FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano | Full Episode 1

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano | Full Episode 1

The train is already here! Let’s go! Grandma, take my seat. Thank you. The “Wanted Criminal” on the newspaper looks like the guy sitting at the end wearing a black hat Nobody moves! Nobody moves! Keep on driving! Keep on driving! Keep driving! Don’t involve the child! I’m begging you! We will all explode! Hang on! What really happened? Thank you! And then he just grabbed the gun from the security guard and showed us the bomb. Brother! Thank you so much! You saved our lives! You have to remember that not all those who want to serve our country are being given chances. And I also want to remind you that the right and power that will be bestowed upon you shouldn’t be something to boastful of but to be used to save the rights of the people. Also bear in mind the happiness when you carried out your duties correctly and honestly. Now is the beginning, not only of your profession but also of your new life. A salute for the masterpiece of the the King of Filipino Movies Fernando Poe Jr. Brought to you by ABS-CBN Coco Martin FPJ’s, “The Countryman” (term for a person that comes from a province) This uniform is sacred here inside the academy. Because we rarely wear our Gala Uniform. For special occasions only and tomorrow I am going to wear for the most special occasion here in the academy. Finally, I will graduate. Tomorrow, I will become a policeman. The path we went through wasn’t easy at all for the last 4 years. Grandma, let’s go. Be careful Let’s go? Grandma? i’m going now to the assembly. Honestly, Ador I am very, very happy because this is the beginning of your dreams But my grandchild, I will miss you. After the reception rights, we won’t see each other for 1 year. Take care of yourself. Yes, grandma. Go now. Okay! When I first set foot inside the academy, I was full of hopes and determination that I will be able to fulfill my dream. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Welcome to the reception rights of the BsPs Class of 2011. The ceremony begins. These are the students who came before them. These are already students here. The training here is really good. They are hurting each other for real! Let him. He will soon learn. On the first day, they gave us the taste of what our lives would be in the academy. I felt too nervous. In my mind, can i make it? Because as each day passed by, it became harder and harder Only ten counts and you should be wearing your athletic uniform! one! two! Three! Being a plebeian (of lower rank), I was able to test the strength of my body within 45 days. That’s why they call this 45 days as the “breaking period.” Removing our attitude of being undisciplined. We are taught to follow those who are superior to us. We are being taught to be humble. These were our preparations to become one of the brave cadets in our incorporation. Our characters were strongly molded so that we could practice the real meaning of serving. Integrity and justice. Are yoou doing it on purpose? Why did you jump here? Enough of this. Enough of this. What’s happening here? You know very well that fighting is not permissible in the academy. Good thing you were stopped by De Leon. You both will be given demerits while you De Leon, what you did was commendable. Merits will be given to you. Sir! Thank you, sir! Now, prepare for touring. Both of you! We were taught the importance of brotherhood but even if we only have one goal as cadets, we have different views in life. We differ from where we came from. Different in characters. You will and you will have your enemies. Is a person arrested or a person who’s under custodial investigation allowed to call his wife or family to be beside him? Yes, Tuazon? Sir, according to Republic Act 7438 of 1992 under Section 2 – anyone arrested or detained or under custodial investigation, shall be allowed visits by or conferences with any member of the immediate family, sir. Very good. But, why? Isn’t just right for them not to be allowed to be with their loved ones? De Leon? Sir. Because that is what the law says that we need to follow especially if the person has not yet confirmed that he had sinned. It is also stated in the Republic Act 7438 under Section 1 that we need to respect and give importance of to the rights of each individual. No matter what crime they have committed, they are still human beings. Well said, De Leon. Take your seat. Also within that 4 years, one brotherhood was formed. One strong family. Helping each other and together to reach our goal. Quickly! You are too slow! Tuazon! What happened to you?! Quickly! What the?! Gabriel! What’s