BOMBSHELL Evidence Of Airplane Abucted by UFO Over The Ocean & UFOs Spotted 2/25/2020

hey guys how’s it going Richard here
with Alien Bros I hope you guys are having an amazing day I have a few
spectacular UFO sightings to share with you guys today and afterwards as usual
we’ll get into a news story that I think you guys will find pretty interesting to
say the least the first one that I’ll be sharing with you though
is one of the most awesome pieces of UFO footage that I have seen in a long time
and I think it’s gonna leave you all just as shocked and confused as it’s
left me it was captured over King of Prussia Pennsylvania on February 15th of
this month and it shows what seems to be a massive fleet of UFOs hovering over
the city it is just nuts and let the witnesses in total disbelief I’ll go
ahead and play the footage for you guys now and we’ll talk more on it after all
right now roll the clip look at all those lights you see that guys what is
that that’s insane there are no serious they’re everywhere
they’re like radish seriously look look look over there look at the
far right seriously I’m not joking I’m not joking alright guys so this footage is just
outright awesome normally I would write this off as drones or Chinese lanterns
but these things seem to be way to happen this guy to be drones and on top
of that not a single one of them move even slightly if it were drones at least
one of them would be moving if even a little bit but all of them are just
hanging out stationary in this odd formation Chinese lanterns would also be
slowly drifting across the sky with the wind and are unable to maintain a static
position the way that these objects do what’s even more amazing are the two
airplanes we have flying nearby which give us a good frame of reference for
the height and size of these objects I believe they are much larger than normal
drones and with their height up in the sky unless they are something military
which I highly doubt then I think that we are definitely looking at something
unknown and potentially very scary considering that they are here in mass
why would a fleet of such objects be necessary in the first place it just
doesn’t seem right to me if you guys have any idea what these things are then
please leave a comment explaining them away have you can debunk them by all
means then do so if you cannot debunked them and spotted the same thing that
night or if you have more footage of these objects please email it over to me
so we can figure out what it is this family saw over Pennsylvania that night
because I want answers here alright guys now let’s get into our next incredible
piece of UFO footage it was captured over a chrono hi-oh on February 17th of
this month and it shows a strange light moving across the sky that was witnessed
by a delivery man for Gordon food services while he was out making a
delivery it is definitely a weird one I’ll go ahead and play the footage for
you guys now and we’ll talk more on it after all right now check out this
footage okay guys so the witness described this
object is moving around all over the place very quickly and was unsure if a
drum could have been capable of what he had spotted in this footage or not this
object certainly does behave oddly and does move rather quick and in ways that
normal aircraft would not be able to do the movements are sharp precise yet
sporadic now I’m not going to say this is for sure an alien craft that would
just be assuming far too much however I definitely find it strange and I am not
so sure that a drone would actually be able to make some of the sharp turns of
this object does I know a lot of you fly drones and have a lot of expertise with
the UAVs so I’m going to ask you guys is a drone capable of what we are seeing
performed here in this footage let me know down in the comments what you guys
think this thing is is this an extraterrestrial craft or is this
something more mundane I personally don’t think that this is anything
mundane but I want to hear from you guys what you think this object is hard to
keep track of in the clip and it just makes me feel like there is a good
chance this is something far from normal and what this man saw could be something
out of this world but I could be wrong and I definitely want to know what my
drone enthusiasts subs think before I decide so let me know down in the
comments what you guys believe this is and as always if you have more footage
of the craft then please send it over to my email let’s figure this out alright
next I want to share with you guys an incredible sighting that was shared by
my friend UFO man it is absolutely insane and calls major panic in the
streets among those who saw it it shows a possible tr-3b over Badou france on
january 17th of this year as always the original UFO man video will be linked in
the video description and I do recommend you guys check him out because he does
some amazing work over on his channel we have worked together for a long time and
he’s a very respectable researcher I’ll go ahead and play the footage for you
guys now and we’ll talk more on it afterwards alright now check out this
footage alright guys so this is definitely an
incredible capture supposedly this object hovered in the sky for 25 minutes
before disappearing it is hard to say if this object made any sound or not
because of how loud the witnesses were however I’m going to say that it likely
didn’t they hold their formation well enough to make me suspect that they are
all part of one large object one that we know as a tr-3b and have shared
countless video captures up on this channel if a craft of the size were
going to make noise a crowd of people like this would not be enough to drown
it out if you have ever heard an airplane or a helicopter fly by this
close to you then you would know that it is extremely loud and would definitely
be heard in the background of this crowd an object of this size seems to be
massive enough that you could land a commercial airliner on it and it would
be more than loud enough to be heard over the screams of the crowd if it were
going to make noise which leads me to believe that the object or as some are
calling it objects are entirely silent which is unheard of for an object of
such a size I think that what we are seeing here is almost certainly
extraterrestrial if not being flown by ETS then at least in origin as
reverse-engineered alien technology but not from France it would have to be from
the USA or Russia however I have my doubts why would either nation pull a
stunt like this over France it makes no sense no I believe this is something not
from this world being piloted by something not of this world
however that is just my opinion and you should form your own based off of the
evidence if any of you saw this thing and have more footage of it than please
email it over to me if you think that you can debunk this thing then please
let us know down in the comments what you think this thing is I’m sure that
