Denver Airport Murals: Prophecies From Satan!

Denver Airport Murals: Prophecies From Satan!

Welcome to “Revelation Unraveled”, I’m your host, William Tapley, also known as the “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse”, and the “Co-Prophet” of the End Times”. This is part one of a two part series on the amazing murals at the Denver International Airport. As you know, in the Bible, God says he does nothing, except he reveals what he will do, through his prophets. And I believe Satan imitates God and does the same thing. He also reveals what he is planning to do through his
prophets. And I believe the murals at the Denver International Airport are a prophecy from Satan of the new world order and of the reign of the antichrist. Let’s take a first look at the official
logo of the Denver International Airport. Let me give you a close-up view of this
logo. It’s interesting that when turn this logo upside down, you get the number of the antichrist. The first mural I want to take a
look at is by the artist Leo Tanguma, and it shows a storm trooper with a gas
mask and a submachine gun in one hand, a sword in the other hand, with which he is thrusting through the white dove of Peace. Let’s take a closer look at this
particular mural. The storm trooper in this painting wears a
gas mask, so you really cannot tell his identity, but this sword is a particular
type of sword: that is an Arabian sword. And this dove really does not look much
like a dove, I think it is more of a symbol. What is really amazing about this
painting is this rainbow and the streak that it becomes. What this is showing you is the swath
that this sword has just cut through the sky. You’ll notice that this sword is not just
thrusting the bird, but it has also cut these two buildings. This first one, and the second one. Is this a prophecy of 9/11? If you look over here you will see a lot
of women, going back through infinity, who are weeping over their dead
babies. In fact, in all the murals at the Denver International Airport,
there is a great deal of death and suffering and war images. Over here, these children look as
if they are asleep; but they are sleeping outdoors and they
certainly seem to be orphans, because there are no parents around. Now, a close-up of this first building
especially, looks like the World Trade Center. And remember, this painting was completed in 1994 before the airport opened in 1995; in other words, at least seven years
before the World Trade Center bombing. Now, this next mural, by a different artist, also shows guns and death. Each of the three figures in this mural
are carrying guns. Up here, we see the image of a dead man. And actually, these hills in the background form the image of a dead man. Let’s take a look at this painting close
up, except on its side. I’m not sure how readily apparent this
figure is, but you can see his forehead, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his chin and this would be the outline of his
shoulders. This next mural has even more
amazing, hidden images in it. At first glance it seems like an Indian
worshipping a tree: typical environmental type mural. It has a moon, or is that the moon? Maybe that’s the all-seeing-eye. Down here we have a skull: more signs of death and destruction in
these murals. And over here we have what I call the
doors to eternity. Let’s take a closer look at this
particular mural. Now, the most amazing part of this mural is the guillotine. Now you say you don’t see the guillotine, well take a look at this blade. If that isn’t a guillotine, I will eat my wheaties. Notice, immediately below the guillotine
is a butterfly. Now this is not just any butterfly, this is a monarch
butterfly. I believe that refers to King Louis the
Sixteenth, who was beheaded during the French
revolution. Now, below the guillotine we see a lot
of pond scum, or is this blood and guts. These are not stones here as they first
appear to be. If you take a closer look at these you
will see that these are body parts. Let me zoom in on this part of this
amazing mural. Now in front of my finger you will see a
hand. A little farther over you will see somebody’s butt. Up here you’ll see a leg, and if you look carefully throughout
this pond scum, which is actually blood and guts, you’ll see many more images of faces and body parts. Now I suggested at the beginning, that these images from the Denver
International Airport are warnings from Satan of what he is going to do to humanity. But is it possible that these artists
are not at fault? Maybe they are not working for Satan. Maybe this artist is giving us a warning
about the new world order, but he can’t tell it straightforward. He couldn’t give a painting of the
apocalypse in the Denver airport, so therefore, he puts it under hidden
symbolism. It’s very possible that this artist is a
true prophet, and he is warning all of us that the tribulation is just about upon
us. Now, in part two of this series on the
amazing murals at the Denver International Airport, I’m going to show where Barack Obama is also prophesied in these murals, and what will be the fate of Obama. These murals, which were completed at just about the same time as Barack Obama wrote his autobiography, also predict his downfall. And that will be the topic for my next
program. And, if you would like a free copy of my
book, “Revelation Unraveled” simply write to the address you see on you screen,
(or send me a message on YouTube).

100 thoughts on “Denver Airport Murals: Prophecies From Satan!

  1. It's great to see that there is internet connectivity in mental hospitals. He must have had some good behavior to get a hold of that video camera as well.

  2. @sweetlolitacookies Nice try, but no cigar. In English, it is pronounced gil-e-tin, in French it is not gee-a-teen, either, but gy+ee+yu+tin.

