Hulk Hogan’s Ride Across Airport Tarmac Criticized by Fans

Hulk Hogan’s Ride Across Airport Tarmac Criticized by Fans

Dara’s fury after Hulk Hogan is offered a ride in a police car with lights and sirens wailing sorry the wrestler was being driven by a uniformed officer across the tarmac at O’Hare Airport in Chicago Hogan and two companions had just landed and they were all given the royal treatment oh we love Chicago PD for life protect and serve Hogan and his buddies were apparently being given the ride so they could avoid the crowds at the baggage claim area at one point the wrestler joked about getting the VIP treatment we need to get one of those seems to realize there could be a PR problem don’t get trouble Hogan’s ride is now triggering major controversy police said in a statement to Inside Edition this escort was not authorized by the department the video is of significant concern [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Hulk Hogan’s Ride Across Airport Tarmac Criticized by Fans

  1. Isn’t this dude a massive racist…and didn’t he buy the booze that his son drank to paralyze his friend?? Dudes a scumbag

  2. New title : hypersensitive attention whores being hypersensitive as usual . People will complain for someone saying hello or minding their business . Grow tf up . Clearly y’all ain’t got enough going on in your lives to be acting up like this

  3. People complain because they can’t get the same service, stop making big deals out of stupid things🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. This is his life. He made it where he should be. If i was him why not take advantage of it be like WHAT THE HELL OF IT, LETS DO IT!

  5. How is this a problem if your famous you deserve this because there's some crazy people who might to something to the famous people being well known isnt helpful all the time

  6. Like nigga stop saying tarmac that’s not the correct term.Its either called a runway, taxi way, apron, or a gate. That’s it. In this case they were driving around on the apron not tarmac

  7. Fellas, inside edition isn’t a news channel it’s just a current events channel not just shootings, murders, and politics

  8. The hulk did a lot of things for children charities in the past. What have these whiners done on his scale. Let him get the VIP treatment, he earned it.

  9. Y'all get over yourselves Hulk Hogan put wrestling on the map. He and the nature not Ric Flair rule. Not to mention he struggles too for giving all those years in the ring.

  10. This is a non news story. There is no concern. Stop trying to be relevant, Inside Edition. Go find real news.

  11. (My brother involved in street shooting) no news

    (A dog throws a temper for not showering)

    This is inside edition…..

  12. Just when you thought hulk hogan was done getting criticized he rode in a police let’s make a big deal about it like come on

  13. Sounds like jelly bellies. Celebrities take about twice as long to get out of an airport because everyone wants pictures

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