Elite Dangerous: Pilot Training – Wings

Elite Dangerous: Pilot Training – Wings

today I’m going to be talking about wings the temporary grouping of up to four commanders how to create one engage a nav lock with another wing member and locate them all ships are able to create a wing via the comms panel interface select this by using the UI panel button followed by UI panel up you now have access to four new tabs communications comms contacts inbox and options communications displays all comms received and allows local broadcast targeted ship friends and wings text chat input comms contacts lists all players in your local area as well as any online friends or wing members wherever they are in the galaxy inbox is where commanders receive wing and voice comms requests with the option to accept or decline finally options allow you to set up your communications preferences let’s create a wing with the local contact that is not a friend go to the comms contacts tab and select a local commander here you’ll see various options including invite to wing select this and a request will be sent to that commander once they have accepted the request their wingman icon and other information will be displayed at the top of the cockpit as well as both text and voice communication lines being opened a wing can contain up to four players each with their own unique icon this icon is used to see which target a wingman has selected at a glance you can also see each ship’s current shield and whole strength under this is their commander name and currently selected target to the left is their voice comm status one of the main features of a wing is the ability to follow and stay with other wing members around the galaxy automatically this is performed by using the navigation a vlog tool wingman go to the comms contacts tab highlight a member of the wing from the menu and select engage wingman nav lock with this lock active your frameshift drive will be slaved to theirs once nav locked to a wingman square brackets will appear around the players icon here we can see the brackets of blue this means you are in range and will follow any fsd event note all standard FSD rules apply please see the travel tutorial for more information now blocking to a wing member also means that if they are interdicted you too will be pulled out of supercruise if they fail when out of nav lock range the bracket will turn red if SD wakes will not be automatically followed until you fly within range as well as automatically engaging FSD whilst your nav locked to a wing member and during range your fsd will also disengage automatically as well as forming a wing with local contacts we can add friends to our wing wherever they are in the galaxy let’s add a third player to our wing now select the comms contacts tab and select any player listed under the friends section we can see this wingman is not in our current star system their location is displayed underneath their commander name we can also check this by opening the galaxy map the wingman icon is displayed next to the system they are located in you can also see the friend icon beacons are used to allow a commander to signal to other wing members where they are within a system to do this go to the right-hand panel open the functions tab and select beacon then wing this will place a personal FSD awake that is only visible to wing members within the same system whilst they are in supercruise they can target the signal allowing them to join into the players exact location to locate a beacon in supercruise go to the left-hand panel open the contacts tab and select the wing signal as we join our wingmen at a nav beacon we can see they’re hunting for wanted commanders okay we’ve got a wanted Sidewinder contacts the hostile to a wing member a colored purple although this ship is wanted and fair game remember all laws that govern the system you are in are still applicable whilst in a wing so attacking a clean ship will still be a crime even if he is hostile to any wing member being in a wing has many shared benefits all scanned ship data is shared between members combat bonds and bounty fetches are split equally between all members that engaged and caused the damage to the target exploration data is shared and can be sold by all wing members if it is a newly discovered body that all wing members are listed as discoverers the first member to sell the data is the only one to be awarded the 50% credit bonus some mission specific heroes are also shared for example if one wing member has a mission to destroy five pirates as long as they get hits on a pirate that another wingman is attacking that kill will count towards the regardless for who deals the killing blow it’s destroyed did you pick up your shells about me traveling in a wing is a very powerful tool use it to move as a group and escort traders increase firepower and take on strong signal sources or speed up exploration

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  1. How to win a fight against a random person. First. Send voice comms request(accepted) Second. Turn on earrape music and blast it through your microphone. Three. Kill them while the music disorients them.

  2. Good addition to the game for groups, I'm sure, but I hope those of us with no friends who play the game will also be cared for (e.g., with regard to new content)… It would be unfortunate if, e.g., pirate & bounty hunter wings became the only viable form of PvP.

