Corsa-Spec Alfa Romeo GTA Sparks Its Pilot’s Passion

Corsa-Spec Alfa Romeo GTA Sparks Its Pilot’s Passion

The passion I have for this car is not due to its value or because it is rare,  nor for its heritage. It’s just that when I get in it, and I close the door, I am in my own special world. I tune everything out. I leave for a timeless dimension,  it is where I go to blow off steam. This car gives me emotions that cannot be put into words. It is such an intimate experience,  that I jealously cherish it. My name is Filippo Montini I was born in 1976,  and my passion has always been for 1960’s Alfa Romeos.  I have owned this Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA for 10 years. GTA stands for Gran Turismo Alleggerita. It’s not my family’s first car because my love for these cars started a long time ago. My grandfather was a test driver for Benelli Moto,  my father always worked on cars as a hobby and as a trade. So racing was a big part of my childhood,  both for motorcylces and cars. When I was 8 years old, in an aviation field,  I saw a Giulia. I was star-strucked by that car,  and from that moment on I felt something that I cannot put into words. It was very peculiar because we met the owner of the Giulia, Angelo,  and he immediately seemed trustworthy.  A friendship was born that day that lasts to today.  Me and my dad were supervising the restoration of a car that was particularly complexed.  [Angelo], the owner of the GTA, came from Brescia to Pesaro, where we were,  Just to meet us and we had lunch together. We talked about my passion for the cars I owned,  the ones I wanted and the ones that Angelo had.  Angelo told me he had a disassembled GTA for the last 10 years,  because he did not have any time to fix it himself. So my dad suggested that he could put it together. So we bought the GTA sight un-seen because it was disassembled,  without thinking what the build would entail. Without assessing the risks that we could run into with a car of this type. We went to see the car,  we saw that Angelo had been truthful, so we started to divide all the pieces,  and organize them in different crates. We took all the crates home, and little by little like a puzzle,  we were able to re-build the whole car. Obviously it was a job that took 3 years. But it paid off because we got the certificate of authenticity from both the “Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo” and and from Maurizio Tabucchi, a famous GTA expert who recently passed away. The main characteristics in a GTA is it’s aluminum riveted body. This is to keep the weight of the car low.  You have a 200 kilos lighter car than the most common aluminum version. The car is also lighter thanks to alloy wheels,  and the engine is more powerful thanks to the dual ignition system. What is commonly known as “twin sparks”, with 2 sparks for each cilinder. The engine with a street configuration has 115 horse power. But my car has 160 horse power because it has a racing configuration.  It is also right-hand driven,  it is part of circa 49 cars built in Udine,  at Auto Delta,  that already came out of the factory with more horse powers. The restoration process lasted around 3 years,  and Angelo, the previous owner, was very influential. Because he supervised the mechanical part of the build.  So I would see and talk to Angelo often,  just as I still do now, because we remained good friends.  So now when he calls, the first thing he asks me is not how I am  but rather when was the last time that I drove the GTA. I think he is really happy with this re-built, because his cars is in good hands,  and even if this car is now mine, a small part will always be his too. It is a car that will always be with me. 

100 thoughts on “Corsa-Spec Alfa Romeo GTA Sparks Its Pilot’s Passion

  1. The editing and cinematographics of this channel together with the best machines equal the best car channel in Youtube

  2. The most beautiful film about a passion (my passion also), the GTA!
    This one is immaculate, perfect and the story told is equally beautiful. Thank you for sharing:)

  3. From my teenage years, I kept trying to buy a GTA. One was always just out of reach price wise. About $4000 in 1973. So much more than a BMW 2002. Trans Am 2.5 was awesome. Horst Kweck Alfa, John Morton Datsun 510, and the usual bevy of Bimmers. But the Alfa blew them both away in style. Tnx Petrolicious. Best car videos on You Tube. This GTA is about perfect, and the lucky owners story is what childhood dreams are made of.

  4. The prefect car for blasting round country lanes ,blowing the cobwebs of life's annoyances away whilst having eargasms 🙂

  5. I absolutely agree with you when you tell that when you drive it is an intimate feeling… very difficult to describe and when you state that you won't ever sell it!
    Notwithstanding mine is not as rare as yours it is one of the most emotional cars I have ever driven.
    Sono d'accordo con lei quando afferma che è una sensazione intima… difficile da descrivere e quando afferma che non venderà mai quest'auto!
    La mia purtroppo non può vantare lo stesso nobile pedigree ma rimane una delle auto più emozionali che io abbia mai avuto modo di guidare.

  6. These videos touch my heart so deeply. I identify always with them. I have a 1976 Spider Veloce my favorite car ever. Been working on it for three years . Getting to body work, then one day interior.

  7. I'm an avid, longtime Petrolicious fan, so please take this as my two cents only, and not as objective criticism, but the videos lately are just a little too deeply steeped in the "passion" aspect of the automotive sphere for me. The backstory and storytelling in general are great and plays in important roll in the narrative of the video, but I find myself skipping through the videos more often than not lately just to get to, what I consider, the good stuff—cars in motion, engine note, s-bends, etc. Lately, they (the videos) almost feel like they're taking themselves too seriously.

