Dark Rising | Pilot Trailer | TV Series

Dark Rising | Pilot Trailer | TV Series

– Hey Lila, is
that still happening a lot? The breathing? And the nightmares? You know there’ll always
be people like that, right? Those who think they’re better than us. They’re not. It’s just that they stepped up, declared rules, and took what they wanted. And stupid people followed
thinking they’re strong. All you need is a plan, Lila. We can be better. They’ll come for you again, so how will you make sure they listen, hm? How will you make sure
they never even think to touch you again? Relax, Lila. Come on. Close your eyes. Control. Imagine everything that can happen. All the good, all the bad possibilities, then reach out. Choose your own – piece by piece. And build. And the fools, the fools in
power who think that they’re safe? They won’t know what will hit them. You and me, eh?

27 thoughts on “Dark Rising | Pilot Trailer | TV Series

  1. How is this not more popular? A non-mainstream hero, set in rural Africa? Sign me up. I hope the project finds incredible success.

  2. I had totally forgotten about this channel until this popped in my notifications. Looks interesting.

  3. For country that does have the the technology its great at least now we have something kuringa nayo good job 😍

  4. Followed this from daisie.com. Looks very interesting. Good luck with the series guys! πŸ™‚

  5. I see this project in daisie.
    Are you still looking for a video editor??
    I have experience with video edition

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