  3. You do realize a theory only works if it has a predictive value right ? Unless you can use these to predict an event that isn't obvious or with an astounding accuracy that can't otherwise be achieved your "theory" is ridiculous to any sane person.

  4. Pitiful. Bat-shit crazy, delusional, uneducated, zealous, assumptive, presumptuous & he can't pronounce "guillotine". See if you can spot all the mistakes…

  5. @Drpetya1965 Although this will be an obvious case of casting my pearls before swine I will explain to you the purpose of the rainbow. Yes, Tanguma does use it to connect the two murals and yes it does show the past and the future. Your problem is that you have the past and future mixed up. The dead Nazi paratrooper is in the left mural, in other words in the past, and the mural on the right shows the paratrooper resurrected in the future New World Order. This mural is a prophecy from Satan!

  6. wow. what are you on? because it is clearly pretty good if you can draw these delusional conclusions. That's pretty messed up.

  7. @Kreneep1052 One of the most important end times chapters in the Bible, Daniel chapter four, was written by a pagan (Nebuchadnezzar). God used this pagan king to give us two of the greatest prophecies of the end times as found in chapters two and four of Daniel.

  8. I believe that the bible was written by man and Jesus never wrote a word in that book. In fact…that belief is also fact. I also believe these same men who wrote this book…belong to an order that is very similar to the one destroying the world right now. When you think about it…its the perfect suppression until the new dawn. Keep the masses blind with false hope of a fictional entidy in the sky…and the NWO will become a success with haste.

  9. What you cant see or even believe….you will never be able to destroy. This is how they gained control…and now we are witnessing the final stages of the doctrine. Order out of Chaos. Its amazing how the same people who write alot of the history books…never re wrote the bible. Then again…they did. The old testament claimed of numerous gods and they were not nice enditys…in fact…they were quite cruel. They meaning more then one. Dont get mad at me because I picked up the original book.

  10. In todays day and age…money is the NEW god. People will do anything for it. Kill or mate. Love or hate. Build or disintigrate. Too much way too late.

  11. dude I know these murals are strange and have some underlying messages ,but you are really out there , just making crap up. First off, it is an assault rifle not a sub machine gun Also. the Indian is not praying to the tree, because the tree is behind her. You are nuts man, but I appreciate your point of view, but I believe you are wrong on some of your stretched out points.

  12. The Butterfly could also represent the Christians that will be beheaded for not taking the mark of the beast.. as I've seen the Butterfly used for the New Life in Christ Jesus; Born Again people.

  13. the artist was paid and told what to paint by the nwo.i also think that the little german boy beating weapons into tools is prince william.

  14. Jer 23:21 I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied.
    Jer 23:22 But if they had stood in my counsel, and had caused my people to hear my words, then they should have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings.

  15. Deu 18:21 And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?
    Deu 18:22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

  16. @EarlyTheDog The Bible says: "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams" (Acts 2:17 & Joel 2:28).

  17. give this guy a deck of Magic the gathering or yugioh cards and he'll go insane…. "OH MY GAWD SIGN OF THE DEVIL IN EACH PIECE OF CARDBOARD!"

  18. and if you look even closer in the pond scum, you'll notice that satan and his minions are juggling chainsaws, singing show tunes and eating KFC on a ferris wheel, atop building number 7.. lol. gimme a break. i wouldn't have even commented on this if this guy wasn't claiming the pond scum was actually body parts and "blood and guts".
    i can't stop laughing and shaking my head right now.

  19. @wingwiperUSMC The origins claim it was three to begin with. Hebrew ( original), Latin and Greek. Then again…thats all THERE history they want us to believe. Since you are totally correct with your comment, that proves that this doctrine is not the word of god, its the words of 90 men….excluding the most importaint one too…Jesus himself.

  20. The mural at 3:39 looks an annular solar eclipse to me! The next one is on May 20th this year, beginning at 23:53:53. May 20th is the first Sunday after the ascension of Our Lord into heaven and 121 day of the year. Aside from Psalm 121 and being 3 days after Our Lords glorious ascension, do you see any other possible significances about this date?

  21. Kind of ironic since the NWO worships satan (Freemasonry in the highest degrees is essentially luciferianism, the Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, etc.) The world more and more rejects the Bible, the book that exposes satan's acts. So wouldn't it be obvious that they would want to perpetuate hatred for it (Luciferians hate the God of the Bible)

  22. Look at the tree in the last painting, the one with the guillotine, the top of the tree has a face that is frowning, you can see it pretty clearly in 4:45, it looks evil and it turning away from the all seeing eye. It also appears to represent two figures, one stacked on top of the other. The man is on top, and clearly has a phallic symbol, and the one underneath is the woman, you can see a breast. Man above woman? And they are reaching outside the painting, outside the universe?

