Departure from runway 24 the “Kaagbaan” Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS EHAM).

CPT: Captain
FO: First officer. CPT: I will make a call to the pushback truck
to see if he is ready too! The cargo hold is still open so we need to wait any way. GRD: Goodmoring cockpit CPT: I just wanted to mention,
Parking brakes set. and as soon the forward cargo hold is closed… and you have checked it is closed and so on….. you can lift us up.
GRD: Yes understood. You may pressurize the hydraulics. And now we wait for the hand luggage. CPT: Yes. Thanks… I see the hand luggage coming. CPT: It would be a bit to much to open
the window and wave.. FO: You actually should do that…. CPT: I actually should do that once. 😉 CPT: I see you pressurized the hydraulics.
Nice. CPT: We could do the “Before start checklist” down to the anti collision light. GND: Cockpit I will lift you up.
CPT: Perfect. CPT: Now we just wait. GRD: Here we go and standby with the engines.
CPT: I wait your call for engine start. ATC: OK… then…. …OK…. thanks…
GRD: Cockpit you can start your engines. CPT: Yes, we will start 2 and 1 in sequence. FO: She didn’t say anything to us…
CPT: No… ATC: No that is not necessary, I was just surprised you performed a Push-pull. CPT: I could see our colleagues being ready at our left as well… GRD is disconnected so we can talk over the
inter-phone. CPT: So… otherwise you switch on your taxi light!
FO: Yes… Green light. Flight control check. FO: Check… right and right again. CPT: Cabin crew took their seats already. FO: Do they use runway 27 for landing? CPT: For landing… I think so. Or it is a chopper. But I think it is an aircraft. FO: They don’t have guidance. CPT: So this happens even with them! CPT: Switching on my noise cancelling now. That makes a huge difference.
FO: Yeeeees… indeed! FO: Two weeks ago I had a flight to Katowice and the noise cancelling was not working. So we used the spare headset. Then you notice the difference.
CPT: No I can imagine. You where lucky to have a short flight! FO: Indeed… better than flying to the canary islands. CPT: Lets have a look.
S6… we are on “Alfa”.. it is right left via A7 to S6.
FO: yes. FO: Next to that aircraft. Air Portugal (TAP). CPT: Yes we have the intersection left of the Air Portugal indeed. CPT: Switching on the weather radar. CPT: So we need to wait a little. CPT: I can see a cloud on our departure route. The trend is to the right… and we go to the left… So we will have a look if we need to divert from our path from EH095…
Or we go straight ahead or to the left. I think it is a small cloud… FO: We shall see. CPT: I am ready for departure.
FO: Check. me too. Thats nice. 88.5% N1 is what we are looking for. CPT: The cloud I mentioned is not significant. FO: It is getting smaller. CPT: You can see it is a raincloud. CPT: Temperature is 15 degrees. CPT: Some rain as expected. Strange… The weather radar is showing us the center at the right. I don’t see anything on the right. Ah… very nice! yes.

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