39 thoughts on “F-15C AN/APG-63 Pulse-Doppler Radar Tutorial; Lock On Flaming Cliffs (Part 1 of 2)

  1. @Bluedrake42 the dot u se on the screen is where the enemy is positioned from ur nose..like top right or down left..u also have to put in the height number u want to scan into the radar to show ur enemy

  2. @vRAFonVATSIM You are partially right, when you say that TWS is better! BUT…TWS lock-on is easier to be broken, because occasionally you must readjust your elevation scan! My philosophy while flying F-15C is to use STT while fighting against one target, and TWS while fighting multiple targets, for better insight in situation and multiple targets engagment!


  3. HI, Im not the maker of the vid, but I would advise that you go to your GFX cards controls and activate anti aliasing, give it x2 or x4 and this tends to sharpen everything up. I dont think there is native AA in Lock On and you have to do it this way.

    I dont hink this guy is using mod, it looks like the standard F15 cockpit to me,.

  4. Hi, no its definitively a mod. I run FC2 with 32x CSAA, 8x supersampling, ambient occlusion… and standard cockpit didnt look as neat.. I did some research and found a mod for F15 with HD gauges, switches and dials, now it looks much nicer than the original design. Thanks for replying though)

    PS heres a link: lockonfilesDOTcom/index.php/files/file/1968-fc2-f-15c-cockpit-mod-hd-dials/

  5. Ok so i know that the number at the upper right of the screen is the range the radar scope is scanning but where does it display the range of the target thats being tracked?

  6. Hi. Your video on the A-10 DCS challenged me, I fly a lot of FSX and I am tempted by a simulation combat. Could you advise me, what is better: DCS A10 or the new flaming Cliff 2, 3 or other?

  7. DCS A-10 is much more realistic, but only simulates one aircraft, the A-10 obviously. Flaming Cliffs 2 is probably better to go into first before trying the harder simulation stuff. They both run on the same engine if I'm not mistaken.

    A game that's just as complicated as DCS A-10 is Falcon 4.0 BMS. It simulates the F-16 though so you'll get to shoot down some planes. :p

  8. How to enter BVR mode?
    How to turn on Radar?
    How to lock?
    How to confirm selection?

    Other than not explaining half the things you are doing nice tutorial

  9. i bought K50 first … nearly died … bought A10 after, nearly died too. Got Flaming Cliffs 2 now, it is difficult enough ^^

    I wish i could spend entire weeks on these games !

  10. There is a tutorial on the training section of the main menu with a similar name as this one, it is in text though, not audio but it is very direct and to the point. make sure you pause (s) each bit of text as soon as it comes up cause if you miss it u have to start again to get it again. Just been taking notes on it myself n gonna do every in game tutorial first itll just be easier that way i recon.

  11. It depends on the setup you have, I for example have thoes actions bound to my joystick, If you go into the dcs key config there is a option called "save to html", this brings up a local webpage showing you all of the controls you have bound to what keys, you can then use CTRL+F to search this and find functions like BVR mode

    Hope that helps 🙂

  12. 2:00 The range is nautical miles right? And not miles as stated in the video? anyway, +1 for this! 

    To the other guys here, there is a 150 page manual. Reading it will help you alot, Ive started on the F15 about a week ago setting up my HOTAS and getting to know the different systems and modes. Im about halfway trough the manual 🙂 

    Edit: Thanks for the subtitle! 

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