Hexer | Pilot

Hexer | Pilot

[tense music] For as long as we can remember, Hexers have been a symbol of hope, bravery and resilience. We have been a symbol of peace and tolerance to the world. And if Edith and I want to do anything, it is to shine a beacon of hope to those who need it. For the first time in a long time, There will be three Hexers, three women, three heroes. [dramatic music ends] She’s really not gonna care about how clean it is. Yeah well, I care! If I came back after a month, seeing her and her boyfriend doing nothing but ordering takeout and watching Gilmore Girls I’d be pretty mad too now get up, I gotta fluff these pillows. Oh my god, get up, get up. -Well where am I gonna sit?
-Uhh – Nowhere, just stand – tell you what, stand here til she gets here. [doorbell ringing] That’ll be her. Ooh, ooh! Ah! Um! Yeah, this is fine. What are you doing? I’m doing a a bit, okay? Shush. Okay. [in a southern belle accent] Oh, my stars! If that ain’t Poppy Syed coming back to see little old me in all of her glory! [also in a southern accent] Of course I’ve come back for ya! I couldn’t leave ya all on your lonesome when there’s a price hanging over your head. [in normal voice] Oh, I missed you so much! Hey, you broke character! -So, how was Montenegro?
-Oh my days, so much fun. -And I got you a present.
-Poppy! I told you not to, repeatedly. Well, it was a different country so like, international waters… -Hey, Ash! Come here.
-Hey, Poppy. What?! That is so nice. Isn’t it just? I saw it in a stall and thought of you. -Holy hell, how much did that cost?
-An amount. Well, I love it. Thank you. So, what is the plan for tonight? I figured we could order takeout and watch the Sortiledge. Ash has to go to work early so it’ll be just you and me. I kind of got invited to a Sortiledge party. Oh no, people! I don’t wanna see the people. Please, for me! I’ve gotta bring my boy – and my boy’s boy. -Ugh, fine.
-‘Preciate it. If it’s on the way to work, I’m up for it. Whose party is it? Is that a Kardashian? Okay, okay. -Someone’s had a good night. [laughs] A fabulous one. And if I’m gonna make it to the next, I am gonna need some caffeine in my system. You heading off to uni? Yeah, I probably should do that. In that case, could I get like two extra shots in my coffee? I don’t actually know how to use coffee other than how to press a button on the machine. You could always try the Starbucks across the road? [chcukles] Can’t. Slept with the manager, it’s a little awkward. He might be out, you never know. She. And she’ll smell I’ve been in there, she’s like a damn bloodhound. [laughs goofily] My, uh, shotless coffee. Can I get a please? Are you withholding the coffee I just purchased, Mr…? Woodshal. Len. -And of course not.
-Good. Glad to hear it. My housemate’s throwing a party for the Sortiledge, if you wanna come. -People actually watch that?
-Yeah, she’s very into it. And I would be remiss as a woman who happens to find you attractive if I didn’t invite you. Text me. You have a card? I’m a busy woman. -Thanks for the invite.
-Don’t thank me, it’s Anna’s shindig. I’ll thank Anna later then! Ugh, I literally don’t have the energy to take my shoes off right now, Anna. No, it’s not that. The party tonight – how many people are coming? Do I need to do anything, like – Like what? Take coats? Yeah, that’d be great. I think I have a fucking dinner jacket you can wear too. Sarah. [chuckles] I’m not Bryce Dallas Howard in The fucking Help, Anna. Sarah, please! I’m really freaking out about tonight. So many people are coming, and I just wanted to keep to myself. Keep to yourself and obsess about the Hexing – -The Sortiledge!
-and becoming the next Hexer. Yeah I know, Anna. I kow that’s how you spend every Friday night, never mind tonight. It’ll be fun, I promise. -For you.
-For you too! Look, I know you’re not the best in social situations, but, if you need anything tonight I will drop everything -No, seriously, there’s no need –
-to attend to your needs – -I’ll do it!
-Please, no. All for you, my love. Stop. People think we’re dating. Ha! Let the people talk. Anyway, you told me you were gonna tell me all about this Hexer stuff before tonight. [singing] Let’s talk about Hex, baby! [singing along] Let’s talk about you and me! Educate me! Well – Hexing. So yesterday – [party music kicks in] [knocking] So why don’t you like Sarah? It’s not that I don’t like her, she’s just very – -You skanks are late.
-Hi, Sarah! Look at you, you’re so adorable! You’re all adorable, come in. Look at you, gorgeous. How are you? You didn’t come say hi while Poppy was away. Uh no. I was, um, busy. With this boy? Hm, he’s cute. I’ll let you off. Drinks are in the kitchen and don’t have sex in my bed. [party music increases] Okay, cats! Let’s fuck it up! Who’s next? -Alright then.
-Attaboy. Yeah, you’re gonna die, mate. All I’ve gotta do is hit you twice? Yep. I’ve I’ve gotta get you on the ground. Her degree is in fitness and personal training, but I think she’d do better in something with more of a performance element. She’s pretty rad. She has mixed reviews. As fun as it would have been watching an in-house Gladiator championship, I’ve gotta go to work. Already? Yeah, well the call centre couldn’t possibly annoy the whole of Wales without me, so… -You are doing the lord’s work.
-I know. -They’re almost as clingy as you now.
-[gasps] Rude! Okay, I’ll see you later. -Bye, Ash!