  3. I'm hoping they raise the Wings cap to at least 5 sometime becuase I actually have 5 friends, actually 5 cousins, that will eventually be buying the game in the future. I love having a big family!
    Also I think a feature to lock immediatley onto your Wingmates current attacker would be nice. Its great that it highlights them purple but you still have to cylce targets to get to them.

  4. Is it possible to share money made on the black market? Would be extremely good to have this feature for pirating, since I could get someone else to collect the cargo.

  5. Can't wait till Elite comes to PS4 it will be easy to find friends….all my friends said they will be buying this on console but I just can't convince them to do it on PC….stupid League if Legends!

  6. Now if only you would get a bonus credit reward for every one else who joined in a mission like you do i trading transactions that would be swell.

    Getting a 100k bounty mission on one person and only getting like 5k for killing an anaconda and the mission starter gets 105k is pretty for mission+bounty is pretty poopy (for lack of a better word)

    Thank you for bearing with my shitty english.

  7. Now if I could just find some friends to play with, things would be better.  I quite playing the game because I couldn't find anyone else to play with, and getting anything beyond a Cobra/T6 took an insane amount of time for casual players…and while you can upgrade the smaller ships, they still don't hold out well in fights where people in enormous ships are gunning you down.

  8. The game badly needs some kind of social hub. A space stations with a bar. Perhaps every federation station has a chat room to every other fed station. Same for the evil Empire. Braben has to bite the bullet: if you make a multiplayer game then you have to make it easier to socialise.

  9. This is going to add so MUCH to the game! I've been playing this with friends online, and until now, we almost never interacted in close proximity. It was mostly chatting over voice coms about what we were all doing in different star systems.

  10. If this is a glimpse of future to come in Elite Dangerous then I'm finally settled. No other games are necessary! 

    Next stop (so to speak): Planetary Landings!

  11. I have and have had no idea how to change the comms tab for about an hour now all as I listen to a friend have a fun time in his new ship.


  12. Every bit of this is what I wanted. Jesus. Thank you Frontier. This is fantastic.

    And the 4 player limit even leaves room for expansion.

    Imagine wing-》squadron modules.

  13. Wings does not work for me. A friend and I joined open play but the option to add him to my wing never appears. In-fact, it says he's in 'SOLO" mode. I know he has selected "open play" and is not in 'solo' mode. Occasionally he does show up as selectable but never sees my invite to wing. We also don't see one another even though we are at the same station. I'm assuming this is because we are on different servers??? This is VERY frustrating! Is there a way around this?

  14. how do i navigate on the upper options bar inside the comms panel , button placements don t make me wiser on the matter …

  15. Nice Tutorial! Still improving! ED could ( or will ) be an epic Game, If you implement all your Goals.

    BUT beware of Star Citizen…

  16. I can't find my wingmen, we're in a private session, we're at the same place, they can see each other but not me (and vice versa), the box around my nav-locked wingman is red. Are there server instances? If so, how do I join theirs?

  17. often when i invite my friend he hears the sound confirmation of the invite incoming but he cant accept it or do anything with it as its not visible on his contacts screen, works usually after one of us reconnects to the game. anyone else noticing this? 

  18. Nice, but how to switch tabs/pages in comms panel? Tab key not working, arrows keys not working…I'm stuck

  19. Why can't you see each other when you are in the same star system but one is stationary, and the other is super-cruising around the same system? It seems we both have to be in super-cruise in this situation to see one another? Where am I going wrong?

  20. I play on Xbox One and I cant invite him to a wing. I cant send him a game invite, I cant even find him in game. Someone please help.

  21. Can somebody please tell me how to add friends to the game on Xbox? No people from my Xbox friends list show up in game so i assume it's a different list. Also how do I create a group and an alliance and what not? Thanks in advance.

  22. So, I tried to start a wing with my friend on XB1 but couldn't see him in the comms panel, why's that? Does it have something to do with him being in the UK, and if so, could it be changed so we can play?

