Does Budget Aero Work? | SIERDC Round 2 Highlands Motorsport Park [VLOG]

Does Budget Aero Work? | SIERDC Round 2 Highlands Motorsport Park [VLOG]

– We’re at Highlands today for the second
round of the South Island Endurance Series. We’ve made a few changes to the car
between rounds. Brandon has been really busy, he’s made us
a front splitter, he’s mounted a rear spoiler to try and get a little bit more downforce. We felt a little left out, the rest of the field
all have big wings and we don’t, so, fixed. I’m just getting used to the car with those
aero changes on the Hankooks, then we’re going to change to some
Michelins which should give us more grip, hopefully that results in some really
consistent lap times. – So just had a quick session there and
mixed bag actually. Just getting an idea of whether the aero’s
working and it really is and it’s kind of taking a bit of time to get some confidence
with it. Particularly in, there’s a very fast sweeping
left hander coming into the hairpin and you can pretty well stay flat through it,
I think once I get a bit more confidence in the aero, I will be able to. Never used to be able to do that before
so holding a lot more speed through that section of the track. Did my fastest time by 4/10ths on
a pretty shitty lap where I caught traffic that I had to pass so pretty promising
already. Also that’s on some old tyres. But then I ended up with the engine dropping
down onto seven cylinders which we had yesterday in testing, took it back to the
workshop, put it on the dyno and it was perfect so that’s a little frustrating. We’re just swapping a coil out, we’re pretty
sure it’s number six cylinder just based on what we’ve seen. So we’re going to send Ben out, see how that
goes, I’m going to finish my breakfast. – So on the menu today we’ve got some
turkish rolls, some hummus, mango slices, just trying to keep a bit of a mix there,
come have a look. Gone for the chili hummus which is hot
as fuck. The old seaweed crisps, again spicy,
just trying to keep the bowels moving. But yeah, no sleep packed in there,
maybe tomorrow. – The last round we felt that our pitstop
strategy could be a lot better. We’d never practised the pitstop before
and we also pitstopped halfway through the race and there was no safety car out. The rest of the field pitted during a safety
car so we lost a bunch of track position. The pitstop was kind of good but not as
good as it could be so Andre and I have been practising getting our belts on and
off, making the car ready for the next person who’s going to jump in and making
sure we can get that as fast as possible. It’s really nice sharing the drive with Andre,
he has a lot of knowledge obviously about racing a car and he’s also not a bad peddler,
so I’m constantly trying to get his lap time, trying to chase his lap time. This round we’ve got our telemetry system
from MoTeC so he’s able to look at the data in real time, overlay it against his
reference lap and then he relays that information to me over the radio and gives
me a corner to work on or two corners to work on as I’m going around and around in
practice. And that type of information for me as a
novice driver is pretty great and really helpful at getting the most out of the car. – So finished with our practice day here and
it’s been a pretty busy day. We’ve had pretty successful results with the
car. Ben I think ran a 1:48.1 and I got down to
a 1:47.3. It’s hard to really get a clean lap here though
so both of our laps, there’s a lot more time in it but we did have a lot of trouble actually
chasing a handling issue. Coming from Teretonga in the last round,
everything was really good and we made a really big step forward at Teretonga
getting grip out of some of the slower corners by removing the rear sway bar. And that gave us a lot better drive out of
the corners which equated to better lap speed and running that same setup here
interestingly we’re suffering from really bad understeer despite our new aero
modifications. So we made the call to go back to running
the rear bar, put the rear bar back on it. Also because the car’s been apart, back
together, apart, back together with all of our axle and CV issues at the back,
I found out that our wheel alignment wasn’t where we had set it up so we scrambled
around, did a very quick dirty wheel alignment here at the track. Got our wheel alignment back to where it
should be, headed back out on a fresh set of Michelin tyres and the car is really
handling well now. So we’ve got qualifying in the morning,
looking forward to seeing what it can do on a clear lap, hopefully we get a clear
lap, let’s see what happens. But yeah I think the worrying thing would
be if it was like this ’cause the slicks will be like driving on ice but at the same time
if you put the wets on it, you’d be searching out patches of water to stop them from
overheating. And there is just a sample of what we’re
looking forward to today. But we want the thing pretty well topped
off to the point it’s leaking out to start with. Don’t film that. Hey do we need to get fuel? – Yeah. – OK how much fuel is down there? – We didn’t bring the fuel containers,
turn around. Alright round two of the South Island
Endurance Series and we’re at Highlands today. This morning we were off to a rough start,
we forgot fuel, had to turn around, made us a bit late starting this morning. Rained quite a large amount last night,
track was saturated when we arrived this morning but with a lot of cars running
on it this morning, it’s still not very warm but the track has dried out considerably. Just before qualifying we did a couple of
tyre swaps. For a couple of seconds there it looked like