    I feel like showing more of the passion would go a lot further than talking about it in most cases. Make me FEEL the passion organically from what I see rather than telling me what or how someone else feels.

    I was reluctant to share this feedback, but I love Petrolicious and hope it isn't taken with hard feelings. I realize there is a lot of hard work, talent, and time poured into each of these videos, and I don't plan to stop watching any time soon.

  8. It looks and sounds beautifull, the interiors are perfect, the Best alfa romeo emotional engine although it should have 2000 cc instead 1600 cc I myself had a 146 Alfa romeo boxer it was not in good conditions but at least gave me the idea of car like this… Not all are good only a few special models

  9. Such a pleasure, to hear the passionate owner sing his song of love for his GTA. And man, the sound on the overrun…

  10. Beautiful car. Somehow I always find myself going straight to eBay looking for car parts after watching a Petrolicious video 🙂

  11. it was great era when drivers are skilled, not assisted by electronic garbages like tc, hillstart bullshit

  12. Even though I don't understand a lick of Italian, I feel like I understand everything this guy is saying. Cars are wonderful things.

  13. nice car…BUT, I subscribe to this channel because of the wonderful camera work, the extreme detail , and in depth look at great cars. I don't want to look into some guys blurry ear or blurry images. You can and have done better. this wasn't up to snuff, even if it was one of the sexiest cars ever.

  14. This video has sparked my passion for Alfa and in particular the beautiful GTA!! One day I want to own a GTA! Thank you @petrolicious for making such a brilliant video, such a fitting tribute to an incredible car. I hope many more people will be inspired and feel the same way about this car for generations to come, and that all the orginal cars will be preserved the way they deserve to be for generations to come! Thank you

  15. when i visited my brother in Austria, his neighbors had 2 little old alfa’s like this one, but with black hoods and numbers on the doors, when i saw them, one was always in garage and other was always outside on the trailer, they looked so fantastic…

  16. Alfa Romeo should be paying Petrolicious a lot of money for this videos. Best damn advertising you can possibly get. The Alfa GTA and GTV from the late 60s and early 70s are some of my favorite all time cars.

  17. This is truly the single most awesome video on YouTube, hands down. 🤤 Beautiful cinematography, loving the cuts the edit, but my God this car is just something else. The way it sounds, how it makes you feel, even though it's only on video. I can't even imagine how would it be to drive one of these. 👀

  18. Io mi mangio ancora le mani per non essere riuscito a comprare una Scalino standard… Era ridotta ad un catorcio marcio, i soldi per prenderla c'erano, sarebbero mancati quelli per il passaggio, il restauro ed il rimessaggio non avendo io un box

  19. This was amazing. I heard double clutching! Is this for gearbox-conservation purposes or this car didn't come with synchros?
    It still is the most beautiful shape ever made. Someday!

  20. Some of the videos on this channel would appeal more to the viewers if we get to see more of how the cars look and not overly focusing on the owner and their story.

  21. Ho avuto per 12 anni un'Alfa GT 1600 acquistata nuova, Si respirava odore di benzina e olio, bei tempi, le auto di oggi? senza anima!!

  22. Stupenda…..complimenti ,una curiosita' ,il volante a destra è penalizzante qui in Italia come guida e anche come valore dell'auto?

  23. Sicuramente la più carismatica auto costruita dall'Alfa Romeo. Filippo grande appassionato di auto Alfa, grande auto questa Alfa ma un po' rumorosa, non so come farà con le revisioni.

  24. Dream car ! Although i think that i like Alfaholics GTA-R too. Don't know which i like more and if i would keep it completely stock, or give it to Alfaholics to restore it, given the fact that i had one. 🤔

    One thing i can't get my head around is how low the exhaust pipe is sitting at 7:45… If you hit a big bump by accident i am sure it would scrape the ground/road/asphalt… It is only a matter of time by then…

  25. A car with an Italian designer 👩‍🎨 and a German engineer and a Japanese technician and an English stylist and an American salesman 👨‍💼 lol is a magical car.

  26. Filippo complimenti è una macchina fantastica.Tienila sempre con te perchè queste vecchie signore ti sanno dare emozioni vere di un tempo antico che purtroppo non esiste più.

  27. Damn I wish they would stop posting videos like this about these Alfa’s, it’s going to make the values soar right out of my league, just like aircooled 911’s!

  28. Molto bene, a nice story and a Great car, I prefer the sound of this size of car over the typical bigger is better approach.

  29. Complimenti per la storia e il video, è quasi analoga alla mia, anche se la mia è una Giulia 1600 super, il vecchio proprietario anch'esso si chiamava Angelo, e purtroppo lui non è riuscito però a vedere il risultato del restauro della suddetta… 😥

  30. That’s it…THATS the noise every really great engine makes ….be it a 4, 6, or 12 cylinder….in any configuration…they all sound like saw blade cutting and metal on metal

  31. While watching this video you find yourself translating another language (Which you probably didn't know) becauss passion for automobiles/cars is a universal language…. What an amazing short film.

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