100 thoughts on “Hannah Brown Steps Out of a Limo on Night One – The Bachelor

  1. Hanna LIED 🤥 to Peter in his face! HE WAS HER 3rd CHOICE! And she lied to him that he and Jed were going to be the last two… Peter doesn’t remember her telling him that… awkward!

  2. Women like competition and since he has spotlight so she wants him – forever is one thing but it’s the hunt and chase that women like

  3. I can see Peter's eyes he is still in love with Hanna B, I hate to say this but they have a vvery strong chemistry. Their just so cute together just so adorable to see them holding hands together awwwww

  4. Go back home you chose a man for looks you got what you got just looks leave Peter alone allow him to find and have the same experience that you did when you were The Bachelorette it's only fair.

  5. Notice how all the girls are hot and thin… never once have I seen a plus size girl in this show… makes us “bigger” girls feel even more shorty about ourselves.

  6. Hannah is selfish I don't care what anybody else got to say about it because it makes no sense how you send him home and then come on his season sabotaging his freaking season like if you need to talk to him, talk to him when he's not about to go on a group date cause now this seems really fake and not for real anymore, because a girl with a kind and respectful heart would not ruin many other girls date for this. A girl with respect who actually loves the guy would've done this off screen somewhere else not for the whole world to see, which really makes me figure out how fake this show is, and what's worse is that Peter actually chose many girls who seem like amazing wife material, like the girls he chose actually don't seem too bad and they deserve more than this, and tbh they should just leave if Hannah is coming on the season cause that's just some B.S. right there. Hannah wasted her whole entire season by just kissing guys all day like I don't even think she was really looking for a husband or she just wasn't ready but just thought she was, and what pisses me off more is that she goes to the girls group date and says the windmill story, to me it seemed like she was trying to rub it in the girls faces more than being genuine, and Peter should've talked to the girls about this whole Hannah thing instead of just inviting her, and think about this, if he actually truly loved Hannah he would have not invited her because he knows dang well if he invites her she's going to get a lot of backlash from the girls, who might hurt her feelings, and if someone loves someone they would make sure to not hurt the person no matter what. So honestly I don't feel like they really love each other and I feel like this is just for the silver screen and to get some coin.

  7. I would not want to be any of those ladies…he obviously still loves Hannah. He will be comparing all the ladies to her.

  8. Honestly I’d rather have them back together and just end the season and start a new one with mike as the bachelor instead💪

  9. This was wicked to bring Hannah B. On the show.it put Peter in an awkward position. I wish he was strong enough to tell Hannah, “you go home and think about this, you had your show and your choice, now let me have mine” and stop the bs about the windmill, it makes you look cheap!

  10. Shut up about that “WINDMILL” all it proves is you are not discrete and you want the world to see you have no morals

  11. What she’s doing to Peter is very selfish and unfair. I like Hannah but she doesn’t know what she wants and she’s there messing with Peters emotions and heart while he’s trying to move on. He’s only going to have this opportunity once and it’s not right that she’s there messing it up for him and making him question everything when she not only chose Jed over him but then chose Tyler over him….

  12. I wish the twist at the end would be Hanna Brown will u marry me??… ooohhhhhh my freaking soul and the soul of all souls… Please hear me out!!….i want them they looked damn so good together and all….🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.. PLEASE Hanna and Peter if you are reading this please make it real… Make it real. You two are going to be a nuclear bomb couple….!!! If giving 2nd chances worth all of this so why the freaking hell not!!…. the music says, I NEEDED TO LOSE YOU TO LOVE ME….am i right or very right???……or right of all right??…

  13. My heart breaks for Peter! He looks so in love with her but I think she is a confused woman who still doesn't know what she wants😞💔 However, I agree their chemistry is intense..and is definitely not staged.

