal, why complain about it? Bored? Broke?
    Thanks for the warning at the beginning, I will take my viewing to “normal” people land….

  20. But also like why didn’t you get a workvisa prior? Everyone that has to go to the US gets a visa ages before the flight so why are ppl from the us so surprised when they have to do the same

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