  23. Would you let someone do brain surgery on you if he did not have the proper degrees or credentials? Thanks for agreeing with me on the murals.

  24. The only reason I leave comments like yours posted is so that the artists who painted these monstrosities will see the kind of ridicule they will be subjected to when they are finally forced to admit I am right.

  25. Well, in this case it is not YouTube. All comments now have to be approved by me because I used to get too much hate and nonsense.

  26. In the first mural, is that a Nazi slicing the Twin Towers with an Arabian sword back in 1994, 7 years BEFORE 911? / Stewart Swerdlow speaks about all this and more in True Blood Blue Blood, on Youtube.

  27. There are two great end times systems: Capitalism and Communism (the Harlot and the Scarlet Beast). Communism will win WW 3 and we will get the One World Communist Tyranny under the Antichrist. Jesus Himself will return and destroy the One World evil system and He will set up His Millennial Kingdom after Armageddon.

  28. Some condenscending sadists love looking on-judging, cyberstalking…this comment is for them, since they are reading this now. The same ones who are so disconnected, and insecure, that they must paint the entire world view for us all; saying, see, "We told you" While looking down from their connect-the dots world-view pedestal, placing blame, judging-all the while, having the keys to the universe. NOTE- Colorado is a state, not a city. AZ #Hazbat WE know. Do something meaningful/Productive!

  29. where is your evidence of this, sounds like you have been reading david ike books , ike who is himself a feemason teaches the nwo religion while decrying it, if you have never heard of ike. sorry, The nWO crowd are luciferians. satanists. they belive in jesus christ but like lucifer hate him and htink he is evil. when the NWO system comes you will only get 2 choices, jesus christ(death)then eternal life. or the mark and this world.

  30. To help you better understand what has taken place.9/11 was a 100% False flag op that ushered in an already written and published 1000 page Patriot and demonized the very people who sit on top of whats left of the worlds largest oil reserves which brings us to the Good Ole WMD war that by the by turned up NO WMDs from day one which brings us to why Halliburton was handed the NO-BID mega contract to build the LARGEST MILITARY BASES IN THE WORLD all of which happen to be along the Caspian pipeline

  31. The gas mask man is Holmes the guy who shot up the movie theatre. Then he stabbing the dove of peace creating a war on guns, then in the other picture all the people burn the guns. Protect your 2nd ammendment

  32. i can see 6 clear faces at 3:36 and a further 5 that kinda look like faces, the first 6 are * white head just above top right white square * face with beard just right of middle hill left of pic * far top right of pic looks like egypt faro head * top middle of pic middle cloud looks like a cat face * under cat face above mans hand looks like a lion * shadows in white square looks like a face

  33. I see images of land in the two buildings. Its human nature to see images that aren't there but this is art. The building on the left looks like the land mass of the middle east "Damascus etc,." The stretch of land facing the Mediterranean Sea. Also Between the two buildings I clearly see the State of Tennessee. Thats a very significant State. Windows that look like Hawaii islands or other islands. And a second sword left of the 90 degree sword. This one same shape but 45 degrees to left. Blue

  34. I`ve read several places that Denver Airport has a secret underground base. Apparently it`s CIA`s new headquarters.

  35. The rainbow is a sign of peace…. It begins the swing, which eventually kills the dove.

    The mother is middle-eastern (Wearing a hijab)

    The man is in control of both the Arabian sword and an M-16 (Standard issue in US military branches). He also has rank…. Colonel maybe?

    The orphans (3 races) sleep on bricks, but are the only ones who look at peace. This is the endpoint of the swing.

    The girl draped in red is holding a bear/cross.

    There is also a document in the bottom-right corner.

  36. Why would satan"the father of lies" give such an honest prophecy about the "tribulation" as if he's lending a helping hand to warn the people like he cares. But wait, he warns everyone secretly in Dude, if you're gonna preach, preach the Gospel. The only thing that can bring people to Christ. This stuff is so off and distracting from what's really important.

