BTS (방탄소년단) | Airplane pt. 2 COMEBACK SHOW (Eng Sub) | Reacción

BTS (방탄소년단) | Airplane pt. 2 COMEBACK SHOW (Eng Sub) | Reacción

Hi everybody! My name is Lucero and welcome to my Chanel Lulu Lights Today I’m with a special guest, my friend Judany! And will be continuing reacting to BTS comeback videos Now we will watch Airplane part 2 ¿there was a part 1? What happen is that airplane part 1, theres no part 1, just airplane its j-hope mixtape that he pulled out, when was it? recently But it had really good reviews So, what I heard it’s that they told him that “yes, see we loved airplane let’s do a part 2 and let’s put it in the bts album – That’s awesome When I saw that it said Airplane part 2 I was like What? J-Hope is one of my favorites, I think Same And nothing, let’s watch it. OMG Whattt? That’s Jungkook That’s my boy What’s going on? Cute!! Jimin! Wait! I need a moment here, what’s going on? I don’t know so beautiful, oh my god I love everything I love the outfits too Okay, I’m going to calm down The dance is so cool cuteeee I can’t I’m like sweating I can’t right now – So cute Kookie Relax friend OMG Omg what’s goin… JIN J-Hope, obviously with that swag He’s got flow So cute how can they do it so..? OMG Suga looks so cute That one right? Yes – He’s outfit is so cute My favorite I think out of all the outfits But Jimin! Wait, wait, repeat it! I didn’t see the floor situation Okay look at Jimin OMG He’s outfit tho I love him I love it So cute too – Yes, that’s Jin Jin looks super cute Hey, stop STOP IT Breath He’s so cute tooo Who’s that again? that’s V Can we watch it again? can we repeat please..? yes yes wait wait let me see the part… Look at the flow That was very…. wow Oh my god, I loved it Too much flow V is so cute, like..OMG Easy baby, hi’s mine You take it easy, if you can have two I can have like four at the beginning I couldn’t decide it’s too difficult! I spend like a week trying to pick a favorite I couldn’t No, but… No, like Kookie, Those close up that they make on their faces 5 out if 5 can we put 10 out of 5? The outfits on point, my favorite was this one Suga? Suga’s outfit The outfit looked so good on him, I loved the colors Yes… I liked that one too Jin. Jin’s outfit was great The pants, the thing on his neck, I don’t know the name of it My favorite was Suga too But after Suga, Jungkook, I loved the… The robe thing? We don’t know how is called. We will called it robe The robe look super good on him It was flowing like this. There’s no graphic representation? Here, wait Like this Understand? on point We love him. Those body rolls Let’s see if you guys chill that didn’t worked like that before it wasn’t like that? too sexy? I arrived at the right moment To be honest, yes. The most wow thing they have done was Blood, Sweat and Tears And that’s it Well, if you liked the reaction don’t forget to like the video and suscribe to my Chanel We will see you soon, bye

54 thoughts on “BTS (방탄소년단) | Airplane pt. 2 COMEBACK SHOW (Eng Sub) | Reacción

  1. Ese momento en el que veo el video solo porque esta en tu canal pero no me gusta BTS jajajajajaj

  2. 💖💖😍❤💖 mas ARMYs Dominicanas… Ya no solo nos une el amor por los libros tambien por BTS. 💖❤😍.. Ahora mismo lo comparto en la fanbase.

  3. Me encanta ver gente de RD interesada en bts ♡ gracias por reaccionar! Pdt que cámara usan?

  4. Ame sus caras cuando ni bien empezó el vídeo y salio Jungkook todo sexy a sentarse en la silla xd Literalmente también estaba con la boca abierta durante todo el vídeo, ni si quiera podía gritar de la emoción porque no me quería perder nada del vídeo y lo pausaba a cada rato para gritar y luego seguir viéndolo xd Airplane pt 2 otra obra de arte de BTS con swin latino <3 Por eso los amo tanto 7u7 <3

  5. Please react Ninety One – Ah Yah Mah from Kazakhstan (Qpop) . Their music are really like Kpop so much.

    Link :

  6. Diganme que no soy la única que se emociona con "El Mariachi"
    Y me emocione más cuando pusieron mi pais 7w7 "we goin' from Mexico City" LO AMO!

  7. La canción se devio a ver llamado "EL MARIACHI " parece que a bts le gusta mexico 😍😍❤ que bueno saludos desde mi México

    Disk Awards 201 8' Dance Practice

  9. 5 años con bts y aún no tengo un bias por que todos se me hacen tan hermosos ♥️ no se preocupen:,v

  10. me encanta qje la gente ispano ablante le guste BTS tambien RD me dicen que csmara usan yo no tengo y quiero hacer videos soy nueva

    esta cancion tiene ritmo latino cierto?

    mi bias es jimin

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