DJI Mavic Mini Unboxing and Flight Test – Remote Pilot 101

DJI Mavic Mini Unboxing and Flight Test – Remote Pilot 101

[Soothing noise] Hey Remote Pilot 101, Jason here, check out what literally just came in the mail, DJI Mavic Mini, the fly more combo, here, as well, literally, FedEx just brought it in, we hopped in the studio, and wanted to do an unboxing video, so we’re going to unbox it, and then we’re going to go ahead and fly it, so I haven’t even seen one in person just yet so let’s kind of, the plastic is already ripped down here so let’s go ahead and check everything out, this comes with the prop guards and everything else, as you can see, and you know form my video last week we talked about, I love how even on the marketing, and the packaging, 249 grams, they really wanted to exentuate that there for you so you have it, we talked about that does this need to be registered, that’s not what this video is about, that is a video probably the last video you can go back and find, you can just search our channel for does the mavic mini need to be registered, truth is, it depends on what your operation is going to end up being with that. But I love their marketing, add the prop guards to it, add a remote pilot 101 sticker to it, add all that it’s going to be over 250 which is your, remember that number is based on take off weight all right, so fly more combo, really nice case, bigger case than I thought, but it’s kind of it’s a soft case, you couldn’t sit on this or anything else, let;s set this all aside, and take a look at everythin inside here, so there it is the mavic mini, it is quite small, in a way, maybe with the battery and everything else it will feel a little bit better, props are kind of tied so I am going to go ahead and get the props undone there, so let’s see here this prop needs to come off here, alright, okay I’m going to take this off for display here, opens up just like every other mavic, as we know, and that’s it it’s literally, you saw the pictures, the palm of your hand, I’m 6’4″ but still, it’s tiny here, let’s go ahead and let’s get this guy off here, and then we’ll see what else is sitting in the case there we go, obviously for the battery it looks like, SD card in the back, battery looks like, right in the middle, maybe that’s why it kinda feels, let’s get a battery in there and we’ll see here in a second, let’s see what else we have in here, and always trying to keep you guys up to date on what’s happening–oh, to charge all three batteries super cool They don’t really label what each little thing is here, just kind of see, don’t make it the easiest to open up everything, either do they here, moving on, we’ll try to open this over here, can’t get everything open here’s the controller, that we can open and check out, different, when you’re so used to looking at a little bit of a screen, we don’t have a screen at all, that’s interesting as well, oh the control sticks are probably what’s hiding in here, and here, as well again, for my phone, everything else, oh the control sticks are hiding, that’s interesting, can you see that? The control sticks are hiding right down here, I guess for packing and everything else, that will just go and screw, right down into there, like to say like so, okay, yup there we go It’s weird not having a screen though, just seeing battery level, I’m used to at least getting some stats, but then again, the app is so good now they probably said do you need the screen, I’m looking down here, maybe that was just a big expense, probably an unwanted expense, here, let’s see here, let’s see if I can get one of these guys open here now what is this? Extra props? So extra props, hanging out there, I’m going to give this guy one more chance to see, if not I’m just going to go, there we go Extra control sticks, two extra control sticks in there, I’m going to set that aside, again this is the fly more combo, here’s all my adapters, lighting micro usb, remember the part that goes to the actual controller to go into the phone there, looks like a charging cable, so all controller related, another charging cable, can’t quite figure out, oh and a tool here as well, to change some of that stuff out continuing on in, prop guards, taking up a big box as you can see, those are kind of labeled nicely there, and again remember you’re one gram away, this is going to be your extra gram, for your take off weight if we’re talking about registration, and when would you use prop guards maybe if you’re new, you’re just nervous about flying it, obviously indoors would be a big reason, these are some they’re robust, remember the Spark’s prop guards that kind of just went out and around, this is like a full cage you’d have to really go out of your way to get your finger in there that’s a different style of prop guard that’s interesting, I was expecting more like the Spark just that kind of half a U shape, this will protect you from vertical bumps as well, alright down here looks like some docs, battery I can feel the weight of this one, these feel like batteries, this shows a power plug here let’s see what the batteries look like, and see what this actually feels like weight wise with a battery, and then we’re going to charge some batteries and we’re going to go out and fly it here, as well and show that whole process as well, there they don’t make it easy do they, alright? battery is going in, looks like this way, anyways super cool, let’s go, charge it up, we’ll get it appropriately registered which we need to do as well, and then we are going to set out, and go fly it. Alright guys, so we’re outside, Remote Pilot 101 Head Quarters, a little different, so I had to download another app, I think DJI is in the app building business too, DJI Fly App is what it took we have our authorization, everything else is good to go let’s see what it can do, a little slower, than what we’re kind of used to flying, let’s check out the picture, kind of bring it up here, a little bit. adjust the camera, a little bit here as well, pretty basic, as to what we’re used to, there we go there’s us back there at MzeroA World Headquarters, Hi waving at ya a concern we had, the team and I were talking it is so, first off it’s grey to white, and the ability to kind of spot it, it’s actually not too bad right now, granted we don’t have any clouds or anything like that out today, but it is I can see maybe on an overcast day it might be a little tough to actually spot, I didn’t bring my sun glasses out and I probably should have, but it’s not too terribly bad here, let’s check out some speed stuff, let’s see what we can do here, I still have it in meters a second, sorry, kind of test that out, 7.8, 8 meters a second, let’s bring it back just to see if there’s any wind differences, get it back up to eight, I’m looking at the bottom left corner of the screen is what I’m looking at, and seven, I have little bit of wind, I feel little bit of a head wind coming back this way, so that makes sense there it is up over top of us, now, let’s see how it does with return to home, now, let’s land her [beeping] [beeping] Well you know what, that’s my bad, discontinue, return to home is what I meant to do, bring it back over it was just going to land back to right where it was, let’s see how this does, here. It’s coming, I have a big light pole here, it’ll be interesting to see how it works with that it’s right over top, I really haven’t moved, so let’s see how it does, but I’m going to need to move, it’s doing pretty decent. Am I doing good on the light pole, there, Wayne? [Beeping] Now it’s in the landing phase, I’m going to back out of the way a little bit, [beeping] bring that camera up so it’s out of the way, and let’s see how it does here that’s pretty darn close to where we started I like it, not too terribly shabby, a fun little perhaps, we’ll call it a starter drone it can be the reconassance drone before I start burning up Inspire batteries I can send this up to do some recon stuff, I think it’s going to be winner just from really helping expand the drone industry that much more with top quality products, right and the technology inside of it, and getting people introduced to what we do in aviation, so I enjoy it, excited to read your comments below this video, remember, Remote Pilot 101, the largest part 107 test prep course on the market, so when you’re ready for that initial for that recurrent test, and beyond, Remote Pilot 101 has your back, I hope you’ll check it out and learn more. Remote Pilot 101 is the most successful part 107 test prep course on the market with over 43,000 tests passed, it’s one price and you get our updated initial and brand new recurrent course for life, it’s two courses for the price of one, and it’s for life, see the actual test questions, learn the material, take the practice quizzes all at your own pace through our easy videos you’ve already grown to love, visit