  23. little question, a pirate mission for example, does it apply to actual pirate players or is it some AI controlled ship

  24. It doesn't show my Xbox live friends that are playing one the Xbox one version. Thought I'd put that out there.

  25. oh thank god didn't know you could nav lock them, me and my friend been running in circles trying to follow each other for an hour before giving up

  26. took a job to haul illegal cargo, failed it because I couldn't figure out how to ftl jump. learned how to jump and took another job to clear a trade route and couldn't find my contact, but I did find a pair of bounties which I eliminated and went to collect. law enforcement found out I was carrying illegal cargo and opened fire on me when I left the ceasefire area. made an emergency jump to a neighboring system after suffering crippling damage and fried my ship. can't even muster power to jump to a space station. using sublight speed to get there. eta one week. I have less than half a fuel tank left. Fuck me.

  27. Great video but how do we work the Comms panel on a MacBook Pro? All I seem to be able to do is get the chat box up. I cannot move along to any of the other parts of the comms panel – so I can't contact other people or create a wing. Where can I find the instructions for this?

  28. So, in a wing, how can I get directly to a wing mate during something like a USS? They don't show up on my cockpit view, and occasionally there will be a wake that I can't jump to. What do?

  29. So you have to invite your friend while in game can't do it outside the game???? If so why the heck do they have the invite friends button, sorry I'm on the xboxone version and I can't get friends to join think you can help

  30. can you also trade money to other players in a wing?
    so you can send one trade ship with lots of cargo and have the second guys protect him and the trader THEN can pay the second guy for helping him 😛

  31. Anyone on Xbox wanna play? Msg me: Herogamer25 (harmless, peddler, aimless, helpless (imma try to bounty hunt, but do whatever!))

  32. Me and my friend are in a private group, when I do this it says hes in open play, when he is definitely not, and the option to invite to a wing doesn't show up. Please spent £40 on this damn game, it had better work.

  33. still don't understand the FSD slaving/navlock
    Did you press the hyper-jump button or not?
    Did it activate automatically?
    It didn't happen synchronous so it really confused me.

    It would be nice if the rules for the navlock were available somewhere

    So how close do you need to be in supercruise (distance/time)?
    I tried this with a friend and ended up auto dropping 80km from him.

  34. I'm a newbie relatively speaking, does the voice chat actually automatically apply that radio like voice filter, or is that something else? I've NEVER seen voip in games do that unless the person has a third party voice changer.

  35. Can you make a wing with pilots from the pilots lounge? Like hire them to fly another ship you have in the same station??

  36. Add me CMDR Dany-Senpai i am SO LONELY everytime i try to chat with someone they 90% never bother replying, even if someone sends me a friend request and accept it when i say greet them they NEVER reply like why are you even requesting friendship???!

    One time someone sent me a wing request and went to a hazrez, only said "hi let's hunt in hazrez", only to kick me out and try to kill me once i was attacked by a FAS npc, didn't work out tho, so be careful of strangers being overly friendly aswell.

    But really if you are like me and have friends that play pubg or warframe and can't be bothered to play Elite with you add me, when i'm off work i'd like to get in my ship and spend some time with someone doing random things, but since no one in this game talks and almost everyone has close friend groups that play in private instances, Open Play is like a No Man's Land zone…..

  37. This video is old but it was recommended and I have something to say. If you are new like my husband and I do NOT use Nav Lock. Instead make sure you are winged up, and beacon on but seriously dont Nav Lock. You will be shot into all different directions if your wingman fks up. It is very EASY to follow your wingman if you setup your routes the same, and can see him etc. But having them hyperjump you is bs. Your much better commandeering on your own behind them.

    Unless you are SKILLED do not even try Nav Lock.

  38. Can someone pls tell me what is going on using Xbox one controls because I have no clue what they’re on about

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