  14. Peter said that he wants to kiss Hannah brown so why don't he embrace her in his arms and pant a big wet romantic kiss on her lips

  15. When Peter was talking to the girls about Hannah, all I could see was that ridiculous cardboard windmill in the background when they showed the group 😂

  16. Hearing what Peter said on the podcast was just sad. If she doesn't truly want him then she needs to stop toying with his emotions. I'm aware that ABC has something to do with it but how are you going to talk to a guy backstage, get his hopes up and then ask out your runner up. She didn't pick him twice, but now says she questions her decision. She had plenty of time to reach out, Peter didn't because he wanted a chance to talk to her atfr and stuff. I guess he should have been more aggressive with his pursuit but it was annoying watching her try to justify why she didn't reach out. I believe she does want him to find happiness but she wants to be with him too.

  17. Im calling it now it's gonna be down between the two Hannah's. Hannah A and Hannah B. It's gonna be one of them.

  18. Poor peter hes so confused and I think the finale we will see her there. I think that's what the clip of Peter with Chris of Peter saying I can't breathe. I don't know. I believe he still in love with her. The spark is still there.


  20. Hannah and Peter would be a better match than any of these other girls. I didn’t like her at first, but she grew on to me as the time went on. I didn’t like any of the girls and none of them stood out to me. They all seemed fake, maybe except for Madison. I know he wasn’t Hannah’s first choice, but it seems like she definitely regrets the way things turned out between them, and maybe even thinks she made a mistake. Love isn’t always perfect. People make mistakes and hurt each other along the way. It’s how we find out way back that truly matters.

  21. The most unrealistic thing about this whole show is the heartbroken person becomes the next bachelor/ette. If they truly loved the person they were ready to marry, they wouldn’t have been ready to move on so quickly – ESPECIALLY if they still had a chance with said person. Let’s see the deal with peter and hannah, maybe they will give it a chance with each other. Not many people can get over each other so quickly. They’ll always be thinking “what if” if they do.

  22. Peter's reaction to her walking out of that limo looked like the people on "Episode" when they get shocked lol iykyk

  23. It basically has happened with Arie and Lauren. I might be the only one but I wouldn’t be mad if they ended up together 🤷🏼‍♀️🙃

  24. If Hannah didn’t ask out Tyler right after, I’d want Peter & Hannah to go for it, but third choice?? C’monnnn

  25. He always had her in an embrace whether he was hugging her or literally not letting go of her hands. You could tell he got choked up when she came out and it really showed in the speech for the first toast. I don't think he's over her.

  26. I don't care what ABC is doing. I believe that Hannah and Peter belong together. Like she told Peter, she chose Jed because it was the same old thing and she was comfortable. I think that she wasn't sure of Peter's feelings and that's why she chose JED. I hope Peter and Hannah come together again.

  27. To me it seems like Hannah Brown is just there for fame and fortune, like she was on her season. I've watched the Bachelor from the first season and it used to be classy but now it's trashy! Won''t be watching anymore.

  28. Can Hannah just leave poor peter alone….man this girl is so desperate to be on camera…it sucks because I feel like she is toying with his emotions…just let him move on in peace…if you had real emotions you should have picked him…don’t come crying wolf now that your exes don’t want you back anymore.

  29. 🙄🙄🙄 they gonna make this Hanna and Peter BS the highlight of the season because y’all know this season is gonna be mediocre and boring.. but fine do what y’all have to, to get ratings

  30. They shouldn’t cast 20 year olds who don’t know what they want . They not even ready for marriage. Hannah is one of them. She doesn’t know what she wants and confused. This show should cast people in their 30’ and 40’.

  31. People wanna joke like “this show is so pathetic it’s such a cash grab” and yes it has had its moments but like THEY’RE STILL PEOPLE’S FUCKING EMOTIONS

  32. Hannah doesn’t deserve Peter, but you can tell he still has feelings for her. His face lit up when he saw her. I hope he finds someone that truly treasures him.

  33. Oh my gosh I know you guys need ratings and the contracts but I wish Peter and Hannah B could just be left alone. And Peter better run for Hannah B🙏🙀
    Many are shading Hannah but I don't think she deserves it

  34. Why is hanna here!??
    It's good to see her but she already has a chemistry with peter and it's soo unfair for the other girls .

  35. Why is hanna here!??
    It's good to see her but she already has a chemistry with peter and it's soo unfair for the other girls .

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