5 thoughts on “Family wants answers in prison transport death

  1. Again to my understanding those locks don't just switch off. I was told it was a safety thing. So locks were broken? And I guess I missed the part where this young lady was a magician. No one could unlock all these locks and a officer not notice. How is it possible she did all that and no one noticed. No one heard anything. Thing is she was going for more test. I hope that the officers driving her are suspended as well. I don't care who you are you deserve to be treated like human. It gives me chills as to what might have happened to her before she was thrown, pushed to the side of the road. This is a case where all officers evolved are at fault. The job was to guard a woman. That is it. Possible assaults, not watching, listening, not checking locks, vehicle maintenance. Prayers for family.

  2. The entire department needs to be held accountable. Someone knows something. There needs to be an Independent investigation. Prayers for this Morther and family.

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