100 thoughts on “Eminem – Sing For The Moment

  1. My teacher let me play Eminem out loud in class ahahaha 😅😅 even tho it had a lot of swearing she didnt care im in y7 btw

  2. MNM,you are the only one who can do a remix of the song whisky in the jarro. Please and thank you so much for your time and and respect.Great ,awsem amazing artest.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💯🔺❕❗❔❓⁉️‼️❌❌⭕❌💯💯💯💯💯

  3. Почему мне кажеться что он очень мало в жизни был удовлетворен как мужчина и как то раслабиться не может что ли ..

  4. Чтоназывается когда осознаешь что бог далтебе голубые глаза которых сейчас осталось в сире 10 процентов от ысего населения земл

  5. Arguably the best Eminem song ever! Aside from Stan. His opening line is overlooked:
    These ideas are
    Nightmares to white parents
    Whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings

    The way he tells his own story is incredible

  6. one living being must become penis and one become vagina after being born… in heave if the body were created by snake and the skeleton looks like snake that means if it is happening the body thats means they dont want to have their face in the bump.

  7. Cuando los pendejos me dicen. Tenés que escuchar anuel aa y badbunyy. Yo les muestro esté vídeo y se dan cuenta que su mierda músical no vale la pena. Aguante Eminem lpm

  8. My grandsons Fav song,, wait im 21 with no kids,… i think…. . anyways Chills the whole song, idk man play this at my funeral plz…

  9. when eminem was lyric god back then……verses unparalled with any words because it speaks the language of emotion straight from the heart.

  10. I just got to say her name but I'm just true all the drugs when I get them off the street at nothing you can do about it Eminem's one coolest guy that you can think of special just music peace

  11. I Love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💜💗💜💚❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💗💜💚💗💜💚❤️💗💜💚❤️💗💜💚❤️

  12. God, this brings back memories… a fucked up childhood & a man on a CD who kinda understood me.

    Em is a fucking genius 👊🏼 #goat 🐐

  13. When The Eminem Show came out back in 2002, it was very rare to hear any kind of singing from Eminem as opposed to rapping. You also typically wouldn't hear such extensive sampling from Em back then. I remember some of my friends, probably self-styled "hard core" rap fans, saying it was lame that he wasn't just rapping gangsta shit 24/7. (I mean, singing bro, someone might think ur gay or something!) I really liked this song, as well as some of the other stuff in this vein. It was a minority opinion back then but over time, as Eminem and his fans have aged, the perception of these songs has grown more positive.

  14. Wow though, FUCK the censorship in this song. They feel the need to censor not just "swear words" but also words like 'pistol' for some reason. The verse about how kids want to get a pistol because they think this shit's cool, was like half silence and dead air. Censorship is just fundamentally anti-listener AND anti-artist. It denies you the opportunity to listen, as it simultaneously denies the artist their voice. It steals their intellectual and vocal freedom, robbing them of the opportunity to say what they will.
    Censorship overrides an artist's ability to get their message out, however flawed that message may be, and however much "bad language" it takes to get their ideas across. As we're all consuming music and videos through YouTube or other streaming platforms more and more nowadays, the power of the censors has crumbled. MTV doesn't get to decide what I hear. Wal-Mart doesn't get to decide what I hear (by virtue of their music section being the only place to buy music for a lot of years, in a lot of small towns in America) Good fucking riddance. The final defeat of censorship cannot come soon enough…. You know what, let me rephrase that. The final defeat of censorship cannot come FUCKING soon enough…

  15. No not one of you could ever relate no Dr., psychology,drink take a 5th of a dose that I got injected and walk through this world with nothing but love and you still don't fill me are know me the smile I carry is deep

  16. My friend sad "I dont like Eminem. Cause he thinks his a Rap God"

    Now i have 1 less friend

    Sory for my ortography because im from Poland :/

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