this?! You are too slow! What’s happening to you, huh?! I can’t do this anymore! You can do it! It is so near! You can do it. I don’t want this anymore. Assure it. Aim at it. Hit the target Next buddy! De Leon! Guzman! Next buddy! Good shooting De Leon. Gabriel! Vargas! Do you have a problem? Position! Hurry up! I don’t want to this anymore, sir! I quit! I don’t want this anymore! But in spite of our promises to each other that we will help each other, there were still some who could not take the life inside the academy and cease to continue. We didn’t only go through physical and intellectual hardships Mark? You miss your mother again, right? If you miss your mother, then why don’t you just go home? Why? How about you, Joaquin? Don’t you miss your parents? You know what, if you’ll only be home-sicked, then you shouldn’t have come here in the first place. Right? It’s also a hard test for us to be away from our families, from our loved ones. My child! Pa! Billy! See? I told you! Once he gets inside, he’ll be so different! Look! He looks very much of a policeman now! Thank you, Pa! Ador, come here. I’ll introduce you to my parents. Pa, Ma. This is Ador. My mate. You know, he’s the one who always helped me while inside. Ador, thank you very much. Don’t mind it. We only have each other here inside. Carmen? Carmen? Hey! Come here! Brother! We missed you! Still busy on your mobile. No. By the way, this is my mate. Ador. Ador, she is my sister. Carmen. How are you? Ah, I guess it’s better we get going so we can eat out now. Let’s go now. Come with us? No need. You might go out of way. You guys just take care. Let’s go, Billy! See you. Adoooooooooor! Ador! What are you doing here? Ador! My grandchild! You surprised me! I didn’t know that you’ll be coming home! I really, really missed you! Oh! Why you look so thin? They didn’t feed you there? Grandma, do you have kare-kare (filipino dish)? Ha? We will cook! By the way, grandchild, how were you at the academy? Grandfather (Lolo)-Uncle, I’m the top of the class. Just continue that.And remember, focus. Get rid of any destructions. Yes, Lo. Mate. Why? Is it okay that on our next weekend pass you come with me to my house? Why? What is the occasion? It’s my sister’s birthday. Ahh, okay. Not a problem. That’s good. You really got the recipe! Much more tasty! Someone ordered and he says kare-kare! Okay! I’ll include that on the list! Elmo, wait! I didn’t cook the kare-kare for the cafeteria. I will bring it for the birthday party of Billy’s sister. You rarely come home and yet I still have to share your time with someone else. How important is that person that you even have to cook kare-kare? La? Please don’t be upset. I won’t take long there. And, also, I know his sister Carmen. So, Carmen is the name huh! Carmen! Come with me outside! Just a minute, I’m almost done here. Oh, Carmen I’m sure here’s your special guest. Come on, let’s go. Wait. Brother, just wait. Who’s special? Ah, just wait here. I’ll just call Chukoy to come here. Ador? Hi! Happy birthday. Thank you. Wow! There’s kare-kare! Just go on and eat! What food do you like to cook? Actually, this is my specialty. Try this kare-kare from Ador. I’ll take the menudo (filipino dish) first. Try and taste the kare-kare that I brought you. Did you like it? Yes. Delicious. Thank you. If it’s only possible that we don’t be apart anymore. Carmen, I already love you. That’s what I’m feeling for you. In a short period of time that we’ve known each other, I didn’t know that I’d feel calm with you. That is why, it wasn’t hard to, it wasn’t hard to..I also love you. You don’t want it? No. Is being a policeman just a dream? Or is it actually in my character? As we go near to the end of our journey This is what’s going to be set in my mind Whatever path you choose for your life, be it policemen someday, you are being called by God to serve him. If you are going to be honest to your profession or save the oppressed, you are actually answering to God’s command as a police as His follower. Father? Why did you want to be a policeman? Why not? Can’t a God’s disciple be also a disciple of the law? I have two-folds of blessings. I have two vocations. What if the time comes that you would need to shoot a person? I hope that day won’t come that I would have to choose if I need to be a policeman or a priest. But one experience will give clarifications to my worries. The jeep will fall down! Hold it! Keep pulling! Come and hold my hand! Are you okay? Because of that, I had a determined heart In the call of service. This is my vocation. To be a savior. Hi, Lola Kap (Captain Grandma)! After that one, do this one. Wait, why only these? Lola? There are actually a lot of banderitas that