  37. Hello, for the Native American Indian painting, I believe some information was not well researched…maybe it wasn't available to you…as for the native man praying with his sacred pipe, he is praying to the Creator…He is also beside a Buffalo scull and he is dressed in a red skirt, which represents he is a Sundancer  in the Sundance Ceremony…to the right of the tepee, is the moon in its different stages, and on the left of the tepee is the Sunlight coming through, those 2 represent the day and night, on the bottom near the water is Red Ocher, used as a sacred medicine in ceremonies…and in the indigenous peoples spirituality, the monarch butterfly is known to represent Creativity and Transformation in ones life… and finally on the Left of the painting, Maybe our path to redemption is to return and be humble and to get back in touch with our Mother Earth, who is our direct connection to Divinity…

  38. In your opening logo, the six you reveal has a small triangle to the left, perhaps showing the 6 to be a 'tri' 6? The first image shows the 'WAR' man with his head at the beginning of a rainbow. The rainbow has been stolen by the Antichrist to depict homosexuality, and now that we 'KNOW' the President of Turkey is in fact he, it also shows his ties to homosexuality and confirms his Arab location by the sword. Both arms with weapons, depict his 'mission of death'. Children are left orphans, and Women bewail the death of their children. The dove to me, symbolizes the Church fleeing, as the Church is (physically) being destroyed in the background. A document is on the outside of the walled perimeter, which may symbolize the Church's Doctrine, underfoot. Yet, all of this is fenced in, as though under the control of the Antichrist. This is 'my take' from all the 'pieces of the puzzle' you have provided us with. Thank-you William!

  39. I am a 'mouse' before a 'lion' as a teacher, adding only my bits. Interesting, that you think the document is a poem…Could it be one of yours? (LOL) I could see him(Antichrist) very angry with your lovely Truths(poems). It would be interesting to have updates about the ongoing 'cover-ups' or 'add-ons' to the Denver murals…as they are so telling of the times, by someone(s)? They almost seem like the reads you can get from the iPad commercials. Thank-you William.

  40. he's missing a lot , like the rainbow that used to stand for peace back in the good old daze
    but the gay pride people stole for their symbol

  41. the first painting represents Isis in Syria and not 9-11 and what covers is it the movement of peace through nationalism stopping the war funded by the rainbow backing global leftist fueling the fire, there will be some peace for a while but it will be short lived

  42. you can clearly see the mourners are middle eastern and that the fighters are unknown, no one knows where they came from really but everyone knows the leftists rainbow poeple are backing the chaos, hilary clinton supports the rainbow, while most in opposition to it are nationalists, who are getting back aat hillary for her meddling in libya , and suspect with certainty but cant prove that shes what happened to syria

  43. Now we understand why America is called Satan America.
    And with THREE Statues of Satan, America is ready for fire and brimstone prophecy to come true.

  44. My take: The scimitar/sword and kids blanket both point to the first dove, meaning those who live by the rule of the physical self (and it’s evil nature of separation, the undefeatable solider representing that ego) will never know peace, those who deny the solider (not fear) are loving and loving of others as self, will know peace (thus the blanket pointing to the dove)will ..and the trickle of the holy spirit which keeps them for their faith free from harm on narrow path of redemption in increasingly harsh world.

  45. The picture @3:23 represents next levels (variations on tribulations) wrote this on it
    SPIRIT: riffing on this world as a free will video game, now as ‘end times’/big boss before leveling up

    A timed ‘Final’ test that requires understanding where we truly come from, where we are truly going and who we truly are, else can’t see the clock

    With meta/trick questions: reality/sanity/separation-from(self+other) checks.

    The only question on the spiritual/material intelligence test finals are:

    0) Do your know Truth from fake, light from dark

    1) Do you know your true self/world (as immortal spirit having a material experience)?
    -A) NO
    -B) YES __ %, of that informs and guide your choices (1%-100%)

    2) Do you know others as yourself?
    – A) no
    – B) I don’t know, don’t care
    – C) sometimes depends
    – D) Yes. Different but all connected/one for one.

    3) For your future self, what is the greater ..greatest GOoD?
    – A) Physical
    a) technology/science
    b) society/politics
    c) church
    – B) Astral (E.g. oobe’s, yoga, new age)
    – C) Spiritual ->God/Trinity

    SCORE If people choose:
    0) nothing here + others are self => heaven/hOMe

    Else another arcade game/labyrinth worse than here:

    1) material+tech science -> UFO/good/evil aliens (Nazi’s and Marines in space!)
    2) society/politics -> NWO & overlord (Antichrist) vs monsters/war…guns and sleeping giants
    3) astral -> dark energy archons (the red dots and astral space ship)

  46. My mother's knew the artist of the paintings and she said he was paid to make them if I recall she said that and maybe something about him being a wired guy

  47. Dear William,
    Thanks for your concerns.
    As specialist of apocalypse & eschatologies, did you know that time is just an illusion ? (never wonder why so many liars – i.e. media – are named "times", "ny times" etc. ? > this is just another way to get us out of reality and stuck to illusions)
    If you wish to better understand what is tribulation you should focus to enneagrams (> heptadron > merkeba)
    Number six is not antichrist symbol, it is a perfect number and God created the world in six days.

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