How Twenty One Pilots Write A Melody | The Artists Series S1E4

How Twenty One Pilots Write A Melody | The Artists Series S1E4

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  1. I really enjoy your approach. Even music that does not resonate with me is art. That art is the reflection of someone's inner self. The music that resonated with me as a kid made me feel understood and normal at a time when I felt awkward and misunderstood. I see that happening now with my children. Two of my daughters are teens, ones loves TOP and another MCR because it gives expression to their innermost feelings. These are not my favorite groups because they do not resonate as much with me at this point in my life. But parents need to learn that music is not always, in fact not usually, a medium that intends to send dark messages to our kids and ruin them. It is rather one soul speaking to another through an artistic medium. Music is the search for clarity, for meaning, for comfort, for hope. Your analysis of how that happens from a more objective point of view, will hopefully not only be a good mental exercise, but also serve to break some barriers, especially among the older set who tend to ignore or dismiss what is really resonating with their kids and grandkids. The fact is, its just easier to be lazy and not try to understand. As life changes, so do musical choices. We follow and listen to that which best resonates with our soul at the time. Parents should learn what their kids are listening to and why. They may find out more about their kids through those choices than they will through direct communication. Thanks again for the channel. Great analysis.

  2. I'm pretty musically illiterate, but I'm finding your series fascinating. I've noticed a them in the music that I make is that I make my music like mountains where I'll layer things on top of each other, each bringing the song one step closer to the summit. I think that growing up in and around mountains nearly my whole life has somehow inspired my music.

    Also, I'd love to see an episode on Depeche Mode, Thrice, or Brand New.

  3. This is why it kinda sucks being 21 and male as a fan of TOP, their fan base is looked as the 'angsty female teenager.'

  4. Hey, so, like a regular youtuber I feel the irresistible desire to share my own experience in the comments. 😛

    It's funny that the "Avatar" is an angsty teenage girl. I discovered Twenty One Pilots about two years ago and they changed my life in ways that I probably can't actually pin down. Anyway getting to the funny part, I was definitely an angsty teenager. What I didn't want to know about myself at the time was that I was actually an angsty teenage girl and not a boy like I thought. I know this now and am expressing myself as the woman that I am now.

    The truth is though that I don't know if Tyler was actually aiming for that avatar or if it's simply who he is, his perception and personal experience of life, but in music. They feel very real, very genuine, very… themselves. Anywho, that's really why I connected with their music personally, it was a great summary of my own experiences of life and it was worded in ways that only those who share the same pains can understand.

    I also wanted to say that Mental Health is no joke. It needs to be a priority in this world.

    If anyone is reading this and they struggle with any aspect of their emotional and logical parts of their lives, please, please seek the help that you deserve. <3
    And lastly, if you are considering transitioning; try a few things towards it, see how they feel, if they feel right, embrace it. Don't be afraid to become who you are on the inside, no matter what you think your outside will affect. It's not worth the worry and the fears. #ItGetsBetter when you live as yourself.

  5. So far besides Tool, closer to my style.
    I’m starting to see some of your points with some bigger bands I listen to.
    I mean, hip hop can fucking kill itself and twenty one pilots can suck a big fat donkey dick
    But yeah, you got a point with what you’re saying here. I still learned.
    And suicide squad was a terrible movie.

  6. Um….I'm not an "ass kiss' but been viewing YouTube for a 10+ yrs……. Your "station?" Page?" Whatever they call it is my 1st and only one I have subscribed too……. I really appreciate what you have and are doing……. " You are not the only one who is cursed with knowledge" ,( avengers 4 movie …. Thanos says too iron Man). I really relate to this quote… And yes that makes me sound like a huge duecher… You make knowledge not a curse again for the 1st time.,. I want to be gay so I can like you everyway possible….I'm kissing your ass probably to much now…lo siento….. Keep it up…. please keep it up… You are a huge (no longer will I hold my breath for) inspiration. Great work and may u be in heaven b4 the devil knows ur dead." – Tim from Rise Against.🤣😅😘

  7. Great channel! I have just found you and i respect all your work!
    Can you do a video about Pink Floyd?
    This kind of videos improve my knowledge of music theory and the hability of express myself better through my songs.
    Video about Radiohead was perfect with that.

  8. This is interesting because I'm past the angsty teenage stage of life but yet I resonate with TOP so much. There's so much more beyond the dark humor and the anxiety present in the songs and its those layers of depth that speak to me. I understand though that you can't really dive deep into those themes because this is a short YouTube video and that wasn't the point of the video in the first place. I do love seeing how you break down the artist's songs note by note to show us their true creative ability.

