Chinese Airplane Food ► Dim Sum & Braised Beef on Singapore Airlines from Hong Kong to San Francisco

Chinese Airplane Food ► Dim Sum & Braised Beef on Singapore Airlines from Hong Kong to San Francisco

[Music] a different story it’s a 12-hour flight so let’s get comfortable what’s inside our plane kit long dark grey socks a toothbrush and mini toothpaste let’s check out the in-flight magazine do-do-do-do-do wait a second what is this sorcery I know their food but can I keep these guys as a pet one of the things that make me super excited about flying is trying airplane food let’s build some hype by studying the menu we have an Indian selection and snacks dim sum for breakfast yes long international flights mean catching up on movies here we have a touch screen remote control typically your screen and table is part of the passenger seat in front of you in this case they pull out from your own seat so many options conveniently you can queue up all the movies you want to watch in a prior flight we landed before I finished watching the tunnel let’s finish this flick before moving on to another supper time introducing braised beef with roasted garlic thyme sauce the meal came was assorted veggies bread butter and cream water for dessert ice cream [Music] crunchy with a tang some bits crunchy than others this might look like a slice of bread but in fact there are two slices of chicken the texture was dry like my eye but Pleasant and light and flavor if broccoli is your favorite veggie post a high-five in the comment section that little bit of sauce on the edge of that broccoli boom it has a delightful pop of flavor onto the main protein the braised beef like the chicken it is dry but also Pleasant and light in flavor that particular bite mmm juicy okay that bite was medium juicy you can’t get bored eating this the juice factor is all over the place this meal gives me Thanksgiving vibes let’s give this bun some love [Music] hashtag standard dessert time we dig into strawberry ice cream all the years that I’ve been flying Singapore Airlines they tend to give up the haagen-dazs can’t wait for the next meal forget sleep time for more movies got to catch up on all the pixels up next is the handmaiden directed by park Chino same gentleman who made old boy onto our second full movie Essaouira the city of madness don’t forget to stretch every so often shall we take a peek outside ah I’m blinded that’s nice back to you good night mode flight updates 737 am in Hong Kong 6:22 p.m. in San Francisco about 3-4 hours until we land movie number 3 I’d like to watch something I can relate to like dory I feel you girl my memory flies by to breakfast time has arrived dim sum I am specifically radish cake yam cake and pork shoe my fruit bread preserves before anything else let’s hydrate slice of watermelon your feat has come the sweetest watermelon I’ve ever had on a plane dragon fruit also comes in magenta this variety has a white flesh an average yummy dragon fruit pineapple can be used to tenderize meats I hope it must be my lucky day this pineapple is also sweet orange juice bottoms up now we cut the cake they both have similar colors the one on the left I believe is the turnip and the one in the middle must be am mostly bland the chili gives it move mmm spongy onto the pork shoe my steamed two Chinese dumplings savory dim sum in this guy these socks are like a blanket for my kiddies let’s blind ourselves again it truly is amazing that we can fly our ancestors would have called this witchcraft they would have said it’s impossible to fly but look where we are now after finishing finding Dory we take it easy with a short nap hope you guys enjoyed flying across the Pacific Ocean with me there are tons more trouble vlogs coming ahead so stay tuned buh-bye

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