the witnesses want answers just as much as I do
and if we can provide them than we should until then i’m gonna claim that
this sighting is in my files as extraterrestrial and fully unidentified
however you’re welcome to change my mind alright now in my last video i promised
you guys that i would share a clip of an object that has been hanging out over a
family member of Mines house for weeks now every night and i did go out and
capture the footage just as I promised that I would after this we’ll get into
today’s news it was captured on February 20th of this month and shows another one
of these strange orb lights hanging out near the town of Boonesboro Maryland it
shows another bright light just hanging out on the sky and it had some very
strange properties when it’s to film it I’ll go ahead and play the
footage I captured for you guys now and then we’ll get into the airplane
sighting now check out this footage those cameras move on its own if you’re really bright where is it I am spicy it yeah that is a plan focus yeah that’s a plane move this thing up
here I think mostly there’s see that was definitely there
you can hear it too right there you got it
all right all right thank you I think he’s getting
real bring-down come on focus I’m not gonna stay in here all night
recording this okay guys so this object is there almost every night and can be
seen without fail in the exact same spot it is super bright the way it appears on
camera is very close to how it appears in real life and it is as I said in my
last video impossible for me to debunk I have tried using star tracking apps
among other methods and so far I have come up empty and it’s just weird
because up until a few months ago this object was never there the family I have
living there has been there for decades and I’ve never seen this thing up until
about five months ago if it were something normal they certainly would
have noticed it a long time ago this thing does move across the sky and I had
captured a lot of other strange UFO activity all over this area in the past
some of which I have shared on this channel and much of which I have simply
archived in my own UFO files whatever this thing is though there have been a
ridiculous amount of reported sightings of similar objects all over the country
and they seem to be becoming more and more common in fact it is currently the
most common type of UFO sighting being reported both to me in the major UFO
databases that begs the question what are these things they only started
becoming this frequent we noticed recently and no one has a solid
explanation for half of them granted some of them certainly are cases of
mistaken identity for mundane objects such as stars planets in the ISS but a
good portion such as this one or not why does everyone seeing it’s something big
about to happen it certainly does feel like it to me also sorry for some of the
mechanical noises that you guys may have heard in the background of the footage
we work on cars where I shot this footage at and I am a mechanic by trade
and that was an impact wrench that you guys were hearing whirring in the
background not anything from up above I more or less just wanted to make a point
here and let you guys know that this phenomenon is definitely happening and
that I and many others want to find out why let’s see if we can get to the
bottom of this before whatever these things are do get the better of us let
me know what you guys think these things are down in the comments and if you guys
have been seeing them definitely let us all know about it because we are a
family here and I want us all to support each other in our experiences and help
each other to figure out what it is that we have been seeing it is the only way
that we will ever obtain the truth about this phenomenon all right guys so let’s
get into today’s news we have shared multiple past videos displaying strange
Google Earth related phenomenon however this one may
actually take the cake it shows a plane that is seemingly being abducted by a
UFO now you can go check the coordinates out for yourselves if you wish anyone
can currently see this from Google Earth and the exact coordinates will be down
the video description you can see here that there is a strange multicolored
light right above the airplane in a strange dark shadow around the airplane
that almost makes it seem as though the object has the plane in some sort of
strange field of energy it could also however be the Sun depending on the
angle of it that day and if this plane was flying towards the object but the
Sun casting its rays behind it which would still in itself show that there’s
definitely a solid object they’re capable of casting a shadow however
something tells me that there is a lot more to this than a mere shadow do any
of you guys have any more information on this I would think that an incident like
this with what Google Earth claims to be an Airbus aka a commercial airliner
would have been reported I’m not sure if that information is correct though this
could very well be some other form of airplane with another purpose but that
does not explain why this wouldn’t have found its way into the news without
people having to discover it through Google Earth it makes me wonder is a
cover-up involved here or have any of you guys been able to find a report from
one of the passengers because I have failed to find anything about this aside
from the Google Earth evidence and the case that there were no reports because
the flight was lost wouldn’t we have mounted a search for the missing
airliner just like how a couple of years ago passenger flight Malaysia flight 370
went missing and a massive search was carried out why would the same not have
been done for this airplane if it had gone missing and nobody knew where it is
my theory is that this airplane and his passengers made it back alive to tell
the tale and the people on board may have spotted
this object if not them then at the very least the pilots did however I don’t see
how this object could have been missed I am willing to bet that when they made it
back they were met by government intelligence officers to debrief them
and prepare a cover-up to stop the story from getting out to the public however
there may be one thing that they didn’t take into account they may not have
realized that Google Earth evidence was there and it has been found and is being
shared and it may only be a matter of time before they make Google cover it up
and blot it out from the map just as they have done in the past with other
top secret locations that the military didn’t want the public to know about
know what you guys think about this down in the comments cuz I personally think
we may have found evidence of a massive UFO cover-up and I think that we need to
push on this and see if we can find answers before it is too late anyway
that’s all I have for you guys today but stay tuned because there’s a lot more
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