100 thoughts on “Hayao Miyazaki’s Airships

  1. The sense of realism of the aircrafts like the mobile suits in Mobile Suit Gundam is what makes us love these films/shows.

  2. These two are missing
    Future Boy Conan – Falco, Flying Machine, Gigant
    Lupin the third part2 #145 – Albatross

  3. I really feel the same way about aspiring to be a gunsmith. The simple act of accelerating a projectile with controlled explosions doesn't need to be about killing, but it always will be thought of whilst doing so. How could you reconcile one of your beautiful creations removing something else from creation?

  4. Whenever I watch a Miyazaki film, I've always felt a sad and happy feeling at the same time.
    Watching all these scenes complied , narrated, and analysed gave me the fuzzies.
    Spirited Away theme and the topic of juxtaposition hits really hard.

    Brilliant video.

  5. I love the work of Miyazaki but I don't really support his dismissal of the anime industry. He (rather arrogantly in my opinion) dismisses the creations of others due to the mistaken belief that they would make the sort of content he has made if only they could. That they made the things they did by mistake or because they couldn't do any better. Ghibli films are brilliant of course, but I wouldn't want all anime to be like Ghibli films. In a similar vein, Disney and Pixar animations are wonderful, but that doesn't mean I want all animation to be done in that style and to that formular.

     I also think he missunderstands his fellow creators. He dismisses them as having no life experience because they have not had the same experiences that he has had. Everyone has life experience. Some have more exciting lives than others, but to dismiss the experience and knowledge of another as being lesser because it is not the same as your own comes across as pretty short sighted, ignorant and again-arrogant. Just my opinion of course 🙂

  6. This reminds me of how sad I was that the only thing friend of mine got out of The Wind Rises is that Miyazaki made a film about a warmonger.

  7. I have to say, when it comes to flight, be it realistic or fantasy, these movies blow my mind! All of his movies never fail to put me in awe of something!

  8. An interesting argument, well presented.

    Shame it's so derailed/weakened by the use of the terrible dubs for each example.

  9. I dont know why but I just can't stand the characters themselves and their aesthetic in any of miyazaki's films. I have never enjoyed any of them, and that kinda makes me a little sad.

  10. Such an insightful analysis of one of anime's greatest artists…
    Thank you for sharing your point of view, gave me something ponder on…

  11. Two other filmmakers into war planes, George Lucas likes WW2 planes and Peter Jackson has a collection of WW1 planes.

  12. So good, I'm glad that NordVPN helps you so much with your work, thanks for sharing the info. But on the other hand, wow, men what an amazing essai

  13. What is the movie at 6:31 and 5:10 ? I thought I had seen all of Miyazaki's movies, but I don't recognize them. Please help me out.

  14. As I grow closer to adulthood, I find myself dwelling on my younger childhood frequently. I have always loved flight. Watching birds float so gracefully in a world made for them, and they are content. I have always wondered why? Why is it they have that freedom? Why is it that progress is only made from suffering? I have watched the Ghibli films since before I could remember. I'm flying for the US military. The best flying machines are bred for war. Still however, to answer Caproni's question; I choose a world with pyramids.

    (Sorry it's a bit choppy I am very tired writing this)

  15. the theme of corruption explored through planes may have some roots in japanese national trauma from ww2, planes being a major source of fear

  16. GREAT Video! I just made a video about airships and the history lost about them. I need 33 subscribers to hit 10k. I will personally shout out and thank the next 33 of my subscribers in my next video and suggest they follow you. I will also follow you permanently. We are in this together. Good luck.

  17. I have a print of Porco's plane sitting on the water. I love it. Great video mate! https://moteefe.com/store/ghibli-wall-art/porcos-plane?color=white&product=landscape-canvas-small&size=30×20&stp=porco-rosso

  18. I love Miyazaki's body of work, but I've always hated his brazen disrespect for many things and it at one point in time has brought me to tears to find out the man who has made so much whimsy and imagination in the world, is himself a very bitter man who largely respects himself and not much else, I often wonder if such selfish traits are what makes people like him so creative yet polarizing.

  19. You just spoiled all his movies for everyone that had not seen them.
    Don't watch this video if you want to be amazed.
    Watch Miyazaki's movies instead.

  20. Me and my dad have a penchant for looking out for "miyazaki clouds", the sort of magnificent clouds that truly humble you in a profound, indescribable manner.