-Bye, both! I’m so happy to see you again! I’m so glad you’re back. [presenter’s voice] Here are some of the photos you’ve been sending in all potential Hexers – [laughs] well, some of them at least. Okay, it’s time for the Sortiledge! If you gotta piss, do it now. You sit there. -Hi.
-Heyo! Hello. I’m Rue. [laughs awkwardly] Anna. Nice to meet you. Okay, everyone shut the fuck up. We are about to watch history be made, and this beautiful human really cares about it. If anyone ruins this experience for her, I will ruin your lives until graduation. And not my graduation. Your graduation, whenever that may be. [tense music creeps in] [presenter] Florence’s vision is only a minute away and the entire world is on the edge of their seats. [music stops abruptly] Was that it? -Not me then.
-Tough luck, Pop. You alright? Yeah. I’m fine thanks. It still could be you! I didn’t have the vision. Maybe there’s a blip in the universe and something’s changed. Ooh, they’re back! [tense music returns] [Florence speaks] Reuben Krail. [presenter] She must be celebrating right about now! Where is she from, I wonder? It could be right here in the UK. [Edith speaks] Reuben Krail is a man. What the – I thought the true Hexer was meant to be a woman? I will not support a patriarchal Hexer council. He’s 6ft, he has brown hair, he lives with his friend Poppy Syed and he’s at a party, watching this. Live. Hello, Reuben. They can just pick again, can’t they? Rue. I don’t understand. Rue – [breathing heavily, panicked] Hey, hey – look at me. You okay? Buddy, it’s alright. My name’s Len. Has this happened before? Is there usually someone who helps you? Uh – um – Poppy. Okay, great. Is Poppy here? -Yeah hi, I’m here, I’m Poppy. Okay, great. What do you normally do here? I – I don’t know, I get him water – there’s a lot going on – Rue – It’s alright. Just grab a bottle of water – for both of you. Hey, that kid’s the Hexer, right? Let’s get a pic. I’m gonna need you to get lost, mate. Come on, out! How you feeling, mate? I need to – get into the bathroom – I don’t wanna leave you alone just yet. Everyone is looking at me. Well, yeah. You’re the most famous man alive right now. Look, I don’t wanna let you go in there alone. I’m going to keep you company, okay? Poppy gave me your phone. It’s buzzing like mad. Thank you. You feeling better? The girls are kicking everyone out, so. This is some crazy shit though. You’re the first ever male Hexer. You’ve literally made history. And I’m probably not helping. [knocking] Hey. Everyone’s gone. You okay? Yeah, yeah – he’s fine. -You’re fine, right?
-Yeah, thanks. Good. I’ll leave you alone. Sick. Do you know if Sarah’s single? Ah, I’ll make it work. See you round. [phone ringing] [clicks to answer] Hello? Thank the fucking fuck! What the fuck, bro? I don’t know. Holy fucking – fucking – fuck! Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. Sorry. I’m over it. That’s a lie. What happens now? I don’t know. They come here, I guess. Mum and dad – god knows what they’re gonna think about this. Mum and dad haven’t given a fuck about anything before, I doubt that’s about to change. [voice] Ross! Michelle, I’m on the phone! Yeah, my brother’s literally the Hexer! Rue, I’ve gotta go, I’m sorry. -Mm, bye Ross.
-Rue? -You’re gonna be great.
-Sure. -So people are surprised it’s you.
-No kidding. Well take advantage of that, Rue. People are surprised right now, so they might as well continue being surprised. Be the Hexer the people close to you know you can be. It should be you, you’re the smart Krail. Oh yeah, I’d be all over that shit. But it’s on you. Own it, mate. Mm, I can… try. That’s all I ask! Look, tell me when the best time to call you is. Bye. Bye, Ross. [hanging up sound] Reuben Krail? It’s Rue. This way. Your car arrived a little early, so we’re still setting up. It’s going to be a closed interview now, everyone’s a bit riled up, and we couldn’t necessarily distinguish who’d, you know, throw cans at your head. I’m sorry, the interview? I’ll go and check if they’re ready for you now. Oh, my god. [chopping sound] [yodelling] Ruuee! Rue Rueeee! Rrrrue! Ruuue. Rrrrrrue. [laughter] Here he is, the new Hexer Reuben Krail. Everyone is so excited to hear from you. [cheering] Yeah! Yeeeah! And just to complete the trio, here is Edith Palmer. Who’s this bitch not saying hi? Anna! Annaaaaaa, who’s this bitch? Edith! She’s a Hexer. She’s rude. I thought you two were meant to be going out? Yeha we were, but some people were bothering Poppy. Think the press got hold of my number after my full name and living situation was announced on international televison. That, and every random you’ve ever met is now crawling out of the social media woodwork ‘oh Poppy, let’s be besties, let’s hang out with the Hexer!’ You could be queen of the groupies! I preemptively abdicate, I have been blocking people for an hour. In summation, I don’t think we’re getting into Kings with a media entourage. It is tragic. So Reuben, how do you feel to be here? Are you excited? Uh – yeah. It’s just unexpected – you know? Isn’t it always? Nobody ever really thinks that it could be them. I couldn’t believe it when Edith called my name. -It’s such a huge deal.
-Yeah. So, you found out at a Sortiledge party, of course? Uh yeah, my friend’s. Ooh yeah, meeeee! Wait, is that a rule? Do we drink if they mention us? No, we should drink when they don’t mention us. I am so on board! So you live in Cardiff, but you’re not a Welsh Hexer. I thought you might be Welsh too and I got a little overexcited. The last Welsh Hexer before me was Rhian-Jane Davies, if anyone was wondering. It hardly matters where he’s from, Florence. We welcome Hexers from all walks of life. Yes – of, of course. Although, I will say that we’re finally setting up a Hexer centre in Cardiff. -Oh, he looks so small.
