Emirates New Economy Class – Walk Through, Stansted Airport – Business Traveller

Emirates New Economy Class – Walk Through, Stansted Airport – Business Traveller

(bright music) – Alright, welcome to
our economy class cabin. The first thing you’ve probably noticed is the color pallette. It’s changed, we’ve added some airy color, some blues, some champagnes. Another great feature is
our adjustable headsets. They’re all leather now. If you want to take a look. I’ll also draw your
attention to our screens. They are now 13.3 inches wide. We’ve also added the USB port, A and C, as well as a charger underneath the seats. Did you want to have a seat? They also recline quite far, as well, so there’s going
to be lots of space. We can fit 306 passengers in this cabin. Flown with us before in economy, this is what the meal tray looks like. We also have children’s toys on board, for kids 12 and under, on request. We also have some formula’s, diapers, amenities like that for infants. I’ll also bring your attention
to our amenities kits. If you’re traveling with
us for over nine hours, you get one of these in economy. I’ll just open it up for you. We just have eye shades, ear
plugs, toothbrushes, socks, and all of that wonderful stuff inside. – [Man] How many plug points are there, so if you’ve four seats like that? – [Attendant] How many plug
points in terms of USB? – [Man] Yeah, just in the row, yeah. – [Attendant] Yeah, so, each screen, we have two USB ports, so two, four, six. And then underneath the seat, depending on the row
and the configuration, for seats of four like this, we have two charging stations here,
and in seats like this, there is one. – [Man] So this is an interesting thing, that in the front seats,
although you also get extra leg room, but you
also, there’s one plug and you can see the
USB’s are under the seat instead of in the seat in front. – [Attendant] Aside from
the change in color palette. – [Man] There are three
economy class cabins. A small one at the front, this larger one, and then a pretty large
one at the back as well. How many seats were there in total? – [Attendant] In total in economy class, we have 306, in our
business class cabin, 42, and six suites in first class. – So this is what it’s like if you’re sitting in your seat normally. I’ve reclined the seat
backwards, so it is pretty close. Let’s see if I can take a shot
of myself from a distance. So, this is where we sit. I’ll recline my body. And this is the final
cabin, the back cabin. Three, four, and then three. If you go right to the back, and go to row 45, you’ll
find that this point, the three seats, because of the narrowing of the aircraft, become two. So from row 46, instead
of it being A, B, C, and then straight onto D, E, F, G, you’ve got A, B. So all of a sudden you’ve
got more room there. Now that might mean people
just end up standing by you, to wait to go to the restrooms, but it also means one
row to definitely avoid is that one there, can you see that? So imagine the trolley coming along here, which seat is it gonna hit? So I declare, that the
worst seat on this plane is 45C, this one here. If you’re in 45C, you’re in trouble. And the same applies to 45H. Obviously there’s no
IFE screen in the back, ’cause there’s no one sitting behind it, but you can see who’s
gonna catch the trolley. This is the configuration from the back of the third cabin of economy. So they’re right at the
back of the aircraft. And the very back row, the
very back row is row 50, it’s just A and B, from one
point of view it’s good, but from another point of
view, you got the toilet directly opposite your
seat, so I don’t know. I don’t think I’d want row 50 or 49. But once you get to 48, it’s probably beginning to get a bit bearable. Two rows, 47 and 46,
that’s what I’d go for. Actually I was just chatting
to a flight attendant, and he said, yeah, he agrees
that this seat might get hit, you know the one I said
was the worst, 45H, and on the other side, is the worst. But someone did point out, that
they could recline the seat, and not get, you know,
not bother anyone else. You might get banged again as
these guys are getting out, ’cause it’s sort of a bit of an angle. Have a look at this. But I can see their point yeah, at least you could recline back. Personally, I wouldn’t sit there. So you can see here, that there are two power charging points for each four seats, and the side aisles of
three, there’s only one. You can charge via USB
under the IFE screen, so for mobile phones
and iPads, that’s fine. But if you’ve got a laptop,
if you’re actually working, or you need something with proper power, that needs powering with that power, then bear in mind there
are only two there, and one at the seats at the sides. If you want exit row seats,
at the back of the bus, they’re row 37 in this configuration. So that’s 37 H, J and K. They’re pretty good. I mean, it’ll be noisy,
because they’ll be doing the catering from up here,
preparing some of it, but they’re good seats. Here they are, viewed from the front. Those green lights that you see are the main power for the middle seat, and then USB for the sides. So it’s row 37 there. It’s actually row 38 front row here, but obviously you got the risk of basinets for those seats. Basinets being what
they put the babies in, those are the holes
where they put them in, not the babies, the basinets. And then back to row 37 here, C, B, and A. This is the middle cabin,
viewed from the back from row 36. Now imagine you had a baby, this is what it would look like. And the front row in this
cabin with exit seats, is 24, which is H, J and K. There’s a row 23 in front, but that has got the basinet in. And this is the front one, 21, through to 17. This is the front of those ones. And the front row, 17 here, you haven’t got extra
leg room particularly, but I think this would be
a good one to get, row 17. Because you’ve got
business class in front, so you’re not gonna get foot fall. You’ve got a toilet just behind. It’s sort of like a mini premium economy without any difference to the seat. But if I was gonna fly economy, on Emirates, I’d pick one of those, I’d probably pick the front row of each one of the cabins at the side, or I’d pick anything on
this front row, row 17. (gentle music)

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