Gerrits Tagebuch Vol.3: Flughafen & Startbahn / Gerrits diary vol.3: Airport and runway

Gerrits Tagebuch Vol.3: Flughafen & Startbahn / Gerrits diary vol.3: Airport and runway

Hello. One month has passed, and we have breaking news, again.
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I was on ski vacation, and recuperated from work. But in the meantime, our guys and girls were busy, nonetheless. In our last report, I announced that we would tear down the rundway. The guys started with that shortly after I left for vacation. Of course, we took great care to recycle as many parts as possible, so they wouldn’t go to waste. I must admit that during vacation, I had several questions whether everything is functioning the way it should. So I called up. Hey axel, Gerrit speaking Everything’s working fine? Any questions? None? You’re managing fine, then? Without me…are you sure? During the call Axel said that he’s got a grip on everything. However, on this picture Axel looks somewhat lost between all those cables. He and the others were supposed to tear down my workstation as well. It was only a test area, and has to get removed. After all, the final installation will take its place. It actually looks a bit tricky, but everything worked out well. After all, the guys knew how to reach me, if necessary. Sönke had to solve another issue during my vacation, and it looks like he also managed well without me. He is a dental technician. Therefore, he was predestined to make a mold of the aircraft nose. The problem was that the aircraft nose rose when the rods were pulled out, so we had raise the weight in the bow. The goal was to integrate about 100 grams of weight into the bow. Stefan and he tried for a while to find some space in that little aircraft nose. Finally, they were able to integrate 76 grams. Problem solved. This is the aircraft. It has two halves, therefore the weight was split. Here, the weight fits exactly. In the other part, the weight fits well in front. As you can see, there is not a spare millimer left. Just as with the aircrafts, the car-system automobiles principally need weight on the front axle. Hi Sönke I called Axel a few times. Do you need any help? So, while I enjoyed my ski vacation, and didn’t mind Wunderland and our airport at all, the guys constucted a new table, already. This time, the table is much more complicated than before. We not only had to paint the table with several coatings of flame-resistant paint, as always, we also had to do a lot of advance planning. This time, more technical issues as usual collide: the pushbacks, the escalators, the railroad, of coursed, and the entire technology for the airport control system. Everything we can prepare in advance, e.g. drilling holes, laying cable trays and constructing the routs for our trains, will save us a lot of time and work later on. So, we reflected and planned for a long time where to drill holes. Now, the true challenge begins. The layout has to be precisely aligned down to a tenth of a millimeter, so the aircrafts will run absolutely without error, especially at takeoff. Shortly before my vacations ended, the guys had finished to take down the old table. They had also started constructing panels. I didn’t actually want to return, but I was drawn back by several issues regarding the airport, and I was really looking forward to see how far my team got. On my return I was positively surprised. My guys had delivered fantastic work and everything was finished. I couldn’t have asked for more. Straight after my return we tackled the issue I was looking forward to for years: to install the contact wires in the airport layout. We started full of anticipation. We began with drawing contact wires in the easy parts and to install the repeaters. Right now we are dealing only with the runway and one of the taxiways, so we are able to drive a circle. Here, you can see the challenge: On this picture, the aircraft has left the contact wire and needs correction. Junctions are a big challenge in magnetic routings, because its really difficult. Even the slightest correction can cause the aircraft to take a wrong turn, and then it won’t run straight ahead. Junctions have to be well trafficable in all four directions. The solution is not always easy to find. It takes a lot of trying out, cutting here, adding a little wire there. Eventually, it will be funcioning right. This was really a hard case, but Axel came up with a great solution. I don’t like it at all, when Axel is trespassing my territoy. My territory, my territory! When you work together all day long, sometimes rivalries arise. But Axel and I have been working together for a very long time, and we still have a lot of fun. And I hope, we’ll keep on having fun! Now we’ll start connecting the system, meaning this one quarter of the airport will get connected. That means, we’ll install the basic technology and we’ll begin to build up the overhead sensor system. This is the preview for the next four weeks. We hope to have serious trial runs within four weeks, at the latest. And that we can see airplanes actually taking off, and landing. On permanent duty. I am looking forward to it.”

41 thoughts on “Gerrits Tagebuch Vol.3: Flughafen & Startbahn / Gerrits diary vol.3: Airport and runway

  1. Tja, schon doof, wenn die Arbeit auch ohne den Chef klappt. Da kommt man sich gleich so überflüssig vor! 😉
    Gerrit, sei froh dass es so läuft, weil annersrum wär nämlich schlecht 😀

  2. ja,is mir au klar^^is ja wohl auch angebracht,als hamburger instituzion,wobi die united wohl ne 777 is,ne,ich meinte von welcher firma die modelle sind

  3. Die Grundmodelle sind: Die 777 "United" von Wooster, der A380 ist ein Eigenbau.
    Viele brauchbare Flugzeugrümpfe haben wir bei ebay China gefunden .

  4. @MiWuLaTV

    YouTube should make the subtitle option more clear.

    anyway, great work on the Airport. I hope to visit it in a few months when i'm in GER.

  5. Ich war heute da und hatte eine Gänsehaut als ich den Flughafen sah. echt tolle Arbeit! Und für 12 € Eintritt ist es wirklich günstig. Vielen dank dafür. 😉

  6. Ich war heute da und hatte eine Gänsehaut als ich den Flughafen sah. echt tolle Arbeit! Und für 12 € Eintritt ist es wirklich günstig. Vielen dank dafür. 😉

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