10 thoughts on “DJI Mavic Mini Unboxing and Flight Test – Remote Pilot 101

  1. Hello Jason, Thanks for the unboxing video. I am going to use the DJI Mavic Mini as my starter drone before I do any serious upgrading. One item that I have heard about the Mini is the fact that you can get 30 minutes of flight time. The more flight time the more experience.

  2. Hey Jason, thanks for the review. Would like to see a more in depth flight shake down. There were some jerky movements and pixel blurring from time to time. Other times the image seemed relatively good. Perhaps delve into the 'settings' to smooth out performance and walk us through that workflow.

  3. I'm looking at that tiny aircraft and thinking of some grand interiors that could now be videoed? I personally like the units like the P4Pro-Plus with the built-in screen. Just handy that way. Pretty darn stable! Thank you for sharing about the Mini! Thumbs UP as always 🙂

  4. What is the noise level like compared to the Mavic Pro/Mavic 2 Pro? Also, have you flown inside – If yes, what was that like?

  5. Got mine yesterday. Love the size, a little touchy but has no problem holding a hover. I'm going to do a battery test with my Mavic 2 to see who can hover longer.

  6. Nice job Jason. I will skip the Mavic Mini because I pre-ordered the Skydio 2. I do think at Mini's price point it is great for beginners. Commercially speaking, of course, with help from Remote Pilot 101 in obtaining FAA Part 107, I think the Skydio 2 and RC Controller is going to be great option for densely populated obstacles around a home where a real estate shoot would happen when doing low-level dolly or indoor shoots. Happy Holidays! It was nice meeting you at SpinUp 2019. Love your Remote Pilot Courses.

  7. Great video. Agree with another comment about that lagging video. I'd like to see more in-depth reviews as people get their hands on this one. Had to laugh at the battery unboxing part. I had the same problem with the original Mavic battery packaging. The more things change…

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