-He does look small. You’re the first male Hexer. Apparently, yeah. It’s the elephant in the room, isn’t it – -Drinking for elephant!
-That’s not a rule. What’s interesting is that obviously we have no record of Hexers before around 1500, so we can make no assumptions as to who may have been named a Hexer before that point. [yodelling again] Ruuue! Rrrrrrruuueee! Why would you want to be a Hexer? Look at this, this is horrible. -This is my poor little baby!
-Wait wait wait wai – -Did you just ask me why I want to be a Hexer? Sarah, tell her!
-wait wait wait wa – -It’s everything! How much do you reckon they wanna bang? -Can you see the sexual tension between these two?
-They – oh my god, Rue! Stop looking at her like that! I know she’s a Hexer, but I don’t think it’s hex that’s on your mind… [trails away, laughing] -Let’s talk about Hex, baby!
-You guys might have a point! [all singing] Let’s talk about you and me! Let’s talk about – this other one though I don’t like. Thank you for your questions. We would now like to get back to the official Hexer introduction. Reuben has a lot to learn. [tech person] Okay, cut there for ad break. -It’s a bit overwhelming.
-It is. Don’t worry, that’s all the publicity for today. We’re just gonna give you a rundown of how everything works and then this evening we’ll all be settling down in our new dorms. All of – you? Traditionally, we have a base of operations in the hometown of the new Hexer. It just makes it more convenient for you to learn. I have other things to do, Florence. You can take it from here. Oh. Okay. Um, you can call me Rue. Rue. Follow me. Okay, just a moment – so I’m just gonna give you the basics – -oh, sorry.
-Oh, god, no, sorry. Sorry, it’s nothing, sorry. -Have the press gotten hold of your number yet?
-Yeah, I think so. Yeah, it happens. Once we’ve set up properly in Cardiff though, we’ll get you some real security. But we can discuss that later. What we’re here to do now is to give you a rundown of what’s going to happen from now on. So the Sortiledge is disarming, but from now on you should be able to be prepared. Yeah, yeah I guess. Now, I don’t know how much about Hexing you’re already aware of – -Nothing.
-okay, that’s fine. So basically, books have been used by Hexers across the ages. You can use any surface really, but for formal events or important Hexes, these books are what we tend to use. And when a new Hexer is drawn, the book goes to them. So, I’ve made this one – well, for you. This is really cool. Yeah. [laughs] I mean, it is. So – what kind of events do you do? Do you like, pick a hospital to save, or – ? Not exactly. You know about the Diplomatic Ban? Not really. So the country that produces the new Hexer becomes potentially dangerously overpowered. And with performing Hexes, even if you have the most peaceful person, it’s still unfair to do mass healing within your own country. So why can’t we just do it over numerous countries? But how do you decide? If you cure, say, a thousand sick people in each country how does that country decide who qualifies for health? So – so how do you do Hexes? That’s what I’ll – what we’ll – be teaching you. But for now, I just want you to choose a Hex. To do now? Mm-hm. So I’ve drawn you the bases here so you just pick one and have a go. -It needs blood?
-Yeah, just a little. And once the book knows it’s you, it won’t need any more. Okay. Ah! Mm. I did it! [laughs] Well done. Well, I guess that’s just about everything we need to do for today. -You’ll wanna get home, I’m sure.
-Uh, yeah. With this whole security thing, am I gonna have like a guy just like, outside my flat? No, I don’t think so. You should be able to manage your home security using your skills. It’s – we don’t – because of what happened with Lilou – there’s a real threat, you know? It’s – it can be a dangerous position. Mm. But that’s what all the rules and security are there for. To protect us, and those around us. Oh – oh, no, I made that for you, Rue. That’s yours to keep. It’s tradition, you know? Edith made mine, and well – I hope you like it, Rue. Are you two all finished? There’s a car to take you home, Reuben, and there’s one for you too. Oh, thank you. All official now, yeah? Yeah. -You still worried?
-Yes. -Well, at least you’re honest.
-Honestly distressed. Have you got – you know, support? I know you live away from your family. [uplifting music] Yeah. Yeah, I got people. Oh, sorry. Hey, you okay? I made you a sandwich. Thanks, Pop. [newscaster] The newest Hexer, and the first man to be named a Hexer, has as yet not been shown casting Hexes. This is causing huge outrage and further calls to investigate whether he, as a man, can truly be the Hexer. Speculation continues at the perimeter of the base of Hexer operations in Cardiff, where protesters and civilians have gathered to discuss and speak out against the naming of the new Hexer. [tense music] [phone vibrating] [newscaster] Never before has the naming of the new Hexer illicited such a strong reaction… Mm-hm? Yeah, Angelica. Uh-huh, I’m rehearsing the speech right now. Yeah, I’ll be ready. [music builds] I’ll show everyone who the true Hexer is.

