3 thoughts on “Honda Odyssey Eco Assist Mode vibration hesitation repair checklist. Pilot MDX 3.5 V6

  1. having the low grinding sound and hesitation in ECO mode, it seems to get stuck in ECO when applying more gas, then once enough has is applyed it jolts out of ECO and sound and vibration goes away until cruising steady speed and ECO comes on again, so does the problems, had timing belt replaced, v plugs changed and adjusted, water pump replaces, transmission oil flushed and replaced, all at honda dealership and they act like they have no idea what the problem is.

  2. Total BS. My van is a 2017 with 4500 miles and I had enough. It vibrates and shakes the car so violently, I always think somebody hit me from behind. The entire van vibrates. I need to disable this utterly useless feature.

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