How to make a Paper Airplane – BEST paper planes that FLY FAR – Papierflieger falten basteln

How to make a Paper Airplane – BEST paper planes that FLY FAR – Papierflieger falten basteln

Hey guys – thank you for watching my video. Today you’ll learn how to make the Limbus paper plane. As you can see it flies pretty good. That’s because I made it. 😀 I guess you will figure out how to throw it so it can fly like this. Excuse the mess. That’s because I’m building my kitchen at home and I am not finished yet. I’m convinced that you’ll love this paper airplane. So let’s get straight to folding. Thanks for all the requests. Make sure to read the description. There is some helpful information in there. Always keep both sides as symmetric as possible. Do you even need verbal instructions? Please leave a comment. But in case if you do – I’m just joking. I will not explain the obvious parts but the difficult ones like this. So what you do is you fold this part – to this part. It’s pretty basic. First the inside, then the outside part. And once you did that – you see this point at the tip? You fold it from there – to the point here. It is not that easy and it certainly will be annoying with your first try. But I’m sure you will figure out how to do it. And what you do next is you fall hold it like that until the Center line without cutting the paper then you turn your paper like this if you wish and fold the exceeding paper backwards Does that make sense? Yeah, of course what you do here is you fold it back? Orientating on the standard line, and that shouldn’t happen and You basically do the same make sure you Hold it the way that that it is symmetric to the other side And then you start the folding process from the beginning first the tip part Then this one point here And then this point So this was the difficult part if you could do that congratulations you are an origami Master by the way guys you can watch this video in 4k and we’ll Khiladi I Guess that was German I mean with high definition okay, what you try here is you try to fold it like that a Little part will exceed right there, but that’s no problem So now that we do destabilize us make sure they’re parallel to the centerline Make sure to always check if it’s really parallel so your paper airplane can fly as far and straight as possible Now the next thing that you do is you take this corner and fold it up at this line? That’s it. That’s a limbo’s paper airplane. I hope you like it what other requests. Do you have I? Wish you a sunny weekend, and this sunny week and Make sure to follow me on social Media on Facebook on Instagram Subscribe to my YouTube channel every first day. I’m uploading a tutorial teaching you how to make a paper airplane like this and if you like this video give this video a thumbs up share this video with your friends and I would love to read some of your comments. I try to reply to all of them So yeah of course I’m pretty Thankful for feedback, so give me all you have thanks guys and see you next Thursday you

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  1. Too hard? Start with Level 1 →
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    ℹ You can find helpful tips and answers in the description.

  2. i only saw someone trowing airplanes basically!! haven't seen anybody building that kitchen!! maybe other tutorial video??? 😀

  3. Before I ragequit even though I'm really good at origami. I should have looked and listened for what he was saying and not rage quit

  4. Please read this comment. I always love the things you do 🔥😋😆😀😃😄😇😍😏👄🙈🙊🌟👑👰💏💑👍✌💩👅😄😊☺😉😝😜😛😙😗😚😘😳😅😰😢

  5. Everyone thank you so much for liking my comment, this is my first time this has happend. thank you Manhir Cave even though it was hard [I gave up on it]I still want to make more paper planes.

  6. Amazing, and you are a funny guy.. I also like the 2,9 cm moment. I was happy that it was not 2,98 cm!

  7. And you think i spend 30 min of my life making the most difficult paper airplane I've ever made for nothing? Well… It didn't fly further than 5 meters, so yes.

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