Episode 2 | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

Episode 2 | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

Love, I don’t know where this
relationship will lead us. We’ve only just started. And I don’t know when
these struggles will be over. But I know that the
heavens are on our side. Once you get tired of
the chaos around us, just look up. You’ll see the stars… …fighting against
the darkness with you, until the sun starts
to shine on us again. Hello? Is someone there? Ella? Oh my god! What happened? Ella? Stop crying. Here, Miss Ester. I got this for you. It will help ease
your muscle pain. – Ella, you don’t have to.
– It’s okay. My goodness. You don’t have to
take care of me. I should be the one
worrying about you. Your mother was like
a sister to me. When she died, I promised
to watch over you. Don’t worry about me.
I’ll be fine. All I can do is keep
on living my life I couldn’t finish.
I’m an undergraduate. But I studied medical technology
for three years. I also did training
as a midwife. That’s why I can also be
a nursing aide. Come on. There aren’t a lot of
nurses around here. I’ll be happy to have
extra help. Hey, are you okay? Doctor! Please assist her.
She’s dizzy. Ella, why don’t you
just tell Michael? Are you mad at him? I don’t know how
I feel about him. All I know is our love
only made things worse. It’s the reason why
my brother died. I don’t want my child
to get involved. I’ll keep her away
from them all. Hold on! I’m coming! I’m here! Ouch! What do I do, Ella?!
Just tell me! What do I do, Ella?!
I don’t know what to do! Just catch her! The head’s coming out! Then it will come out faster! My goodness! There’s
so much blood! Ella! God, don’t take me yet. I can’t leave my child alone. It’s good that you
took her here quickly. Or else, we could’ve lost her. Thank you, Doctor. Miss Ester. Where’s my baby? – Nurse.
– There she is. Thank you. Thank God. Thank you so much. Hush, my baby. I’m here now. Alright. Can we let the elderly
sit down first? Mister, you can sit here. She has the guts to
come back here. She was gone for so long only to get pregnant. Yes. She’s really
something else. I’m sorry, baby. I had to attend to the patients
at the hospital earlier. That’s why I just got home. I’m sorry. Happy birthday, Mikmik! Hi, Nanay! My dear. I’m so sorry This is all I can buy
for your birthday. We don’t have enough money. It’s okay, Nay. I’ll just make many wishes. Alright. Make your wishes. Wow! How many wishes did you make? 5,000. That’s a lot! Alright. You can eat now. I hope you enjoy it. It’s just a small tooth. You don’t have to cry. I promise it won’t hurt. You’re a brave girl, right? I’ll close the window carefully
so it won’t hurt that much. Okay? Ready? One…I’ll close it carefully. Two. See? It’s done. Here. Look.
It didn’t hurt, right? Very good, dear! We pulled it out. Why? Does it hurt? Then what’s wrong?
Tell me, dear. It’s just that I’ve lost
a lot of teeth already. Oh right! That’s okay. You were so brave, dear. You didn’t cry at all. Can you smile for me? Very good!
Let’s pull out another tooth? Mikmik. Come on, dear. Look, your classmates
are here. Go and join them. Listen to me. I can’t be with you
all the time. You’re a brave girl, right? Be strong.
You can do this. Can I get a kiss? Alright. Go inside. – Bye!
– Bye, Nanay! Come on, Mikmik.
Join us. Dear, what are you doing
with my scrapbook? I’m just using it as a guide
for my homework. – Nay.
– Yes? What’s my father’s name? Just put… – …”deceased.”
– What’s “deceased”? It means that… …your father is already
in heaven. Oh okay. Why didn’t you tell
Mikmik the truth? She’s a smart kid. I’m sure she’d understand
what happened to her father. It’s not Mikmik
I’m worried about. It’s Michael’s family. If I tell Michael, the Villalunas will
know about Mikmik and use her for their plans, just like what they wanted
to do with me. Yes, I know that. But someday, Mikmik will
long for a father’s love. Dear, how did it go? Did you show your teacher
your family tree? It was okay. Why do you look sad? Because I only have two
people in my family tree. My classmates had many people. They have a mother,
father, and siblings. What’s wrong? Are you sad because
it’s just the two of us? No. How about this? So you’d have more people
in your family tree, I’ll be your father too. We can do that? Yes. I’ll be your older
brother and sister too. – And younger sibling?
