Figeac Aero & DDMRP : Témoignages

It’s brand new, but my personal opinion is : this is a tool of the future Today we are asked to be more and more reactive but inevitably, at some point we need tools to help man and DDMRP is very welcome to manage these responsiveness issues, these BFR problems that every business encounters nowadays. The implementation of the DDMRP allowed us to have a common exchange tool with our subsidiaries It is a user-friendly tool which helped us ease a little cultural problems that we could have between France and the Maghreb countries. Today a real partners relationship has been established with our supplier of materials. Relations are peaceful: we work in good conditions on a daily basis. Figeac Aero relies on DDMRP to progress and absorb variability across the entire supply chain both with our subsidiaries and with our suppliers and customers. Thanks to this method, only the references that are on alert are raised. We only process these with a very simple color code: urgently the reds and so on; red / yellow / green This method is very simple and easy to handle, to change our way of thinking and thinking DDMRP. We have a system that now alerts by saying “be careful, you have to do this”. We hardly have any more questions to ask: we just have to do what the system asks, to resolve the situation and we are sure not to miss an important thing to do or an emergency that could have been forgotten. This allowed us, at Figeac Aéro, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method on tangible cases It made us want to go further, and to deploy the method even more widely. The implementation of DDMRP at Figeac Aéro is clearly an innovation, It is the 1st time that the Replenishment + solution has been implemented robustly in France. For me who have been working in aeronautics for 17 years, it’s satisfying to see that we can contribute to advancing piloting the aeronautical supply chain in France.

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