stardate ten twenty seven twenty
nineteen twenty nineteen they don’t sound alright but I guess it is that’s
what it is check it out people we’re in Kansas
today we know he dumped our load over in Arkansas City and we we didn’t we had a
day off and we went and rode the motorcycles all over Kansas Dorothy I
got chased by Dorothy’s dog on a back road but it was still a good time then
we picked up what looked like to be the exact same load that we’ve delivered we
picked up going to Pittsburgh Allegheny Airport all aboard that’s
where we’re going and that’s where you’re gonna go with us look how nice it
is it’s 51 degrees it was 47 when I got up this morning but on October the 27th
I told y’all that this was in a pocket that today we lived last two days we’ve
been in a pocket right here in Kansas and it was just beautiful whether we act
we went Nate some Chinese made them make the girl happy to get some Chinese it
didn’t make me very happy but it was actually pretty tasty I feel
that it was a good meal everything was Quito all right I don’t
know you can’t trust them folks they might have putted some some sugar in
something but I don’t know I can’t prove it it might have been pineapple juice
who knows but it was a great day yeah I haven’t checked the weather going up to
Pennsylvania yet but I know it was raining over through Kentucky and
Indiana yesterday so I’m it’s probably nasty weather but hey whatever we’ll
make the best out of it well maybe I’ll be able to get to ride in Pennsylvania I
don’t think that we’re gonna get those four turns in that I was looking for
I’ve actually made the money as much money doing four turns doing these two
short runs as I would have done the four turns so I’m perfectly fine if I get
another another run in before the first I’m just gonna I’m just gonna be
it’s just gonna be more gravy more gravy for the hound dog right
everybody likes some gravy yeah and look at that flooded lake out there what’s
all them trees doing inside of it apparently it ain’t been flooded too
awful many years or them trees with a dozen rot it away and fell down I can’t
see that being a floodplain it’s too deep because I see waves over to my left
if you got white chop you’ve got deep usually maybe I don’t know I don’t know
but we’ll find out I know that this is a prairie State
I mean if you don’t know what the Prairie State just look to the right of
me and to the left of me and you will soon discover it’s a prairie State and I
guess there’s not a value a lot of value in Prairie real estate I don’t know how
much land goes for around here by imagine it’s not a huge amount and what
are you gonna do I know there’s a whole formula on feeding cows Bend any can
tell it to me but it’s different in every part of the country because of the
the foliage the land that you have to feed your animals off of but this is
really pretty I mean I know it’s not grain or anything like we grow in the
Midway in our part of the Midwest but it’s still very pretty this time of year
these open grasslands I wonder if it’s kind of like a savanna or something is
in Africa I don’t know and they don’t till this stuff and I’m sure they didn’t
plan it I guess they could have planted some stuff but I I don’t know I don’t
know I don’t know anything about cows for this part of the country
well alright go faster then white truck I’ll just come back in behind you then
hey you wanna you take it just take it like you stole it but anyway a lot of
times you don’t realize that the beauty in Kansas but there is some beauty here
it’s like old yellow country but I think Old Yeller was Texas and the even the woods and everything is
there kind of sparse around here they’re not woolly woods like we have where we
live I guess there’s some lowly spots but I
don’t know I kind of like Kansas there’s just not a lot to see now we didn’t get
to come over here and ride in the Flint Hills these are the Flint Hills right
here and it’s price is probably the best best part of Cannes as far as I can see
I’ve asked a couple of people where to ride it and that was the only thing they
could really tell me was the Flint Hills so this is probably it but I’m about Oh
70 miles from where I was where I loaded it so I’m a little too far on a cold day
to drive the motorcycle all the way up here to to go and check out the local
landscape it looks like we’re coming up on Wichita I think it’s Wichita hell I
don’t know I’m pretty sure it is but it’s where you make our little
switch here and stay on 35 and or whatever I don’t think it can be what
you Tom Hale now it’s Emporia that’s what it is all right damn that tells you
how much attention I’ve been paying right I only turned the camera on
because the sky was so pretty in front of me where it looks like I’m definitely
running into storm clouds you but you know what after three weeks running back
and forth across eighty or I mean two weeks three trips across 80 in all that
snow and ice I haven’t washed the truck now I washed it right before who would
have thunk that was going to happen but it won’t hurt it to get washed off I
can’t complain about a free car wash even if I don’t have a car but anyway
the sky is freakin beautiful and actually this one this is one of those
times when when the camera is picking it up prettier than my eye
you just never know about cameras I’ve got to I’ve got to take my iphone back
and I’m gonna try to get something better I mean the iPhone just sucks but
this one here that I’m recording on right now it kind of sucks too I mean
the video sucks they just don’t work right but it’s that’s my junk camera
that I just used for filming anyway okay I’m slowing down like you’re saying slow
down all right ain’t I good boy yes I am there but if it don’t start raining I’ll
be okay with that – I’m 100% happy – rye and dry tried with dry skies I hope you
guys all have dry skies today wherever you fare
it makes everybody feel better actually after riding the bike today I feel
freaking great but when I got up this morning and I took the bikes out because
I had him out from yesterday I got that bit like 7:30 it was cold as hell and I
just I looked at the girl and she was sleeping really good
I didn’t even wake her up I didn’t cook her breakfast either I just went got on
the bike and took off and started riding and having a great day all by myself
lord knows she slept till 1:30 you know she’s got that lady flu thing
and that makes them sleep like like crazy at least that’s my experience with
the lady flu well we have made it a hundred and sixty miles and I have got a
really bad crosswind that’s gone it has knocked my fuel mileage down to the spot
is 5.2 I don’t really like that but I’ve only got a little bit farther to Kansas
City where I will turn east and will really pick me up but a tailwind that’s
