Here’s What it Takes to Become a Certified C2-A Pilot

Here’s What it Takes to Become a Certified C2-A Pilot

NARRATOR: A pair of
C2 Greyhounds and four anxious pilots are heading
for the USS George Washington to prove they can
land the Greyhound on an aircraft carrier. To complete their
carrier qualifications, student pilots must make 10
safe landings, known as traps. The 23 ton Greyhound is about
to be flung off the flight deck, courtesy of the catapult. All right, go ahead and
get on the [INAUDIBLE] when you’re ready. [LAUGHING] Get your hand [INAUDIBLE]. There you go. Don’t let go of the yield. OK. That was awesome. NARRATOR: As Emily comes
around for a touch and go, she scans the optical
landing system, looking for the meatball,
just visible on the port side of the carrier. The pilots must use an
optical landing system when bringing the bird down. That orange ball in the center
tower, nicknamed the meatball, isn’t connected to the plane
and doesn’t move on its own. It becomes visible in
different positions, depending on the pilot’s
altitude and point of view from the cockpit. The meatball’s position
tells the pilot if their angle of approach
is on or off target. When the meatball lines
up with the green light, the pilot is flying the
correct angle to land. All right, you
got a ball there? I do.
A little high. OK, yep. So you’re a little bit high. It’s OK. NARRATOR: Emily eases
off on the power, but the plane dips too low. All right, so you
got that little ball. Just tip it up a little
bit, a little powerfully. Just a touch. You’re going to track
into that direction, OK? OK. Here you go, catch
that center line. You’re a little
off, a little off. OK, start trimming
off, settle off. NARRATOR: Coming in,
Emily is still too low. [INAUDIBLE]. Always [BLEEP]. NARRATOR: She needs
to climb and fast, or she could slam into the deck. Start bringing it down. No, nope. You’re high. NARRATOR: Safe but not
smooth enough for Emily. All right, so– I was scared. No problem, OK? It’s all right. We’ll take it around
and do it again, OK? You’re looking pretty
good for [INAUDIBLE].. Obviously much more jitters
going on today, But this is it. This is where you either
actually make it happen or you get a DQ. All right, so you’re doing
real nice right here, OK? So keep doing what you’re doing. I think that’s Emily. It could be. And easy. There you go. First rounds up. That was a three wire, too. That’s good. Better, much better! NARRATOR: Emily just completed
her 10th and final trap. She is now qualified
to fly the Greyhound and land it on a carrier.

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  1. I can now rest a bit easier when I ride when my wife is driving. At least she doesn't have to land anywhere!!!!!

  2. It was Probably all sim time before and this was the actual ! now that you mention it! Laughing and no hands and flying , I’m going to shoot myself!

  3. I guess I’ll be the unpopular guy to say, “nobody joins the Navy to fly C2A Greyhounds.” This is a second, third, hell maybe even 4th choice aircraft 😂

  4. if you cant qualify you aint a c2 pilot period only purpose for them is to haul cargo and personel to and off a carrier

  5. all what it takes is to be a woman . i can guarantee you , if that was a man who was flying that plane that way he would ve failed the test . enjoy gender equality Murcia , where men are just a bunch of white knights and women are the new rulers .

  6. Interesting once she bolted she pushed yoke IN…… must be editing……. I'd think you'd be pulling yoke back for climb. And as in other such situations, adding power on your way down must be a tough thing to comply with 🙂

    Chic pilots are quite awesome. She's gorgeous too……. beauty and plenty of smarts….. can't get much better.

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  10. That trainer lieutenant looks like his ass was eating a phone right out of that seat trying to get her to land on the deck

  11. Что бы ты утонул вместе со всеми на борту. Убийцы мирных жителей.

  12. I like all the ignorant comments, because i know what "You" yes you look like and what life style you have. Weighing in at 200Ibs, potato chip bags all over your desk, making that killer wage of 10.50 as a supervisor at office max at 3:00 Am in the morning sees a pretty girl landing a military aircraft on a carrier and feels very jealous, so what better way to prove your self worth than troll a youtube video…bravo sirs. You have just hit rock bottom in your life, now go deep fry something 🙂

  13. it really gets me so fucking upset and enraged that a woman gets to do such privileged job, am a fully capable man which the military can use me in so many ways am 6 feet tall stronger faster wiser and more capable than any woman in the world yet here i am working a mediocre wage job 8hr nonsense shit ,i score 82 in asbav ,turns out too good for the army am too old for the marines the navy is for gay fucks,the airforce wants only blue eyes blond motherfucker or bitches for that matter ,so fuck you and fuck you too sir

  14. Carrier level…and the pilot needs to be told to keep hands on the yoke!!?? Are you serious?

    This is a giddy situation!?? Wow!

  15. 0:31 that's what diversity gets for you, a giggling slightly overweight woman flying an expensive aircraft in the military.

  16. "Emily" this; emily that. Gender is very important to every undertaking today. I'm really glad that Emily is SO special. How did the other pilots fare that day?

  17. Dang it! Man! No way for me to join the mustache club! I glad I was a PMC and I happily keep my membership card in the Tactical Beard club! However, the co-pilot guy has some nerves and balls for this job that's for sure! I appreciate it! Bravo Zulu man!

  18. At 0:50, the landing images show a landing on the French Carrier Charles de Gaulles (on the right there are only Super Etendard and Rafales airplanes) 🙂

  19. The little yelp she gave at the beginning of the take off, was signal for me, she wasn't ready to do this job.

  20. my friend watched this and was like "that's easy anyone could do it" so then I told him he should take up flying at a place nearby that he didn't know about and he stopped talking to me and moved away as if I called him out on it.

  21. I think the narrator has it all wrong! If that was her tenth time, the instructor would most likely not have to tell her not to let go of the yoke!

  22. This is why women should not be flying nor in Congress. They rely on their emotions, and refuse to study. This female student let go of the yoke, as the Democrat women in white on the Hill let go of the US Constitution. 0:28

  23. hello, welcome to your first ever flight lesson
    today we are going to start off easy by taking off and land on a carrier ok
    30 minutes later: congrats, your now qualified

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