it was going to be better to go out on the wets but then we decided to switch to
slicks which seemed like the right decision. Andre has qualified second in class which
is pretty good, a fair way behind the next competitor but second’s not a bad place
to start the race. – So we’ve got, we were getting a low fuel
pressure warning on the dash so because we had that issue with the fuel pressure
sensor at Teretonga, just trying to figure out if that’s actually real or whether it’s
another dud sensor. The other problem I had was the drive
by wire throttle went into fault while I was out on the track which was on a really
good lap as well which sucks. So when that happens it kind of goes into
a limp home mode and you’ve got no power. So obviously we don’t want that happening
in the race so it’s a case of trying to figure out why that happened so I can fix it. So we’re busy, let’s get that happening. While we thought we had fixed all of our
problems, as soon as Ben left the pits on his formation lap for the race, it was
apparent that they weren’t fixed. He was reporting problems with low fuel
pressure warnings on the dash and the car was almost undrivable. We made the tough call to pit Ben during that
formation lap and try and fix it. The first decision we made was to unplug
the fuel pressure sensor in the engine bay and this should have defaulted the ECU to
four bar, it should have fixed it. Unfortunately it didn’t fix it and we decided
that we’d need to pit him again. This time when Ben came into the pits,
I jumped in and plugged in my laptop. It should be sweet man, it’s defaulted to
four bar. – It’s definitely, it feels real, like it feels like
the fuel is going away and I’ve got nothing. Every time I put like more than 50% throttle. – Everything looks OK Ben. – I’ll go out and do another lap and you just
keep on looking for solutions OK. – Yep sweet. With the opportunity to have a look on the
laptop, we could see that the fuel pressure had defaulted to four bar like it should have. So everything was fine from that perspective,
we had no option but to send Ben back out and on exiting the pits, this time the car
was faultless and remained so for the rest of the race. I’m really interested to know what’s broken
in the rear though. Like you get off and on the throttle and it’s
just like donk, like a big clunk. – Oh OK yeah that’s, I was on the radio,
said at the very beginning, I’m like there’s a big bang when I’m aggressively on and off
the throttle. – Yeah it feels like the diff has got maybe
bolts in it or something like that and it’s going like this. Oh I stayed flat through the left hander
on that last lap. – Nice
– Did ya!? – I was like f**k it, man up. It just gets like a little squirrely, like you
ahhh, get it straight, stop it. – I was there last time you did in the 350. – Yeah it didn’t work, it goes a lot slower
than this. – So we just finished the race here at
Highlands and a lot of issues have risen. There’s a lot of banging and rattling coming
out of it. We don’t know exactly is it the diff or the
gearbox yet, we’ll take it back and put it on the hoist and confirm what is wrong. Other than that, the new driveshafts held up,
no imbalance in the main driveshaft, the axles are perfect, new CVs, all held up,
no loosening of bolts so that’s a plus for this one. – Went out, qualified the car, had a heap
of trouble that we ended up going through, so fuel pressure issues which followed us
into the race and also a drive by wire throttle issue which was pretty easy to resolve,
it was actually just the throttle pedal mapping or throttle pedal travel I should say,
just over travelling a little bit so sorted all of that out, qualified I think first in class
which was quite helpful. Ben went out and started the race and we
straight away even on the formation lap were having massive fuel pressure issue
problems again and this is kind of what followed up from Teretonga. We thought that was a dead sensor,
replaced the sensor, everything seemed happy on the dyno. However it looks like we’ve actually got an
issue with the connector to the sensor. And so we did an unscheduled pitstop,
sorted that out, Ben went out, well we thought we’d sorted that out,
hadn’t sorted it out, came back in, plugged the sensor back in, that fixed
it for Ben’s stint and of course we were at that stage two laps down so kind of a case
of what could have been. I got in about halfway through, did our
driver change, fuelled the car, headed out, two laps later had a safety car,
circulated under that for about three or four laps and then got back into it. Basically by the time we got into it,
we had five laps left to go. Really good battles at the end of the race
although unfortunately at that stage, two laps down, wasn’t really for position,
but all good fun there as well. Really impressive though the new tyres that
we’re running, they’re Michelin, we were on a Hankook. We’re not sponsored by anyone so we can
say whatever the hell we want. But really impressive with the Michelins,
they got better and better. They were pretty good during qualifying but
of course the track was really really cold and still a bit damp. At the end of that race, the last lap of the
race, I did a 1:45.1 so probably two seconds clear of my previous best time so
really impressed. A lot more in the car as well so stoked
with how that all went. However now we’ve got a few mechanical
problems to fix, we’ve got something going on in the rear diff and a vibration that we
need to chase, so that’s motorsport, always something to fix. If you liked that video
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