– Of course. But the youngest
should be taken care of. Are you willing to
take care of me? Okay, but we’ll take turns. I want to be the youngest too. My classmates said the youngest
gets what they want. And what is it my baby wants? I want a cake for my birthday. Is that so? Okay. I’ll save up,
so when your birthday comes, you won’t just have a cake, you’ll have a birthday party. – Does that sound good?
– Yes, Nanay! For now, you can have
a birthday rice cake. It’s freshly cooked. Let’s pretend
it’s a birthday cake. Happy birthday! Is this okay? Thank you, Mr. Romy. Wait! Stand back! Call a tricycle! Where’s the doctor? She already left. We were
about to close the clinic. It’s Mikmik’s birthday! Ella. Where are the kids? It’s late, so we sent them home. Where were you? What took you so long?
We had to cancel the party. Yeah. I’ll be right back. Hey! – Ella!
– I’ll be right back! Where is she going? Where’s Biboy? – He’s inside.
– Tell him the party’s still on. Jenny, bring Lala to
the house for the party. Go on ahead.
I’ll see you there. Ate Tess! Bring Niño to the house.
The party is still on. Keep your voice down. They’re here.
Is Mikmik inside? What are you going to say
when Mikmik comes out? We’ll say,
“Happy birthday, Mikmik–” Surprise! I thought my birthday
party wouldn’t happen. We wouldn’t let that happen. You know, I’ll fight for your
happiness every day. That’s my promise to you. Now, you have a party. Happy birthday, dear. You said we should be happy. Why are you crying? I’m not. There’s just
something in my eye. Happy birthday to you! You can do it! Come here, Mikmik! We’re losing! I’ll just finish this. Hurry! Here, take this. Cake! That’s mine! It’s mine now! That’s mine! Give me back my cake!
That’s mine! Stop it! You want a fight? – But that’s mine!
– You want this?! Here! What?! You want a piece of me? What happened, dear?
What’s with your face? Have you finished your cake? Rocky took it. Why did you let him? You said I shouldn’t
get into fights. I did. But I never said you should
let others take what’s yours. Go get your cake. But he’s too big. He’s scary. You’re not a coward, are you? Especially since
you’re in the right. Go back to Rocky
and get your cake. We won. What?! If you eat all of my cake,
you’ll owe me one. That’s 20 pesos! Nonsense! Fine. 15 pesos. That’s my last offer. Chocolate cakes are expensive What are you talking about?
Want a piece of me?! Come on! You can pay in installment. Come on! You want this?
Come and get it. What? Come and get it. Give it back! That’s not yours! – Give it back!
– What? That’s karma for you! Keep the cake. Come on. Get up. I’m still sleepy. Get up. Ready? – One.
– Two. Three. So cold! Oh, dear. Mikmik! Why are your toys still here? We’ll be late, Mikmik! – Hey!
– Hey! I’m over here! I just took some moringa. Fine. Eat your breakfast. – We’ll be late.
– Fried eggs! As if there’s anything new. Here. I’ll be back tomorrow
with some bitter gourd. Thank you, Ella. Be strong, Jenny. I’ll be fine. I will. I’ll come back tomorrow. Let’s go, Mikmik. Dear… Why is she so pale? She’s sick. Is that why you give her
vegetables? Medicines are so expensive so we have to look
for alternative ways. We should help
as much as we can. Come on. Let’s go. I got 75 points in Math. You’re proud of that?
I only got 50 points. I’m excited to go home. Is it because– Hey! Are you going to fight back? Your mom isn’t here to help you. Mikmik, you have a wound. She’s going to cry! – She’s going to cry!