  9. Im not sure if this is mentioned somewhere in the comments already but one thing that you're forgetting is that all of the TOP albums are one cohesive story. Tyler has dealt with suicidal tendencies and has given it a name aka… Blurryface. Blurryface is the manifestation of his troubled past. In the album he is telling people how these are his struggles and also how he has overcome them. He's not playing with the darkness as a character on TV. Blurryface is real to him and this is his real personally in music form. His music has been a free flow of his consciousness.

  10. You are looking at tyler like he's a marketer. He doesn't think like that in a lot of ways, but overall really interesting video. Good job.

  11. Well this in my opinion is just, no. They didnt even get heathens right. They said please just dont make any sudden moves. And im pretty certian ur not a big alternative fan. Like, if u were it would be alot better. Just call in a yeemo for emo music. And yes i do believe tøp is emo.

  12. It's funny how I love TOP and I'm 24. I'm not angsty, but something about them just CLIQUES with me. 😉 See what I did there? But yeah, I needed this band when I was a teenager.

  13. nah tyler and josh just wanted to grasp peoples attention starting off so in the beginning of their career they went to a halloween shop and tyler got a skele costume while josh got a gorilla costume but later changed to the skeleton costume, it was their way of grabbing peoples attention starting off and it couldve very well evolved into the playing with death thing youve brought to us over the time but i thought that was just some fun facts i could share. no hate torwards your channel!!!!!

  14. when you started doing the "this is what you would expect" my brain shortcircuited because I'm so used to the songs, and I was singing along, and it was so weird! Thanks for pointing it out!

  15. Thank you for the video, really enjoyed it. I only wanted to say that I disagree that 'angsty teenager' is the image they want. It so happens that whenever anyone explodes in popularity like they did, the first and most noticeable audience artists attract are teenagers, because they are hungry for anything at all that will give them a sense of belonging and anything that will give them a way to vent some of the frustration of that age. And that's normal. However, there are plenty of people their own age, me inclluded, in mid-twenties to mid-thirties who can relate to this music in a different and deeper way. Not because of the hype around it or good looks or fandom (which inevitable gets quite ugly in many ways). It's inrospective music that makes you look into yourself and echoes your internal dialogue, maybe helping with some of the struggles. Adult people want to hear those who are intelligent and sensitive, vulnerable and honest. Sarcasm, dark humour, self-criticism, impostor syndrome, mental illness, suicide thoughts — that's relateable to 75% of my generation who are well past their teenage years. Not that much good music out there at the moment talking about this.

  16. Wow! This is a great video, not only about the music of 21 Pilots, but also about making music in general. You really inspired me when you said: "music doesn't care if you are broken". There is something so comforting about knowing that great music can come from the best and the worst of times. It's always there for you and won't desert you. Thanks man! You made my evening!

  17. i think you're confusing offbeat with pick-up notes on heathens. the two last lines are also on the beat, it's just that "please" and "you" are pick-up notes.

  18. I appreciate your input but I don't like your approach on it, most of the skeleton clique aren't "angsty teenagers" and we stick up for eachother and stand against all that wish to cause other people harm.

  19. Btw, with the skeleton hoodies when they were first starting, they went into a fancy dress shop and Tyler bought a skeleton hoodie in hope that it would make them more memorable.

  20. Amazing video!! Thank you 😀
    I might be a peculiar 21Pilots fan, because I am not an angry teenager. I guess the difference is my attraction to them does not lie within the lyrics or the message, but simply within their music, I really love their sound, the changes, the emotions that their music creates!!

    PS: On the other side I have been an angry teenager many years ago, so maybe the music brings that back in me 😛

  21. Angst or depression being catalysts for creativity is brought up in the Trench song Nico and the Niners "I'm lighter when I'm lower, I'm higher when I'm heavy."

  22. Why did you stop doing them in Spanish? That's great information if you do not speak English

    Por que los dejaste de hacer en español? Esa es gran información si no hablas inglés

  23. am i the only one who has been a fan since the start not like Trench? and somehow how it doesnt have much distinction to the other albums?

  24. I just uploaded a cover of truce lol </3

    I got to see them in concert last month with my bff lol sksksksksjs lol. Best night ever.

  25. I was fascinated by how you analysed their music, but (to be honest) the only thing I heard about melody specifically is that they utilize the b6 and 5. I am very thankful for all you have provided with this video, like being contrarian and utilizing your emotions to be creative, but also slightly dissappointed, as I still don’t know how to write a melody like twenty one pilots.

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