13 thoughts on “Hexer | Pilot

  1. Ooooohhh!!! Found this via the peeps at Making Queer History. I'm very intrigued and excited to see what's gonna happen. So far I think Sarah's my favorite ❤

  2. It's a cool start and I will watch it for sure 😉 I love Sarah, Anna is kinda me, but more cute and Poppy is adorable. I also like the brother (Ross?) for his reaction xD

  3. Strong cast with good chemistry. Conceptually it blends a couple of popular tropes – contemporary pick&mix New Age mysticism with elements of the surreal-end of reality television – along with the post-millennial malaise faced by a directionless youth culture. It cleverly uses the device of 'Hexer' – itself a metaphor for the contemporary need to label and categorise members of society into discrete groupings – and positions it within a circle of friends who are sexually-fluid and ostensibly non-conformist. A refreshing and subtly outré first offering from a talented team.

  4. This was absolutely incredible and I'm only sorry I'm stumbling across it six months after it was uploaded! I have a lot of thoughts so hopefully you don't mind me spilling it all here.

    I love the diversity of the cast and characters, I know that was something you guys really wanted to focus on and it shone through. From having so many people of colour to LGBTQ characters to Rue's panic attack, none of it felt forced in the slightest but I felt so represented and I could easily see how so many others could too.

    The characters all felt incredibly real to me and each were developed to be unique and interesting in their own right. I love Rue as a person, I love how sweet and nervous and excited he was. I love Poppy's clear loyalty and care for her friends, I love how calm and assured Len was (especially how he took care of Rue during his panic attack that was amazing), I love how badass Sarah was and how nerdy and awkward Anna was. Honestly, I adore every single one of them and it looks like I'll adore Freddie too once we get to see more of them.

    Then there's the world building which was just fascinating. The Hexers themselves and the blood magic they can perform is so dark and intriguing but then we've got that old world magic combined with this reality TV style and I've honestly never seen anything like it (perhaps a comment on the harm of celebrity culture with a love of magic combined?). I also liked the little hints we're starting to see mixed in with the rest here, such as laws being signed limiting what a Hexer can do, and the hint that Hexers have perhaps been attacked in the past. I can't wait for the rest of series one so we can see more of this world!

    Although I do actually have some questions about the world that I hope I'll get answers too as I keep watching. We know of course that Freddie is genderfluid and believes themself to be the true Hexer but is there any history with transgender Hexers? When they say that only women can be the Hexer (supposedly), are trans women included in that? Has a trans woman ever been a Hexer? I'd find that so interesting and I'd love to see if you have any ideas about that!

    Everything you've created here is wonderful and such an amazing quality too. The actors are amazing and there's clear chemistry among the cast working so well together, the script is superb (as a fellow writer I am utterly awestruck by how brilliantly you gave all the characters unique voices and by how well you dripped world building information into the story line so kudos for that). The filming and editing all flowed beautifully, the settings are awesome, honestly the whole thing came together incredibly professionally.

  5. Okay I'm back and watching it again because I just can't stay away. I really hope you guys get to sort out everything with funding and make season one as a whole because there I have a burning need for this to blow up like Carmilla so I can see fan art and head cannons and all sorts.

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