gonna probably pop me back up to seven miles to the gallon now I really like
that so but I’ve got to buy some damn love’s fuel I hate buying loves to not
there’s anything wrong with love’s but you know I don’t get my discount here
that I could get in other places but I can’t make it nowhere else this is it so
let’s go in here get some Go juice and some Go juice for me too because I don’t
I’m not gonna take time to make any and to water because I need some water I
filled up here two days ago and I got I got plenty but you know you never know
if you’re gonna get stuck somewhere like you know how am I get stuck in
Pittsburgh for a couple of days or something 66 gallons
is a lot of water Wow there’s nobody in the truck stop tonight 66 gallons is a
lot of water but when you’re stuck can you take a couple of showers even if you
do take quick showers you know it’s it’s just it’s just like it’s wise to pad
your account have a savings account all right well getting extra water is
savings account for me and I get me some and and then I’m good for everything and
you can believe it the girl likes having extra water you know and I told you that
lady flows here so that’s always a good thing let’s see this next to last one
always has water at the loves and it is potable water in case you guys are
wanting to know not that I’m going to be drinking it but I will be showering with
it so let’s get some fuel and then maybe I can talk to you guys in Kansas Kansas
City well lookie lookie who’s got nookie what
am I talking about ah look where we’re at folks we are in st. Louis we’re doing
really good and yes that fuel mileage has picked back up to six miles to the
gallon with this tailwind I’m very happy to have that going on
but my day is just about done I’m gonna be switching out up here shortly and the
girls gonna have to drive I’ve got some I’ve got some serious things to do
tomorrow that I can’t share with you yet but you’ll you’ll know soon enough it
actually entails the other channel but it’s gonna involve you guys too because
I’ve got a special deal yes I do a special deal for everybody you’re gonna
love it let’s see I got 600 miles left so if girls can get me 500 miles closer
then I can yeah I’ll be at by then finish it off cuz we’re going to the
Allegheny Airport and I’m sure she’s not gonna want to screw with the Allegheny
Airport I don’t blame her I don’t want to screw with it either but it’d be
alright it’s nothing but a thing so I’m gonna pull off over here get dogs out she just said did you hear did you know
he’s in West Virginia I didn’t know he’s in West Virginia I was gonna say welcome
to Pennsylvania but apparently we’re in West Virginia not Pennsylvania y’all I’m
a hyped up on coffee I was a would say crack cocaine but it’s caffeine coffee
not crack cocaine and I am apparently in West Virginia where there’s one lane of
road on each side my goodness these are narrow little things here
that’s a pretty house I bet it used to be a an old women tavern they are just
gonna run that stop sign ain’t they that’s how pretty is that that’s not a
what’s that called the suspension bridge that’s what it’s called see the pretty
suspension bridge oh they can’t see this ugly construction in front of us okay so
anyway I’m supposed to tell you guys some apparently he’s been doing vlogs
without me because that’s how he rolls cuz he don’t care if I’m in the vlogs or
not cuz he’s the important baby making us exit oh no they’re not
cuz apparently he don’t care if I’m in the I was gonna say motor vlog he don’t
care if I’m in the vlog as long as he’s in there so let me tell you about my
night I drove last night from what time did I start doing about two o’clock 1:30
2:00 o’clock something like that till this morning and he’s driving the last
hundred miles who here’s a tunnel oh I was gonna say I might lose you babe
I guess if you recorded I won’t lose you will I so we are on our way to some name
that I don’t know but he keeps saying that it’s Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania we’re not stuck in the snow we’re not stuck in the ice thank
goodness we drove right out of it and for the moment we don’t have a load so
we’re going to go right our motorcycles are after we get unloaded but what time
is it it is one o’clock we’ll get over there it’s a 2 or 2:30 by the time we
get in and get through security and all that good stuff depending on what I have
we have to go through there so we can write for a couple hours tonight and
it’s 62 degrees at noon so they’ll actually be warm I got my hot Kevlar
pants yeah I made the mistake the other day we went
riding and I was like oh we were parked at the Walmart like I’m gonna run in and
get a few things cuz we needed some heavy cream and a couple steaks cuz we
were running behind getting back to the truck so like oh I’m just gonna run and
grab a few things well you finished putting the bikes up and stuff I ran in
to grab a few things well my knee
have these what are these things called they’re not plastic they’re my knees
have d3o armor kind of like r2d2 but it’s d23 tío armor in them and let me
tell you it’s not breathable and ironically when I came out of Walmart my
dad gun needs were sweating you ever have me sweat like really
but anyway 62 I probably don’t need to put them along John’s today but I’ll
wear my kevlar pants hey Kent boy oh I’ll take you guys for a ride over on
the other channel I don’t know where I’ll go whee what I’ll babble about I
would tell you about the pretty trees but you said I’ll see these trees here
over half I’m ready all the way naked naked they’re just gone it just happens
overnight it seems like they start to change and then BAM happens gone next
week the rest something’s gonna be gone apparently out west is there’s been
blizzards every day there’s also snow in Texas Texas was shut down for snow and
the week before they were shut down for tornado activity I don’t know if they
actually shut down for that but they had tornadoes week before it didn’t they why
ain’t going to Texas either I said I’m just gonna go up here to Pennsylvania
and park and go ride the motorbike and see what mischief it’s not flashing see
what mischief we can get into so I will see you guys
green light I got a green light today to hear the prepass yeah I will see you
guys later


  1. This is sad!!! Why are we watching almost three month old videos?? Hard to relate the weather from then to now.

  2. No video from T.R.C. "sucks". I enjoy all your videos.
    That cloud looked like the smoke from an explosion. Never saw that before.

  3. Everybody loves extra gravy, I'm going to have to find out what the most popular things are to put gravy on and one man's junk sometimes is another man's treasure

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