– Hey! I won’t cry. And I don’t need my mom
to look after me all the time. I can take care of myself! So… – This is what you get!
– Ouch! – Well? You!
– Ouch! Do you want to
get punished too? Ouch! Wait for me! You think you’re so tough! She’s stronger than you!
She eats vegetables! Are you okay? You’re so full of yourself.
Does your wound hurt? I’m okay. Are you sure? Mikmik, can I copy
your Science homework? You can’t. How will you learn if
you just copy other’s work? You’re so selfish! You call me selfish
for not letting you copy? I worked hard for this. Come on.
Let’s ask someone else. Let’s go. Hey! I’ll give you chocolate
if you let me copy. Biboy, that’s unfair. I didn’t let them copy. Come on. Even though
I’m your best friend? Let me see that chocolate. This is? Malunggay! In English? Mikmik? Horseradish fruit or moringa. Moringa is also good for
the blood and it’s also rich – in vitamins and minerals–
– Yes, that’s correct. That’s for tomorrow, Mikmik. We’ll just discuss
the names today, okay? – Next!
– Thank you, ma’am. This is? I need other volunteers. Anyone? Biboy?! Ma’am? Yes. What is this? Biboy, this was
in your homework. See? You answered it. Biboy? What happened? Biboy?! I’m sorry, ma’am.
I just copied that… – …from Mikmik.
– Don’t. Who else? Who copied from Mikmik? Tell me. Hurry! The principal
is waiting for us. – Did you copy my answers?
– No. I just compared my answers to the answers
Biboy copied from you. – Why did you let him, Biboy?
– I’m sorry. – I just wanted to…
– This is mine now. Hey! That belongs to Mikmik. Are you going to fight me now? I’ve had enough! Go on. You’ll just
make matters worse. You might even get expelled
from this school. You’re not only selfish,
you’re also a bastard. I don’t know what
“bastard” means, but I don’t like
the way you said it. I don’t care what it means. I’ve done nothing wrong to you
so don’t belittle me! What are you still doing there? Go inside. Yes, ma’am. Can’t you just give my son
a special assignment? I agree.
Have mercy on the kids. My son is an honor student. You can’t disqualify him
just because of that assignment. Ella, Mikmik is also
an honor student, right? Mikmik didn’t copy from
any of her classmates. That’s right. But she let her classmates
copy her answers. They wouldn’t be able to copy her answers
if she didn’t let them. Ma’am, Mikmik will receive
the corresponding punishment as stated in the rule book. Are you going to
ignore me all day? I thought you’d defend me
in front of the principal. Why would I defend you?
You did something wrong. Why did Biboy’s mother
defend him? I’m not like Biboy’s mother. Everyone is different. What matters to me is you learn what’s right
and what’s wrong. I just wanted to help Biboy. I know you’re kind-hearted. But you should know
how to help others properly. I just want to make sure
you won’t get in trouble because of your loving heart. Is that what “bastard” means? Who told you that? Rocky. He said I was born
out of wedlock. You go finish your food. I’ll be back in
a minute, okay? Why did Rocky tell Mikmik that?! Why are you mad at him?! He was only telling the truth! He became rude because
of your upbringing! But that’s the truth, isn’t it? You couldn’t use your
husband’s surname because you two
aren’t married yet! She’s an illegitimate child,
just like you! I dare you! If we can’t do this the easy
way, we’ll do it the hard way! If you disrespect my
daughter ever again, I swear you’ll get
more than that! Bunso. Bunso, don’t cry. I’m okay, don’t worry. Biboy’s parents
aren’t married either. One of my classmates
has a sibling, but they have different mothers. But they’re in good terms,
Bunso. So are we, right? We’re doing okay, aren’t we? Didn’t you tell me that
every person is unique, that each family is different? Bunso, please stop crying. See? Your tears
are welling up. Bunso… Let’s go.
You might get sick. Bunso, I won’t. I eat lots of vegetables,
remember? I’m strong!

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