Emirates New Business Class – Walk Through, Stansted Airport – Business Traveller

Emirates New Business Class – Walk Through, Stansted Airport – Business Traveller

(uplifting music) (zooming sounds) – [Tom] And this
is the business class, starts in row eight. And you’ve got a two,
three, two configuration. (people talking) So this is 10 D. It’s quite a small business class cabin. Starts at row eight. It’s got row eight, nine, 10, and 11. One cabin here. So back to business class. Here you can see we’re
in the smaller cabin, well, the second cabin of
business class in row 11, where you’ve got J and K. You see the footstools
are slightly different. I mean, 11 J, footstool, decent sized. Probably better to be in 11 K, ’cause that’s got more room. So there’s got to be a
bad seat, hasn’t there? Well, I’d say 11 F. So the F seats aren’t great for leg room. Certainly here. But this the stinker, I’m sorry. Unless you’re traveling with partner, okay, you’ve got a decent
amount of leg room, but when all those three
seats are reclined, it’s not going to be much fun. Here’s the middle seat. It’s E in this configuration, ’cause the middle seats are D, E, and F. (people talking) This is it. Laid out as bed. (people talking) (soft clicking) [Female Voice] You got it? [Tom] Yeah. And then there’s a smaller
business class cabin. And it’s just rows six and seven, which is just behind first class. As you can see, the front row in each one of these cabins has a
lovely amount of leg room for the feet on the ottoman. (rousing music)

20 thoughts on “Emirates New Business Class – Walk Through, Stansted Airport – Business Traveller

  1. I cannot believe that an Airline like Emirates has the guts to offer a Business Class Configuration like 2/3/2 !!
    Even the sorry BA Business Class doesnt do that, specially the 3 seats in the middle !!
    NO WAY Id fly in a middle Business Class Seat

  2. I think I've worked out their economics for the middle seat. They make no less money by not having each middle seat occupied than they would in in a 222 arrangement but if the flight is full then they cash in even if the seat is offered at a discount.

  3. How does the person in the middle seat get out if the two on either side are sleeping? It's really quite an ugly set-up overall. The seats look very narrow and must surely leave you feeling boxed in and yet with little privacy simultaneously. The only one I would go for would be a window seat, as I wouldn't want to be in the middle of the three (at all) or on an aisle (if sleeping).

  4. When my company sends me on business class they have to select the cheapest out of the three (emirates, etihad and qatar), qatar always wins thank god

  5. Its a mistake to consider why anyone would pay to sit in the middle seat for business class. The A380s are the best thing for the Emirates airline.

  6. 2-3-2 business isnt that bad xd ive been put in the middle and if you can climb its fine getting out.

  7. That is crap for business class ,, if Ryan air did business class this would be it ,, we had our second leg changed from Dubai – BKK this year and ended up on one of these heaps

  8. Emirates keep bleating on about their "game-changer" products! Honey, 2-3-2 in Business Class is shit. I think Emirates are full of themselves. Even worse is the horrendous 3-4-3 configuration in Economy! No amount of movies can make that comfortable! There many other carriers (KLM, Air New Zealand… and others) who are deluded in thinking that 3-4-3 is somehow comfortable for a passenger! This is what ou expect cheap low-cost airlines like Air Asia!

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