  21. I have no idea why I just cannot get used to that fucking dub it sounds so bad everytime I hear it, must be because English is not my first language.
    Even in Miyazaki's lesser known works such as music videos, Pilot films etc he also focuses a lot on the sky, planes and flying etc

  22. Hey, thanks for the excellent video, but … "believable"? They're as believable as winged horses. Every single lighter-than-air vehicle looks too heavy, and most of the winged vehicles look underpowered and un-aerodynamic. They're fanciful, like The Rocketeer. They're not supposed to look realistic.

  23. This is what I love about hayao Miyazaki’s films the meaning and detail put into the setting, characters, and vehicles he just does it so well I love it

  24. This was candy for my eyes! I should like to now find out where I can watch some of his movies…with an imagination like that they gotta be very enjoyable!

  25. My favorites aviation movies are from Miyazaki. Most aviation movies use 'cool' dogfights to show how cool their aircraft is with flashing dizzying cheap jump scare type of stuffs, focus only on the plane and the other planes, the good one shown the pilot and may be the other pilots. However, Miyazaki has an unique angle personally never seen anyone else doing it, which is the pilot and sky, there are rarely dogfight in his films, the pilot is interacting with the environment, the sky the lonely plane flew and gliding in the air, you can feel the wind just from watching it, the sky is no longer an background for 'cool' planes, the wind is the story itself.

  26. Love the video, i always love the portrayal of aeroplanes as a work of art as they really are when you get up into the sky you feel as if the world world is at your tips and you forget about the worries of down below.

  27. In acting, doing the same thing in every movie is called "typecast" and directors should stretch beyond this comfort zone.

  28. the word "Ghibli" is from an italian aircraft, even the name of his company revolves around his passion about airplanes.

    Also I find it ironic how he hates mecha anime. Which derives from japanese at the time of their awe and passion about battleships.

  29. Thanks for this beautiful video. I only saw "Porco Rosso" and "The wind rises", it makes me want to watch the rest of Miyazaki's filmography.

  30. He's not wrong about giant robot anime. But, I will submit that the best giant robot shows are ones that focus on the characters and use the robots as a tool to move the plot forward. There are plenty of great examples that are similar to Miyazaki's methodology, the best IMO being Macross Plus.

  31. He has deep conflicts of war and machines within war, not just planes, he is amazed by the me323 gigant, hence a lot of his air ships and planes had a similar fat tone, he would have been an air craft engineer due to his father, but after the war, Japanese air craft industry was not a great place to be for years. Hence he himself has always reflect on war, he openly criticising Japanese governments recent change of its peaceful constitution in preparation to be America’s war dog in the east. He also love to draw humans as pigs and other mammals, one of his long running serial comic series on ww2 have the Germans drawn as pigs and us as monkeys, I would love to read the translation version of those short stories, it shows his deep knowledge of not only planes of ww2 but history and equipment such as tanks.

  32. Not to forget, the 2:58 buzzy things were replicated as model in real life and they actually work to a remarkable extent ( https://youtu.be/u9Nw_TbASgg ), and the mehwe of nausicaa at 2:40 … well, as we all know it is even flying with a real pilot in real life. ( https://youtu.be/P5ftsTVwTfs )

  33. There are a lot of video essays that are obviously just there to make money, and you can tell that the creator doesn't actually care about the subject of the video.

    This is not one of those, this reminds of the classic video essays that were made with a purpose and an actual desire to have your thoughts heard. Well done, this video was amazing.

  34. Looking at the bird -winged planes and the wasp ships makes me think of how the ornithopters in Dune should really function. The movie and mini-series never got them right.

  35. I’ve been looking for so many of these movies for YEARS.
    I remember seeing them when I was around 6 years old, it’s one of the only things I remember from my early childhood.
    Now 13 years later I Can finally watch them again :,)

  36. I've always loved animated films or shows that try to make their technology believable and realistic. Some use real things as their inspiration, the most recent one I've watched being Gun Gale Online, whereas others, like Miyazaki's films, take a genuine and well-researched look at what might have been, the things that never got their moment of glory. That's what drew me to Miyazaki's works, which in turn drew me to anime as an artform! Thank You, Hayao Miyazaki!

  37. いい動画選択、編集でした。

  38. Despite many saying Howl's Moving Castle was Miyazaki's perfection of the steam-punk genre, I will forever prefer Castle in the Sky. Even with Howl's Moving Castle narrowly being the better film, the awesomeness of the airships made me feel like a little kid again going to my first airshow.

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