How to transport your models without damage – a suggestion

How to transport your models without damage – a suggestion

How one can transport scale models without damages – a suggestion. Hi everyone and welcome to this short video where i show a simple and save way of transporting scale models. Usually the only distance a model has to cover is from the workbench into the cabinet, but from time to time you might want to take it to a model show or to a club meeting. Of course you want to take your models there. How can you arrange a safe transportation without any damage? I know this very well from various model shows i have visited. When i arrive there to set up my tables and bring my models i can always see some people repairing their models. Repairs are a very annoying task and i always try to avoid it under all circumstances. I am using a very good method to prevent this. A lot of other scale modellers use it as well, i did not invent it of course. Until recently i liked to use these fruit packages. They are big and solid enough and usually you have them at home already. I added a styrofoam inlay to these boxes, either glued in place with double sided tape or just friction-fitted. Just put your models in there and secure them with skewers. It is a really easy method. It prevents the models from sliding around, which is usually the reason for damages. I made some good experiences with this method. The models survive very long journeys in the car this way. It works really well for plane models as well. These tend to be the most fragile ones. Its great, as you can see there is no way this could go wrong. However, it is easy to see the limitations of these fruit packages. First, they are shallow, so usually you can not stack up the boxes on top of each other, because the models tend to be higher than the box. Second, you have a big disadvantage when you arrive or leave a model show and it is raining or storming outside. This can cause damage to your models, which would be a shame. I recently got into such a situation at a model show and it annoyed me, so i got me these plastic boxes with a lid in a hardware store. It rules out rain or storm as a big problem. Apart from that it is the same system as you have seen with the fruit box. There is also a styrofoam plate attached to the bottom and the dioramas are also secured with the skewers. With the lid on top it is as water proof as it has to be. Its a good system in my opinion. I got these boxes in an ordinary hardware store. They did cost me about 15€ each. To me it is an useful purchase. I can now stack the boxes on top of each other in my car, which is an interesting increase of the capacity. Since i plan to visit more shows instead of less shows this will be a helpful. I got me four of these grey boxes up to now. Most of the stuff i want to take to model shows can fit in there. At some point the car reaches its limitations, though. As i have shown earlier it does not really matter what the shape the box has or the material it is made out of. However, what matters is bedding, which is ideally made out of styrofoam, so you can secure your models with the skewers. As long as the models can not slide around it is all fine. Then it does not matter how far you travel. Nothing can really happen, unless your car turns over in an accident. I guess that damaged models won´t be much of a priority in this case, though. So far, so good. Thats it. I hope you find this useful and maybe it motivates one or the other out there to take his models to a model show. Thank you for watching. See you again in the next video, your Hamilkar Barkas.

26 thoughts on “How to transport your models without damage – a suggestion

  1. Very good advice, my friend Michael! I am moving house and they will serve me a lot! Thanks mate! 😉

  2. Super. Habe die Plastikkisten seit 2 Jahren und haben sich auf jeden Fall rentiert. Auch wenn die Modelle/Dioramen gut in der Kiste gesichert sind, fahre ich kommischer Weise doch eher defensiver im Straßenverkehr zu Austellungen.

  3. Prima Sache, Michi! An so etwas hätte bei meinem Umzug denken sollen – und auch bei vielen früheren Umzügen. Du hättest das Video narürlich auch früher machen können, hahaha! 🙂

  4. Good tips. I've broken several models taking models to my local shop . I normally use a show box but this isn't very protective. I like this suggestion bettet

  5. ne tolle Transportlösung Michael … kostengünstig, effizient ohne viel schnickschnack ne solide Transportfixierung gezaubert … perfekt 🙂 … Danke für den guten Ratschlag … Grüße Markus

  6. Na dann drücken wir doch mal die Daumen, dass die Modelle gut nach Lingen hin und wieder zurück kommen. Bis Samstag!

  7. Das Video kommt wie gerufen 👌
    Ich werde demnaescht umziehen und da werde ich das mal ausprobieren. Ist leider kein "Von einem ende der Stadt zum naechsten" Ich lebe in Edmonton (Kanada) und werde bald nach Toronto umziehen und das sind 3300(!)km.

  8. Anyone have any tips for packing models for transport when moving house? Particularly if they are to be transported by the removalist company, as opposed to be transported in your car. All suggestions are appreciated…

  9. That's the same way I do it. Although I use smaller pieces of foam for under the wings of aircraft so the weight is taken off the landing gear then I add rubber bands and weave them around the skewers so the models won't jump up. Great minds think alike. 🙂

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