FASTEST PAPER AIRPLANE in the World – How to make the Best Paper Airpalne Ever | X-Speeder

FASTEST PAPER AIRPLANE in the World – How to make the Best Paper Airpalne Ever | X-Speeder

Hey, so let’s tart now! X-Speeder! Let’s try it one more time Welcome to Paper Artland! Let’s start now. To make the X-Speeder, you need a printing paper. I am using U.S letter size So, if want to use A4 paper, you can follow a link on my description, and print it down, trim it down to this size. Ok, uhm so Keep in mind that this paper airplane is extremely difficult to fold. You need to be fast and patient to fold it. Alright! First step, I will fold the paper in half this way Okay And, next, I start from the corner here, and fold this layer straight to this corner. Alright! Turn the paper over, and repeat the same step for the other side Just match this edge to the edge on the bottom here. Wow, it looks really good now. Ok, I will just open the paper. One layer will be in, and another layer will be overlapped Now, we have a triangle shape, and it looks really nice. Next, just fold the paper in half to create the center crease. Okay Alright, so the following step, I just start from the top here and fold it down to the bottom edge Use the center crease as your reference ( to fold ) Okay, and then now, you can start from this edge to fold to the center crease. When you fold it to the center crease, DONOT match it to the central crease. Leave it a gap like this Can you see the center crease here? So, there is a gap between the center crease and this edge. Just repeat the same step for the other side. Leave it a gap! See this part? Just fold it up! to hold the gap. Per–fect! Then just fold the paper in half Actually, just turn the paper over and now you can fold this part of the paper down to create the body of the plane so just estimate about 1in ( 2.5cm) from the top here along this edge Push it down like this! See that? It is about 1in ( 2.5cm) from this tip to this point. When you fold down, just keep folding until you see about 1in from the intersection of this edge to this point. Push it down like this It is EXTREMELYDIFFICULT, so be PATIENT! Next step, I fold this edge to match this edge to create the wings. And, I will fold it carefully! Just let you know that you can not match it straight to this edge completely because this part’s really hard. So, you should have a small distance from the edge here to this edge ( of the wing) Repeat the same step for the other side. Match this edge of this layer to thsi edge Open the paper! so this is what you should have for now. I just fold the paper back to create the stabilizers Now you need to use your imagination to imagine That you have a line here and just start from the intersection of the the edge the imaginative line to this comer. Ok, so when you fold it up, just match this edge to this corner. Repeat the same step for the other side. Turn the paper over Martch this edge to this edge Here we go! It looks very good. Ok, the following step! I will stylize the stabilizers As you can see the edge hee, just fold it to this edge Repeat the same step for the other side. Turn the paper over. Start from this edge fold it to thsi edge Here we go, so this is what we have so far! Just open this wings right back (like this) Now repeat the same step for the other side. Fold this part up! Pull the stabilizers out! Make sure it make a (perpendicular) right angle to wings Repeat the same step for this side. It is really good now. Okay Next step! I jsut fold this corner straight to this edge (like this) We’re ( going to) create a weird stabilizers which will help the plane fly well. Repeat the same step here. I have to speed it up because it is too slow already! So it is very good for now. Next step, we just need to curve this part of the wings up a little bit and repeat the same step for the other side. Now, here you are, this is the X-Speeder So, there is another step you can do to make it look nicer. Fold this part of the body up to create the center stabilizer. Just fold it up like this. Just fold it up a little bit more, but do not fold it up too much! Kay, so this is what we should have for now. So, this is the X-Speeder, And I will have this part of the plane to hold. ( I need to fix it). Just fold it back in. So, you can hold it right here and throw it up at 30° to 40° degrees straight up! If it down’t fly well, curve the sings a little bit more. Make sure that every part of the wings are symmetrical! Otherwise, it will turn to the left or to the right! Alright, finally, this is the X-Speeder. and if you think this paper airplane is Awesome Like the video, share it with your friends and subscribe my channel! Otherwise! Happy April Fools Thank you for watching! Bye Bye

100 thoughts on “FASTEST PAPER AIRPLANE in the World – How to make the Best Paper Airpalne Ever | X-Speeder

  1. it's not hard to make a paper airplane that goes fast. just fold the plane in a manner that creates least drag and throw it hard.

  2. I tried to race against this and im the fastest kid in this street or whatever its called and guess what? I lost just by like 20 cm!

  3. I made the plane and it spun out of control, I did it perfectly, I'm honestly disappointed, such a waste of time don't make this plane!

  4. My first try…didn't fly at all.Second… Spun out of control. Third… Flyin' like a real jet. Just a little message to all of YT that your first isn't gonna be your best.😸 Thanks for the video, BTW.

  5. the greatest aeroplane ever don't be sad trikdang if they tell I don't like this . they tell beacuse they don't know how to make paper aeroplane .Just look the good comments

  6. was a good vid about How to make the FASTEST paper airplane in the world – Best Origami paper planes for Kids | X-Speeder

  7. I absolutely love this plane!!! I first made it when I was 7. Now I am 10 and still think this plane is the fastest paper plane on the face of the planet! Thanks. You are awesome!

  8. I've been testing the speeds of paper airplanes and from the 20 fastest I've seen on the internet, this is by far the fastest. For those who are wondering, with an 120FPS camera slowed down to 30FPS, this plane was able to cross a distance of 12 feet in only 14 frames. This means that the plane had an average velocity of 70MPH or 113KM/H. Impressive!

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