Hyperloop : The fifth Mode of Transport – Explained in a minute.

Hyperloop : The fifth Mode of Transport – Explained in a minute.

Transportation is one of our basic human needs without it we would die pretty quickly. it helped in connecting the world we have been using railways roadways airways and waterways. The Hyperloop is conceptual high-speed 5th mode of transportation system put forward by entrepreneur elon musk , the founder of spacex and tesla. A pressurized capsule rides on a cushion of air. Air is gathered from the front of the pod and compressed. The capsule is accelerated to high speed using magnetic levitation or air pressure. This system would be powered by solar panels along the length of tube. This system is proposed to travel at an average speed of 900km/hr and at a top speed of 1020km/hr A 5Mile test track is estimated to cost about 100Million dollars The Hyperloop has the potential to be faster,cheaper and energy efficient. Sounds Perfect? But there are few skeptics.However if this concept can become a reality it would be fast,cheap and efficient means of transport.

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  1. I believe from my research that interurban travel is more important that hyperloop. This replaces planes and is great for VIP's with quality time issues. For interurban travel we can reduce the cost of living in major cities by developing land formerly inaccessible. Maglev Pods are the answer from NASA skyTRan. June is 2 level trials, well on its way to being the first to show up as the 5th Way transit. See my video for expensive to live, Vancouver. www.tramwaypods.ca

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