Drive a Audi? This feature might Fail! – Auto Radar

Drive a Audi? This feature might Fail! – Auto Radar

– Hello guys, I’m Amit and welcome back to our Auto Radar’s new video and guys, the new Audi A4 comes with a special feature called – Park Assist Park Assist is that feature where the car automatically parks itself in any of the available parking slots, but for it to work properly you need these markers are necessary indeed and here Audi claims you need not handle the steering during Park Assist and you only need to control the brake, which implies, if you offer a location the car then automatically parks itself and in this video, we’re testing it out and we will showcase you guys on whether it is a perfect option for those people, where they usually find trouble at parking in closed spaces like generally in shopping malls, in movie theatres, or in your conventional apartments so, let’s get started with this test so, guys, this is the attempt-1 for this test and, uh, I’ve just enabled the Park Assist feature ‘indicator on’ waiting for the car to get to the parking spots and, it has found this now, I need to go a little ahead and I need to further go a little park in it, select reverse gear and let go off the steering wheel and, we’re good to go the vehicle is perfectly going back going back, and… this was a success, the first attempt and it has perfectly* parked the vehicle in the perfect spot, so, let’s try it again this is the attempt no-2 for checking the Park Assist feature, and, we have enabled this car is currently searching for parking spots, there is one available on the left, I just hope it searches it ‘indicator on’ and, no, it has found one on the right, not enough space please keep driving further ‘stop’, please select reverse gear and let go of the wheel so, I have put it on reverse gear and and left off my hands on the wheel and, the vehicle is automatically parking, guys, if you have noticed here with the camera angle on the back too the vehicle was clearly going to hit this space which is a completely wrong action, meaning this was not expected, I mean irrespective of this advanced technology available and the vehicle goes and hits this space I’ll show you guys whether by putting my car in neutral, you can see and, I’ll just as you can see there’s a pillar here – a complete pillar so, it makes no sense, as the car and it was completely going in reverse at a speed of almost 20kmph which means if you haven’t braked the vehicle, literally the car would have been hit here let’s try this out for the third-time now guys, this is the attempt no-3 where we’re going to do the test again and here, the Park Assist is on, it is searching for different car parking however, I need to point with indicator that I want to go for the right side then it starts scanning car parkings in the right area and it has found the parking area right here as you can see I’ve slowed down the vehicle and it says ‘drive further towards to start parking I’ve done, ‘select reverse gear and let go off the steering wheel, which means I need to put the car in the reverse gear again and let it off and here’s the pillar and I just hope it doesn’t hit it, we’re saved from pillar there’s bike in the back !! I think it hit I mean in the third attempt, we’ve again failed and, as you can see here in our third attempt it had again missed the spot as the bike is right here on the back as you can see let me just clear this literally, there’s bike parked here on the back there was no point, there was a complete parking slot available here but the car here has gone straight at the bike I mean it didn’t even stop I had to apply the brake nonetheless, so, third attempt it has failed now, let’s do it for the fourth time – the last time with which we get to know out of four attempts, how many have this car passed so, let me just find any other random parking slot and here we go, here, we have started this on the right side, there are parking options again available so let me just tell the car that it’s available in the right we’re going slow at the speed of around 5kmph three available slots have gone, no option here the fourth one has gone and here finally, it got one please drive further, let’s move forward select the reverse gear and, here the steering assistance is active, please drive slowly operate the brake yourself, which means you’re not holding the steering but, I am not trusting here with this pillar so, let’s hope it skips that, the vehicle is going back well, I would say this was still a successful attempt so, out of four attempts, two attempts, it has passed the parking assist feature so, basically, I would say it is 50-50 bascially two out of four attempts it has done a good job two out of four it has completely crashed it so, guys, here, our testing is complete wherein we have tried this car in different parking spots and this has come out to be a very unexpected thing because here, according to Audi, this is a testing feature but then it has been rolled out to the consumers, and those have this Park Assist feature on their cars now and it also has multiple sensors as you can see here these are all different, different sensors and, it was expected that the car wouldn’t be hitting anywhere but, two out of four attempts it has literally failed, in fact, we have tried prior to this as well and it has failed miserably, meaning the car had almost hit the pillar literally so, that is one reason I would say if you have this feature on your car, at least on your Audi, don’t use it because you might hit your car anywhere so, that’s it, for now, guys, this was a different test we have thought since this feature is present in the car, which happens to be the new Audi A4 so thought, let us try it out and I would say it has failed, so, that was the new video on Auto Radar if you’ve liked this video, then do hit the LIKE button and stay subscribed to this channel for more such interesting videos I’m Amit and I’ll meet you guys in our next video, until then, GOODBYE!