it almost looks like there is a fiesta (town party). Because it’s Ador’s graduation! Wait! Wait! You might get hurt! No, Lola Kap. We’re just praacticing for Brother Ador. Thank you! Hey! There’s something wrong! Why Lola? Read it! Congratulation! What’s the right word Lola? Congratulations! With letter S! Don’t you know Lola Kap was an English teacher before? Lola, don’t worry. I’ll fix it and add the letter S there. Sorry for that. Lola Kap! Lola Kap! Can I oget half-order of munngo (filipino dish)? Here’s your munggo. Lola Kap,only half-order! How will you child be healthy? Be careful with the fish bones, your child may accidentally eat it. Lola Kap, how about your garbage? Oh here, take some refreshments first. Thank you, Lola Kap! You are so nice. Wait, wait, wait, wait! What’s that? That’s bad, okay? Why do you take someone else’s belongings? Wait, wait. He’s just a kid. You? Have you eaten yet? Ha? Don’t you ever, ever do that thing again okay? Taking things that are not yours. You call that stealing. That’s why, now that you are still a child, I am teaching you a lesson not to do that kind of thing. That’s not right. Thank you, Lola. You’re welcome. Just don’t do anything bad again, okay? Yes. Police Inspector De Leon. Sister, this is Chief Inspector Carreon. He is the camp supervisor and instructor of Ador here at the academy. Glad to meet you, sir. You must be very proud of you rgrandson, ma’am? Let’s have a seat. And I am the father of Abel Guzman. And she’s my wife. My daughter, Carmen. And our youngest child, Ryan. Please, take your seats. Thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen, good morning. On the occasion of the 32nd PNPA Commencement Exercises for Masaligan Class of 2011. With His Excellency, President of the Republic of the Philippines. The ceremony begins. We are requesting His Excellency, President of the Republic of the Philippines, to present the diplomas and the awards to the graduates of the PNPA Masaligan Class of 2011. To be assisted by the PNPA Director Police Chief Superintendent Antonio Llianza De Clara. Cadet Dominador Borja De Leon Sampaloc, Manila Cadet De Leon will receive the Presidential Kampilan for graduating number 1 in the graduation merit hall of the BsPs Masaligan Class of 2011. The Kampilan will be awarded by His Excellency, President of the Republic of the Philippines. Cadet Joaquin Sequia Tuazon Quezon City The Vice Presidential Kampilan for graduating number 2 in the graduation merit hall of the BsPs Masaligan Class of 2011. Cadet Abel Montano Guzman Santa Ana, Manila Cadet Guzman receives a plaque of merit for graduating number 8. And also for displaying heroism of our new police inspector Dominador De Leon when he saved George Hernandez on the hostage taking at the PNR and when he saved Mrs. Purificacion Molino in a vehicular accident, he will receive a medal from our beloved president. On this day, I would like to thank my real hero. I am thankful to the one person that I truly loved the most, my Grandma Flora. Thank you very, very much La. Because you believe that I will become courageous, And a model policeman Just like my father. I also want to thank to Chief Superintendent Delfin Borja Grandfather-uncle Thank you very, very much You served as my second father I would also like to thank to a woman that gave me inspiration to get through all the trials Carmen Thank you very much. I would also want to thank my parents my sibling all these awards that I received today I offer to you. And to all of us, Masaligan Class of 2011 this celebration on this morning this is not the end. but the beginning of the real challenges as law enforcers as saviors and as protectors (if you can’t understand things anymore) (If there’s no one else to hold on to) (Hold on to me (Hold on to me) (I won’t let go of you) (I won’t neglect you I (stated their names) will uphold and fight the civil rights of the Philippines will truthfully follow and adhere I will follow the laws legal orders So help me God. See, mates? This is what we wanted. Right? You know what, it’s so good to hear – Protector. That’s us! Right? Mates? Let’s engrave this in our hearts. Are you serious? Your speech is over! Looks like your competition with with Ador is over here in the academy? He made himself look like a hero that’s why he won over Joaquin. You awards won’t feed you, Ador. Let’s see once your stomach churns in hunger. You will bite into it, someday.

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  1. Sep 2015 nag simula ang probinsyano

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    Wow! Tagal na ang teleserye na ito 3 years na kailan ba to ma tatapos?

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