100 thoughts on “Drive a Audi? This feature might Fail! – Auto Radar

  1. Sir Audi service center par jakar software update hoga only koi sensor ki koi problem nhi he only software update se fix. Ho jayega… Nice video 👌👍👏

  2. Bahut hi achcha & helpful video hai Amit bhai🔥😍 Lekin feature nuksan karne wala hai naa ki helpful, sabka Sapna hota hai ek acchi luxury Car ka specially from Audi and BMW,

  3. नमस्कार भाई जी। बहुत सारा प्यार।
    खुद ही पार्क करना सबसे अच्छा है भाई जी।

  4. Jis audi se partnership kar ke special video banye usi ki kahaniyo ki video bana rahe ho.😂😂
    Payment nahi mila kya audi se video banane ka

  5. At the moment, I do not have a car yet, 😞 I am watching this video, maybe in the future the car may also come ☺️

  6. Park assist feature sometime works & sometimes not. Can't beleive it 100% now. They need to work more on the Park Assist feature.

  7. You are using the feature completely wrong! First of all u shouldn't exceed 5-10 kmph and there should be a big vehicle like a car on either side of the parking spot!

  8. नमस्ते अमित भाई गुड न्यूज वेरी वेरी गुड इंफॉर्मेशन गुड वीडियो गुड जानकारी गुड न्यूज जय सियाराम अमित भाई

  9. Bhaiya mujhe redmi k20 offer me 16500 me mil raha he purchase kar lu ya wait karu plzz jaldi bta dena warna sale nikal jayegi plzz help koi aur acha phone aane wala he 3 mahine me to wait karunga koi acha amolad screen wala phone. 18000 tak plzz bta dena

  10. First Ateempt succeed
    Second attempt failed
    Third attempt failed
    Forth attempt okay
    Park Assistant feature

    I am thinking how much risk you are taking with your car.
    Manul parking is better than this.
    Good video

  11. Let me tell you. I own a Skoda kodiaq and (I guess you know) skoda and audi share the same platform i.e. mqb platform. So, my car has same sensors and when any obstacle comes behind my car it engages all the brakes and the car never crashes neither from front nor back. Also, it tells you to look over the brakes in order to avoid that jerk that is produced when all the brakes being engaged. These German cars are always best.

  12. Respect every one for Amit Bhavani sir Koh 👈👈
    Great video ♥️
    The feature will be bringing great and amazing WOW 😮 😮

  13. I dont think this is a good feature for a Indian because in Delhi and Mumbai its really hard to find even a single car parking in malls and this feature missed 3-4 slots also driving at speed of 20-30kmph is way to much for a parking assist tesla offer better features at similar price so this car need lots of improvement to be a shiny feature

  14. Bro plz give me the One plus 7 pro plz bro i beg u plz i need it to grow my gaming channel and I dont have a good phone to play games plz bro

  15. Sir appke audi kay sensor ya software may kuch problem h kyuki aisa nahi hota h aap ek bar service centre may jaoo aur bolo problem aur ek bar fir say video banno

  16. This problem is there with my jaguar XF MY2017 also
    Many times it climbs on footpath or hits footpath
    It stops if obstacle comes though like pillar
    Poor audi

  17. I have the Ford endeavor and it's park assist is so much more intelligent than this Audi. It parks itself in the tiniest spaces without any collision and it doesn't need any markings it can park itself anywhere.

  18. It's a parking Assist not a fully Automated parking system, you have to control the braking with your left foot and just leave the steering

  19. Man you have to operate as per the car the car does say put in in drive you don't
    I have an A4 it works perfectly
    Please review it again
    Poor review

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